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    coronavirus mega thread

    You may watch this Video? It might gives you a clue about the real reason for this strange outbreak of this alleged so called "CORONA-VIRUS pandemic and COVIT-19? Free Info ๐Ÿ˜•
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    Credo Mutwa - Reptilian knowledge

    Who is Who? The great struggle for human identity I think I've found the answers in the sacred scriptures of the "old testament". I know that the topic I dare to take up here is surely a very tricky topic of conversation and will surely scare many readers because it is such an uncomfortable topic you'd rather not want to talk about. Therefore I'm fully aware that I could make myself very unpopular and even hated by many people. Therefore I want to state in advance that it is surely not my intention to offend anyone, I'm just trying to show how I understand the holy scriptures (word of god) in the old testament. Holy Laws: Bible Texts King James version The bible clearly says that no "bastard" and also his offspring shall enter into to the congregation of the lord, not until the tenth generation, no never. (5.Book of Moses, Deuteronomy 23, 2-3) The bible also says that marriage to "strangers" is clearly prohipited (5.Book of Moses, Deuteronomy 7, 2-3) It has to do with the sacred laws regarding genetic mixing that Moses conveyed to the ancient hebrew people of Israel (not to be confused with Jews). The term "bastard" is a purely genetic term and has nothing to do with religion or race. The term "Israel" actually means "ruled by god" and referes to the genetic descendants of Jacob the second born son of Isaac from the original bloodline of the ancient peoples of the white hebrew tribes. The expression "Israel" is a "spiritual" term. The covenant that god made with Abraham and later renewed with Jacob is a covenant with a very specific people with a very specific "genetic entity" and not a covenant with a religious group. The term "Jew" is a purely "religious" term and has Nothing to do with "ISRAEL". Every serious student of the bible should therefore recognize this truth, otherwise he can never understand this book of all books. Chapter 28 (5. book of Moses, Deuteronomy) clearly describes the "blessing" for complying with these sacred laws but also the "curse" that would come over this people for non-compliance with these clear laws, it describes the bad consequences for mixing with "stangers". (exactly the situation of the world today?) Jeremiah 18, 2-6 / Isaiah 59, 10 We then continue reading about how there was a big separation between ESAU and JACOB the two sons of ISAAC (1. Book of Moses, Genesis). We then read on how "Esau", also called Edom did not comply with this sacred law and sold and lost his "birthright" because he married "foreign woman" and therefore was exiled to the east. We then read how his blood brother "Jacob" also called Israel kept this holy law and how god therefore made a new "covenant" with Jacob Israel. We read further how the twelve tribes of Israel came out of Jacob. We then read on how these Israelites built-up the kingdom of Israel and how it later split into two kingdoms. We also read how Esau Edom vowed eternal vengeance on Jacob Israel and threatened to take back the lost birthright one day. We than read how these semitic "half-breeds" (descendants of Esau) set up their own kingdom (Edom) in babylon and the eternal conflict between these two brothers began. (the dispute which still continues today). We then read how the edomites raided the kingdom of Israel at a weak moment (because the Israelites were Faighting amongst each other once again), a large part of the people of Israel were killed or captured (70 years of babylonian captivity followed). We read how these highbrids from Babylon occupied the whole country of Israel and drew new boundaries and how these "strangers" introduced foreign laws (the laws of the kings of Babylon - "the Mishnah" also called the "babylonian talmud" or simply "babylonian