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  1. Golden Retriever


    Perhaps you should look into this. Men are murdering their partners in much greater numbers than vice versa. That´s a very important fact.
  2. Golden Retriever


    I don´t agree with hypocritical victimhood, but many more women are killed by their partners than vice versa. So what should be done SOL? Are these dead women making it all up?
  3. Golden Retriever


    Well in this case the boyfriend of Flack didn't want to press any charges. So is there more than meets the eye?
  4. Golden Retriever


    Yeah, but Justice for Fathers were wrong to label her an abuser before a trial. That could affect the thoughts of some jury members.
  5. Golden Retriever


    I have a lot of sympathy for Fathers for Justice, but imo their meme was out of line before the trial. Flack allegedly smashed a lamp on her boyfriend´s head and although the injuries weren´t serious he did need to be checked out in hospital. I personally think she was most likely guilty of domestic abuse, but there is always a case for self defense (men and women). We don´t know what happened behind those closed doors.
  6. Golden Retriever

    The Noahide World Order

    http://noahide.org/ Here is an excerpt from the 1991 Congressional declaration concerning the Noahide Laws: Whereas Congress recognizes the historical tradition of ethical values and principles which are the basis of civilized society and upon which our great Nation was founded; Whereas these ethical values and principles have been the bedrock of society from the dawn of civilization, when they were known as the Seven Noahide Laws; … Whereas the (Jewish) Lubavitch movement has fostered and promoted these ethical values and principles throughout the world; Whereas Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, leader of the Lubavitch movement, is universally respected and revered and his eighty-ninth birthday falls on March 26, 1991; Whereas in tribute to this great spiritual leader, `the rebbe', this, his ninetieth year will be seen as one of `education and giving', the year in which we turn to education and charity to return the world to the moral and ethical values contained in the Seven Noahide Laws; and Whereas this will be reflected in an international scroll of honor signed by the President of the United States and other heads of state: Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That March 26, 1991, the start of the ninetieth year of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, leader of the worldwide Lubavitch movement, is designated as `Education Day, U.S.A.'. The President is requested to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe such day with appropriate ceremonies and activities. — US Congress, HR 104 Public Law 102-14 Good sources for information ............ https://stopnoahidelaw.blogspot.com/ http://www.come-and-hear.com/editor/america_1.html
  7. Golden Retriever

    The Noahide World Order

    You can tell this is an important subject because nearly all my videos on the first page have been deleted by Youtube. Do you know about the Public Noahide Law in the USA? It´s not exactly in force at the moment. It´s ultimately a Jewish aw which prohibits idolatry for example the worship of Jesus Christ. Some might say that´s a good thing, but Judaism is based on the Talmud, which means non Jews are inferior to Jews. The Talmud is the most supremacist religious dogma which exists. Adam Green exposes Youtube for bias. A search about Noahide Laws on Youtube will show you all the Rabbis saying it´s great! with only maybe 4,000 views. But Adam Green´s videos warning about the Noahide Laws with 55,000 views cannot be found!
  8. Golden Retriever

    The UK’s Parliament is still the gayest in the world

    Closet Queens by Michael Bloch review – who knew there were so many gay MPs? "This is a study of the secret lives of politicians. Until 1967 (and for a further 13 years in Scotland and 15 in Northern Ireland), male homosexuality was a criminal offence in Britain. Even after legalisation, it would be many years before any ambitious politician dared own up to being gay or bisexual. Labour MP Chris Smith, in 1984, was the first. Michael Bloch has written a history of homosexuality and politics over the past 130 years. It cannot have been an easy book to write, since many of his subjects led double lives and took care to destroy evidence of their sexual proclivities. They were also helped by obliging biographers and editors of political diaries, such as Robert Rhodes James, who managed to omit from their works just about all suggestions of homosexuality. What is surprising is that there were rather more secretly gay MPs than anyone imagined. According to the author, the Macmillan government, which balked at decriminalisation, “contained more closet queens than any other of the century”. Macmillan’s 1959-60 cabinet “included a homosexual or bisexual foreign secretary, chancellor of the exchequer, colonial secretary, health secretary and minister of labour, and was presided over by a prime minister who was rumoured to have been expelled from Eton for homosexuality”. Inevitably, since most late 19th- and early 20th-century politicians were toffs, this is mainly a story of the upper classes, and a remarkable number were products of Eton. Although the late Victorian period was swept by a wave of puritanism, homosexuals flourished in the public schools, armed forces and in politics and, providing they were discreet and well-connected, they were left unmolested by those charged with enforcing the law. Prominent gay statesmen in the 1890s are said to have included the prime minister, Lord Rosebery, (who married Hannah Rothschild) “Loulou” Harcourt (son of the chancellor), William Lygon (the seventh Earl Beauchamp), Liberals and Old Etonians all. Labour's Tom Driberg spent a lot of time cruising public lavatories" Philip Sassoon http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2019/06/closet-queens-uk-politicians.html
  9. Golden Retriever

    Eugenics? No, It's More You Mentalist!

    He wants "Defense" spending to increase from 2 to 6 per cent, paid of course by the tax payer. Sounds like he has a war in mind, benefitting the military industrial complex and banking. And it would appear he´s a Jesuit .......... https://theyoungtractarians.wordpress.com/about-us/
  10. They both played Joseph. "Any Dream will do" You Betcha.
  11. Really???????????? Mr Gay UK presented by Jason Donovan
  12. Golden Retriever

    Occult Significance of the Statue of Liberty - Is She Really A Dude?

    Looks like a man to me. Mr E of Transpocalypse Now talked about the Statue of Liberty being a transgender, but Youtube have deleted his account. Some of his very important videos have been uploaded onto Bitchute. Mr E made a video about Greta Thunberg, and then he was deleted. Uploaded by a differenct Youtube user.
  13. Golden Retriever


    I'm not a police fan in any shape or form, but there are some officers (nearly all ex officers) who don´t like the powers police have about freedom of speech. I would also include some officers now retired who have spoken out about paedophilia within their own ranks and the elite. Harry Miller is involved with FAIR COP. https://www.faircop.org.uk/
  14. Some good news. The High Court in London ruled in favour of an ex police officer who made some tweets about the transgender agenda and was investigated by Humberside police. Harry Miller said they wanted to know how he thinks!!!! "The police response to an ex-officer's allegedly transphobic tweets was unlawful, the High Court has ruled. Harry Miller was visited by Humberside Police at work in January last year after a complaint about his tweets. He was told he had not committed a crime, but it would be recorded as a non-crime "hate incident". The court found the force's actions were a "disproportionate interference" with his right to freedom of expression. Officers visited Mr Miller's workplace and then spoke with him on the phone, and he was left with the impression "that he might be prosecuted if he continued to tweet", according to a judge. Speaking after the ruling, Mr Miller, from Lincolnshire, said: "This is a watershed moment for liberty - the police were wrong to visit my workplace, wrong to 'check my thinking'." His solicitor Paul Conrathe added: "It is a strong warning to local police forces not to interfere with people's free speech rights on matters of significant controversy." Mr Justice Julian Knowles said the effect of police turning up at Mr Miller's place of work "because of his political opinions must not be underestimated". He added: "To do so would be to undervalue a cardinal democratic freedom. The Judge said ................. "In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We have never lived in an Orwellian society." (My words 1984 is encroaching slowly but surely) Here is the background information to this case. And I urge people to watch the below video because it really is extradionary Police Powers about how people think, and those powers can affect your job prospects if they submit a NON CRIME, hate speech about someone.
  15. Thanks Ink. I had never seen that before. So David Icke like myself is open minded and doesn't know whether the earth is flat or not. Bravo!