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  1. Golden Retriever

    Off Topic And Unrelated Considerations

    Blame Mr O'Reilly ... it´s all his fault.
  2. Really? Galaxy S10 5G explodes in South Korea, Samsung claims not their fault "Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is among the first batch of devices launched with 5G compatibility. There are many key differences in Galaxy S10 5G variant than the standard version. Before launching, Samsung fully optimized the device for better 5G reception and performance. Despite all the optimization and tweaks, a Galaxy S10 5G unit explodes in South Korea. The owner said that his phone exploded without any reasons at all. The device was placed on a table when smoke engulfs it, said Lee, the owner of burned Galaxy S10 5G. The severe burns with the cracked display on both the front and back side of the device can be seen in the attached photo. Samsung denies any reimbursements, as the company believes the damage is done due to external impact. After carefully inspecting the Galaxy S10 damage, Samsung refused to reimburse the smartphone." https://www.gizmochina.com/2019/05/01/galaxy-s10-5g-explodes-burn-in-south-korea/
  3. Golden Retriever


    "We run Happily Ever After Rescue and when we came across a photo of this bear on Sunday September 1, we went out the next morning on Labor Day and walked the woods for 6hrs before finding the bear, removing it proved much more difficult than we first anticipated but in the end it all worked out. The bear was first reported June 4th, we freed it Sept 2nd. It survived by drinking and eating from a fist sized hole in the front corner of the tractor trailer airbag (pancake) that was stuck on it's head. It was stuffed full of soaking wet corn after we removed it from the bears head.We love all animals and were just trying to do our part."
  4. Golden Retriever


    You really are a very vomit inducing poster. Go back to your original comments when you told Oz not to talk about "Joooooos" because the ADL will be after David Icke. You want to shut people down. You have told me to fuck off. You have told me what I have written is crap. and now you tell me to STFU. I suggest you should STFU, like the politicians and their banking fuckers.
  5. Golden Retriever


    When a poster like you on the forum says not to post anything negative about Jewish people because the ADL may attack David Icke, then that´s a red flag to me. The Jewish ADL are a truly hateful organisation. We must not be afraid of them. They have the power to change Government opinion and this must be exposed. This clip is before the predominatley Jewish control of the Ukraine which we see today by interests supported by the West. Defamation is a film by an IsraeIi Jew. BRAVO
  6. Golden Retriever

    Parents try to stop children being taught about trans relationships

    I know there is a lot of text to read, but if you are a parent or not, pease take only 5 minutes to read it. First Do No Harm: the Ethics of Transgender Healthcare, House of Lords by Transgender Trend Last week an event sponsored by Lord Moonie in the House of Lords for Standing for Women brought together a panel of medical experts and parents to speak on the subject of childhood transition. This is an issue which has been very much in the news over the past few months as details have emerged of the serious ethical concerns of clinicians and ex-clinicians at the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service. Given the seriousness of the issue and the fact that it concerns children, you would expect this important event to have been well-attended by members of every political party. In fact only one Member of Parliament, David Davies MP, and one Member of the Lords, Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, came along. We are very grateful to them both for their attendance. On the day before the event Lord Moonie resigned from the Labour Party after an investigation was launched into complaints of his alleged 'transphobia.' Our gratitude goes to Lord Moonie for his integrity and courage in speaking out on behalf of women (my words men too) and children and for sponsoring an event of such vital importance. Our thanks also go to Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull and Venice Allan for their vision in organising this event and inviting us to speak. House of Lords 15 May 2019 The spread of an ideology and the targeting of children in UK schools Over the past decade we have seenan exponential rise in the number of child and adolescent referrals to theTavistock Gender Identity Development Service. This must be viewed within thecontext of the current worldwide cultural obsession with 'gender identity,' driven by a global transgender activist movement. Labelling children 'transgender'politicises the child. Whereas a child with gender dysphoria may be helped andsupported, the 'transgender child' becomes an emblem of a social justicemovement and may be used to provide 'proof' of an ideology in order to further wider political goals. The groups providing professionaltraining for both the NHS and teachers, such as GIRES, Mermaids and GenderedIntelligence, are not clinical or educational professionals or child development experts, but lobby groups at the forefront of shapingpublic policy and government legislation for the whole of society. They areheavily funded by government departments and lottery grants and they advise and provide training for the police, the Home Office, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Prison and Probation service. These groups promote an extremist ideology through two key campaignaims: to replace biological sex with 'gender identity' as the cultural and legal distinction between men and women and to establish 'affirmation' and social transition as the only legitimate approach towards children with gender dysphoria.This goal involves the indoctrination of all children into the essentialist ideology of 'brain gender' that activists campaign to enforce throughout society. From picture books in the Early Years classroom to CBBC documentaries targeting 6 - 12 year-olds, children are being taught that to be a boy or a girl is a choice and that their internally-held subjective feelings override their biological sex, which is merely 'assigned' to them at birth. Children are learning in school that they have an innate 'gender identity' which they need to explore in order to find out if they are a boy or a girl. They are taught that only they know who they are and nobody else has the right to ask, a message which is a staple of transgender political campaining. Transgender schools guidance enforces the collusion of teachers in the adoption of the affirmative approach and the denial of objective biological reality. We see young people being groomed by activists on social media, encouraged to reject their families and join their new rainbow family where "we understand you." We know children are being coached online on how to get hormones, to use the threat of suicide, and to condemn their parents as transphobic if they don't immediately 'affirm' them. Schools guidance encourages teachers to promise confidentiality, facilitate a child's transition behind their parents' backs and direct the child towards transgender support groups. A child who identifies as transgender is placed outside safeguarding and outside parental protection, leaving them vulnerable to influence from external agencies. More here: https://www.transgendertrend.com/first-do-no-harm-ethics-transgender-healthcare-house-of-lords/
  7. Golden Retriever