judaism". We read how the borders were changed and the country was annexed and subjected to the edomite babylonian empire under a new name "Judea". (books of the kings) We continue to read how the aryan persia defeated the semitic jewish empire (edom) in babylon and how the aryan white israelite prisoners were freed by the persians after seventy years of captivity in babylon and were able to return to their ancient land of Israel. We then read on how they found their old country and how many of those returning people were already mixed with "sreangers" and were half that and half the other, and how many of them spoke half their own and half the other language. We then read about how Ezra and Nehemiah performed "ethnic cleansing" to save "Israel" from extinction (Nehemiah 13, 22-31 and Ezra 10, 17-44) And was it not later the "Nazarene" (Jesus) who tried to bring the lost tribes of the israelites back together and free them from the now new "foreign rulers" of Rom? And were it not those exile "babylonian moneychangers" (the true descendants of Esau, the Jews) who've shouted: Kill him, Kill him? Were they not the same exiled babylonian pharisees and scribes who, with the help of the corrupt cohorts the pagan romans (with whom they done such good lendig bussiness), who drove the last surviving, for their freedom fighting Israelites to Mount Masada, where in their last despair all of them comitted suicide? The question we have to ask now is: What does this story of the Israelites of the Bible have to do with us here in Europe and the rest of the world? Also this answer we find in the holy scriptures: The Prophet Isaiah clearly described what will happen to the enemies of the genetic Israel and that Israel will not perish but will be saved and called by an other Name. (Isaiah 62, 2 and 65, 15) We know today that before and during the war with Edom (semitic descendants of Esau) many Israelites (white descendants of Jacob) were killed or Held in babylonian captivity for seventy years after their land was incorporated into Babylon and rule under foreign laws (Mishnah the babylonian Talmud), many of the then living Israeltes were able to flee and always carried with them the "Stone of Destiny" (original throne of their King David of Israel). One route led them through the mediterranean sea to Spain and then to Ireland, then to Scotland and later to England, where the stone was kept for a long time, it was directly under the throne of the english royal Family in London until 1996. At the request of the Scots, the british Prime Minister at the time, John Major returned the stone to Scotland, where it is being kept in the Edinburgh Castle ever since. Another way of another group led them via Russia and Germany to Denmark and for some to Norway and even further to America. We also know, that around 600 years after Jesus of Nazareth, the arab element under the leadership of their Prophet Mohammed separated and founded their own religion (Islam). We also know, that about 800 years after Jesus of Nazareth, the books and teachings (jewish babylonian Talmud-Mishnah) of the semitic edomite Jews from Babylon who had previously fled from the Persians, fell into the hands of a certain Khazar King in southern Russia. We know, that the latter then had his entire Khazar people converted to babylonian Judaism. Thus all Khazars became Jews). The Khazars are a mixed people between Turks and Mongols, the call themselfs Jews today and even claim to be "Israel". They occupy large parts of Palastine, they are up to mischief everywhere, in Russia, Europe and America (USA/Canada). They also operate the big Banks and other financial Institutions in South America and in Africa and even in Asia. The real descendants and remaining remnant of the original Jews (descendants of Esau Edom) are actually the Kurds. They live in northern Iraq and northern Syria, in eastern Turkey, in northern Iran and Armenia. Many are homeless refugees around the world and are no longer Aware of their true origin. Many beecame Muslims
  3. Free Info

