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  1. Golden Retriever

    Humor Thread

  2. From various locations and hospitals.
  3. Golden Retriever

    Information Refuting Media Propaganda - covid19

    More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!
  4. Golden Retriever

    coronavirus mega thread

    I watched a few minutes of this Ruptly live video outside New York Brooklyn Hospital today. No long queues. Man jogging in line at 30 minutes 50 seconds lol
  5. Golden Retriever

    Is QAnon legit?

    David Icke said to the guy in the interview. We have a word for Q Anon and others in England. "IT´S CALLED BOLLOCKS" Love it. QAnon DESTROYED By David Icke EXPOSING Faceless Movements & Distractions!
  6. Golden Retriever

    Is QAnon legit?

    Activist News: QAnon is Zionist Poison Talking about Q-anon and the desperation of Trump thumping shills who still believe Trump is merely playing 4d chess. I think there are many people on YouTube, Reddit and personalities within the conservative media who are still clinging to the belief that Donald Trump has a plan to take out the new world order and the deep state. It’s out of their desperation that they are grasping at straws. They are basically doing anything they can to avoid admitting they were wrong, however, some of them are merely bought and paid for to spin the lies. http://www.renegadetribune.com/activist-news-qanon-zionist-poison/
  7. Golden Retriever

    coronavirus mega thread

    This is worth ten minutes of your time. Share it good folks.
  8. Golden Retriever

    coronavirus mega thread

    Has this been posted? Check out David Icke Headlines every day folks. https://www.davidicke.com/article/567018/sun-associate-editor-trevor-kavanagh-hysteria-forced-uk-lockdown
  9. Golden Retriever

    Bob Dylan - 'Murder Most Foul' conspiracy song release 27/03/2020

    Of course it is and CIA. All of Trump's children have Jewish spouses or partners. Q Anon says we are saving Israel for last lol WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? The vast majority of jewish people worldwide in the disapora support the Israeli Regime and the Talmudic Dogma. And the majority of non jewish people in the world have no knowledge of the jewiish Talmud. Inform yourself.
  10. Golden Retriever

    Craig Murray, whistle blower ... former British Ambassador

    That´s all very well Basket .................... But Craig Murray is more concerned about one person named Julian Assange, than millions of people who are going to die from the recession or even depression from the ECONOMIC RESULTS OF THIS CON VIRUS. I used to like Craig Murray, but his silence on this unprecedented destruction of economies and the hardship peoples will suffer beggars belief. Shame on Craig Murray.
  11. Golden Retriever

    coronavirus mega thread

    To be honest ..... I really don´t like Piers Morgan nor Peter Hitchens. But whether you like these people or not Piers Morgan has been exposing the transgenger agenda and Hitchens the Convirus. I thnk Morgan is a gatekeeper, but I'm not so sure about Hitchens. Peter Hichens has been exposing the more important cominmg GREAT DEPRESSION because of unprecedented curbs of freedom of movement and small and medium businesse being shut down. IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN OR GRANDCHILDREN BE VERY WORRIED FOR THEIR FINANCIAL AND HEALTH FUTURES.
  12. Golden Retriever

    coronavirus mega thread

    Who is Toby Jones. I'm being lazy.
  13. Golden Retriever

    One hand up, one hand down

    I usually can't stand the pompous ass that is Peter Hitchens. But we have to be intellectually honest with ourselves regardless of the messenger. He is saying some very important stuff, regarding the CONVIRUS
  14. Golden Retriever

    coronavirus mega thread

    Piers Morgan slams ‘irritating’ Good Morning Britain guest (Peter Hitchens) who branded coronavirus police patrols ‘ludicrous’ https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11293639/piers-morgan-slams-irritating-good-morning-britain-guest/
  15. Golden Retriever

    coronavirus mega thread

    New fascistic British government now working to delete information challenging the official narrative as it falls apart by the hour in the face of the truth https://www.davidicke.com/article/566912/new-fascistic-british-government-now-working-delete-information-challenging-official-narrative-falls-apart-hour-face-truth