    You are trying to shut people down like Oz for highlighting Jewish criminality. It won´t work. I add that most Jews are not criminals, but a significant minority have form.
  8. Golden Retriever

    Parents try to stop children being taught about trans relationships

    There is an agenda linked with this to make the average man redundant. If a father disagrees with with his child being the opposite sex, he will be punished by the courts in some countries. If both parents disagree about the so-called "gender" of their child, teachers might highlight that fact working with authority and the child is taken away from their parents by social services. It´s insanity. Why can´t people see this? The elite want a weak and feminised male Let´s face it, men are under attack, but that´s for another thread. The nuclear family without a strong man is much more easy to target by a totalitarian regime.
  9. Golden Retriever


    Your comment basically said the forum musn´t talk about "Joooooos" as you describe Jewish people, because the mafia ADL may put preasure on David Icke. That´s not freedom of expression. And don´t tell me to fuck off.
  10. Golden Retriever

    Parents try to stop children being taught about trans relationships

    Mostly it´s the mothers who are overly concerned with their childs "gender" issues. These mothers have a voice within the corrupt MSM. I had a brief look at the "Mumsnet" site and I would estimate at least 70% of mothers are totally against the social engineering and propaganda the media are spewing in relation to transgender children. There are dozens of threads about this issue ovet the last 2-3 years. WHY AREN´T THEIR VOICES BEING heard and published by MSM and alternative media? https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/secondary/3518452-Parents-try-to-stop-children-being-taught-about-trans-relationships?msgid=85201487
  11. Golden Retriever

    Parents try to stop children being taught about trans relationships

    This transgender agenda by Governments, media and the medical profession in my view is Satanic. I don´t often use the word Satanic but more and more children are being given drugs to chemically change their sex and then they are being surgically mutilated. Some Governments are proposing to make it a criminal offence .. not a fine (which would be bad enought) but incarceration for calling someone a man when they identify as a woman or vice versa. It´s insanity and I beg people from my heart to call it out. This is an informative site in the UK: https://www.transgendertrend.com/
  12. Golden Retriever


    Don't tell me to fuck off. And your comment about posters saying the "Joooooooo's did it" is infantile.
  13. Golden Retriever

    The 4 word game

    which the media adore
  14. Golden Retriever


    I'm not sure, but possibly. On the Jill Dando thread, which I started, Reinold says she is a woman when I asked whether he or she is a freemason. Reinold was very active on this thread to try to debunk any link with Freemasonry. Reinold says: "I am a woman. What steps have you taken to find out if Alan Farthing is a Freemason?"