    Credo Mutwa - Reptilian knowledge

    Reptilians? Who are they? Where did they come from? or Who are the Semites and what does the term "race" really mean? Here is a slightly different explanation you may have never heard of before: The term "race" actually means: vibratory rate and refers exclusively to the "inner being of man (SOUL)! Three original human races created by God live on planet earth. 1. AFRIANS 2. ASIANS 3. ARYANS The AFRIANS (Negros) are the indigenous human beings of planet earth, they are the hierachy of the monotonous creatures of the planet. Their physical bodys are perceived as black-skinned with large round dark eyes and a flat broad nose. Their hair is black, finely curled, they are equiped with a simple fife-sense dual bio-computer (mind), their race (vibratory rate) resonates with the lower frequency of the electromagnetic lightfield of planet earth, they feed on negative energy. The ASIANS (Japanese) are strangers on planet earth, they are refugees and came from planet mars and maldek after the great nuclear catastrophe in space (when planet maldek exploded in a nuclear meltdown und many alien people had to flee their home planets. Planet maldek, known today as the asteroid belt orbiting the sun). They settled on planet earth in the northeast and east, their physical bodys are perceived as white, their eyes are dark und slanted, their noses are pointed and short, their hair is black, long and straight, they are equiped with a highly complex six-sense dual bio-computer (mind). Their race (vibratory rate) resonates with the upper frequencies of the electromagnetic lightfield of planet earth, they are able to adapt to higher frequencies and feed on positive energy. They helped stabilize the planet earth as they have placed the magnetic moon. Many have left this planet earth again and settled on the system of orion. The ARYANS (Teutonians) also are strangers on planet earth, they came from Venus. They too were refugees after the great nuclear disaster in space when mars and venus were no longer habitable. They settled in the near east and in the northwest on planet earth. Their physical bodys are perceived as white, their eyes are light (blue, green or silver-grey) and have a slightly upward almond shape, their noses are pointed and long, often slightly hook-shaped (aquiline noses) and their hair is blonde to dark-blonde, long and straight. They are equiped wit a highly complex six-sense dual bio-computer (mind), their race (vibratory rate) resonates with the upper frequencies of the electromagnetic lightfield of planet earth, they are able to adapt to higher frequencies and feed on positive energy. They helped save the planet earth by neutralizing the nuclear fallout, they built the pyramids and sealed the radioactive mass. Many have left planet earth again and settled on other solar systems (e.g. Proxima Centauri). On earth they maintain a base just beyond the eternal ice of Antarctica. The REPTILIANS AND SEMITES But then our solar system moved into a period of darkness (shift of an age) behind the galactic arm of the milky way galaxy. It was then when the dark beings out of dakness (the humanoid reptilians) appeared and attempted to settle and to reproduce on this planet. But their genetics were too weak and they descended into the dark underworld, they exist on the lowest frequency and feed exclusively on negative energy (fear and terror of animals and humans), they kidnapped many people and programmed their magnetic minds with their own criminal thoughts and rituals, they caused the genetic mixing of the different types of people with each other and thus created the SEMITES (collective description for linguistically related people (etnic groups) without racial uniformity (mixed breeds). Since then, they dominate and abuse many people, they control their dark power via the magnetic mind of these mixed human slaves and them forgot who and what they really are. Many believe that they are their bodies, others believe that they are their minds and some even believe that they are their cars. The AFRIANS, the ASIANS and the ARYANS are three root-races and are part of the divine creation, they were all programmed with a divine "basic program" (DNS) the divine law. This law was with them from the beginning and prohibited mixig these genes. But this divine law was broken when the SEMITES came into being. That was the beginning of the great calamity on this planet earth, the people mutated into emotionless, insensitive monsters, the distorted and torn DNA caused people to err and they lost their understanding of God. Today, over two thirds of all humanity are SEMITES (mixed breeds), none is the same as the other, each individual has a little more or less genes from this or the other of the three root breeds and certain "clones" are even adulterated with reptilian genes. Therefore, there is no such thing as a jewish, christian, muslim, hindu, budist or whatever race, those are but only religious, political or whatever ideologies or associations, just as there is no such thing as a german or turkish race nor a chinese , indian or arabic race! Only by their works will you recognize them! Makes you think, doesn't it? Your Free Info
  4. โ€ฆโ€ฆ. my soul if I have one, is not for sale?? @ Apprentice: Your statement "if I had a soul which is not for sale" is wrong! You shoud rather say, I am the soul and I am not for sale! Your Free Info ๐Ÿคจ
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    Music You Like

    Staccatos South Africa Version - Cry to me
  6. Free Info

    ethical morals or moral ethics?

    There are Terms which are frequently misinterpreted. Such Terms are: ethnicity ethic moral Integrity In many cases, the terms "ethnicity" or "Integrity" are confused with the term "ethic" and many people also can't understand the fundamental difference between "ethic" and "moral" and believe that it would mean one and the same thing. I try to explain the different meanings: ethnicity This is a group of people who belong to the same culture and are aware of it. The term ethnicity is usually used synamously for people, tribe or nation. Both, ethnic groups and tribes are often made up of several clans, which in turn consist of several bloodlines. moral Morality means justification, ie. the reasons for rules and regulations (behaviors, laws) that have been passed on by different cultures and determine what is permissible or inadmissible with respect to them in the respective culture. Morals com from outside and are laid on humans like a blanket (education). ethic Ethic is the consonance of everything (being and doing) with the divine law of nature. Ethic is the all-encompassing, divine consciousness, it comes from the electrical intuition and manifests itself from within the heart out into the world, it is to know one's innate ability or awaewness of what is right and what is wrong. Integrity Integrity is one's own SELF (SOUL) and means to follow his heart! No one cann tell someone else what his integrity is and what is not, each individual knows that for himself only. But to be aware of it and to listen to his own intuition is his personal Integrity. There is no moral or immoral ethics but only ethical or unethical morality. Therefore, there is only one ethic and that is the divine law or simply: ETHIC with Kind regards, Your Free Info ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Free Info


    Who is afraid of Scientology? To ask this question is to answer it: The term Scientology actually means: KNOW HOW TO KNOW The phantastic book "DIANETICS" by L. Ron Hubbard which unfortunately a lot of people still don't understand, is badly abused by a small self-serving group of people who call themselves "Church of Scientology". It is totally missused for quite a different Purpose than it was actually written for by the author. L. Ron Hubbard recognized the reality of the dual human brain and the existence of the magnetic (reactive) and electrical (analytical) minds. He recognized the ever evolving "evolution of consciousness" caused by the higher resonance of the radically increasing frequency of the cosmic light-field and the imminent occurance of the great cosmic event: The reentry of our solar system into the galactic photonlight-belt, and the consequent alignment of our sun with the galactic central sun. By also recognizing the dark causes behind people's fears and compulsions, L. Ron Hubbard also recognized the dark machinations of the worst criminals who manipulate and rule the magnetic minds of humans for thousands of years now. The "magnetic" programming of "humans by humans" was and is called "education", it was and still is practiced and enforced today with the use of special methods, such as "religious rituals" and in many cases also with the application of "Drugs" (learning pills) or by inflicting "fear and pain". Such foreign programs, deliberately hammered into people's magnetic minds, can be compared to "viruses, worms, trojans or spyware" which are not part of "the book of life". The programs inflicted on unsuspecting and unconscious people in this way are the most vicious and the true cause of all human Madness! I'm convinced, that with the imminent great cosmic event and the associated radical increase of the frequency of the electrical cosmic lightfield, all of humanity will finally wake up into a higher electrical consciousness and realize "WHO and WHAT" we really are and becomes aware again, that we are not our bodys and also not our minds, but will realize, that we, as sovereign metaphysical beings (SOULS) are able to control and dominate our own magnetic minds ourselves. Self-Scan and Self-Cleaning will be possible! Thus, we are back to the question: Who is afraid of Scientology? They are: All those, who have something bad to hide and keep dark secrets deep in their magnetic consciousness (mind)! All the criminals and servants of darkness, thieves, liars and deceivers, murderers, rapists and childmolesters! All of them fear Scientology! But, their time is up, we are on the threshold of a NEW AGE! Your Free Info ๐ŸŒž
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    The illuminati

    Unfortunately, the link I inserted in my original comment was canceled in YouTube. If it is ok and the moderator allows it, I would like to insert a new link here: This is the link to the written transcript: http://usa-the-republic.com/illuminati/Myron_Fagan _[Transcript].pdf Many thanks, Your Free Info ๐Ÿ˜‰
  9. Free Info

    Any flat earthers about?

    Sorry folks, I've been following this discussion for quite a while now, but without interfering, until a few days ago, I drew your attention to the great scientific Video THE SECRET BEYOND MATTER. It only astonishes me, why only so few respond? My Question: What would you say, if there really is no earth at all and everything is just a five sensed perception of light-signals (information fields) which is decoded in the brain, so it is just an illusion in the mind which does not exist anywhere else??? That humans have a completely different perception than animals is also possible, for example, how do flies perceive the universe? or fish? or birds? When we look at the flat screen of our 2D-TV or at the flat screen of our 2D- PC's or Cell-phones or a 2D-photo, the earth actually appears flat. But when we see a 2D-image in the 5D-Image (picture in picture) on the spherical screen of our visual-centre in our five sense brain we indeed see the earth as a ball! David Icke, Harun Yahya and also Elizabeth Klarer (blessed) and many others speak or have spoken about this all the time. EVERY THING IS LIGHT! I think it's time to turn on our personal antenna (PINEAL GLAND DIRECT ACCESS) and tune-into the divine UNIVERSAL WIDE WEB (uww). So, take it easy people and go online! Your Free Info ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. Free Info

    Beyond the Light Barrier

    Here is the original version of the Book " BEYOND THE LIGHT BARRIER" by ELIZABETH KLARER online: http://www.universe-people.com/english/svetelna_knihovna/htm/en/en_kniha_beyond_the_light_barrier.htm originally Published by: HOWARD TIMMINS PUBLISHERS United Kingdom - Southern & East Africa North Amerca - Australia - New Zealand
  11. Beyond the Light Barrier In this book, Elizabeth Klarer tells her remarkable story which started on a hill on Whyteleaf Farm near Rosetta in beautiful Natal in the monumental landscape of the Drakenberg in South Africa. This story is based on a true happening and describes the fascinating experience of this extraordinary lady. I had the unique privilege and great honor to know Elizabeth Klarer personally. This is indeed an extraordinarry story, I highly recommend this fascinating book. (Elizabeth Klarer passed away in 1994) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POrwQMAUOdQ your Free Info
  12. Religious circumcision of boys, eight days after birth For most people, this strange religious ritual with seven seals is an Enigma shrouded in mystery they don't understand. I want to dare to shed some light on these atrocious and contemptuous machinations. Some people may have watched it on TV, as there are actually rabbis who claim, eight-days old babies would not feel any pain yet, as these "circumcisions" would but only take a few minutes. The clergy actually spread the arguments, the circumcision of boys on the eight day after birth would after all be a "sacred ordinance" and an "old tradition" of their religion. They justify this machination as being part of the "freedom of religion" and argue that it would be exercised but mainly for hygenic and healthreasons etc. But are These really the reasons? Or maybe, there arre quite different motives behind it? As one's own physical life Begins with the birth of the body and not as commonly assumed in the womb, i.e. it actually Begins at the time of the incarnation of an individual metaphysical being (SOUL). This takes place during the period of Separation of the umbilical cord. A human body is a highly complex biological computer, it is equiped with a "dual brain", i.e. with a "reactionary - and with an analytical mind" and therefore it can be used to reason, (contrary to the animal body, which is equiped with a "mono-brain" only and therefore can not be uses to reason). At the time immediately after birth, the newly incarnated human child has only his genetic DNA (BIOS), the dual mind at this time is still completely empty and pure. At this time, the newborn child doesn't have a program yet, it neither has a language nor any other Tools at his disposal. The question we have to pose here is: Why is the circumcision done on the eight day after birth? After all, we know that the fife senses ao a newborn child will only start to work properly ca. one week after birth (i.e. the new soul must first "lock-in"). But then, it is always a great joy for the parents, when their child looks at them for the first time with his big questioning eyes or when it begins to grasp things with his little fingers and so for the first time begins to percive his surroundings. MINDCONTROL? With this nefarious religios ritual without anesthesia, the helpless innocent child is purposely inflicted with a terrible pain and a horrific fear! Why? In this state of terror, the unconscious mind of an innocent baby Registers all that is happening. Thus, the very first religious base is planted into the reactive mind of an innocent boy, a base for an externally controlled religious program, an ingram hammered into the unconscious mind of an innocent child, which he will never be able to knowingly Access during all his Lifetime. This ingram contains all the information such as: All the faces of the tormenters, the terrible pain and the horrific fear inflicted on the babies, as well as all the scents and colors and all the religious symbols. Thus, every Thing becomes the very first impression in the deepest yet totally empty and clean subconscious mind of the child. And that, dear Friends is MINDCONTROL! And that is one of the most horrendes crimes aginst humanity! It is not only a horrible bodely harm, but also a serious injury to the Soul of These Children and thus a very serious Child Abuse of the first grade! Therefore: Religious circumsicsions of Children must be banned! Your Free Info
  13. Free Info

    Awakening To Zero Point

    Many people claim that climate change would be caused by humans. However, this is not my opinion, I prefer the thesis of the well known american geologist Gregg Braden in his great presentation back in 1996 when he described the science behind the weakening of earth's magnetic field and how it relates to the cultures of the ancient world and what they call the "Shift of the Ages". The videos titled "Awakening To Zero Point" in two parts are now available on YouTube in improved Quality. Must be seen! Your Free Info Video Part 1: Video Part 2:
  14. Free Info

    The Secret Beyond Matter

    Hi there; have just changed the link, now it works ๐Ÿ˜€