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  1. Golden Retriever

    Any breatharians in here?

    What do you mean? Some dubious people have been making a dishonest living saying humans can survive on air alone, for bucks. What do you say to the families of the people who have died form this deception?
  2. Golden Retriever

    Spain's Foreign Minister loses it in an interview

    I'm not up to speed on this, but the 2017 Referendum afaik was unconstitional, i.e. it did not have the backing of the Spanish Government at the time (not a Socialist Government btw) Was there ever a Referendum in Catalonia which was "legal" and if so what were the results and turnout? From my own research Catlaonia is divided, not unlike Brexit nor Scotland. I believe it´s almost 50/50. Half wanting independence and half wanting to remain in Spain. Can you give evidence to assure people the majority of Catalonians want to be independent from the rest of Spain?
  3. Golden Retriever

    Any breatharians in here?

    I'm not irrate about this topic, but there are impressionable people in the world, some of whom may have mental health problems, who believe they can survive on air alone. That's very dangerous, and a couple of comments ago you agreed with me, but now take a different stance. Some of the people promoting Breatharism have been proved to be in it for the money and are frauds. Some people following their books and work have died of starvation. I can't be any clearer. I don't believe any humans nor the animal kingdom can live on air alone.
  4. Golden Retriever

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    You beat me to it Tonight in the UK Dispatches on Channel Four at 10pm has a programme entitled the PRINCE AND THE PAEDOPHILE But also of interest is why the homosexual Baron Peter Mandelson, a friend of the Rothschilds and another Jewish member of the elite was in touch with Jeffrey Epstein, when Epstein was in prison, convicted of paedophilia, if that is the truth. I will watch the programme later with an open mind. Jamie Dimon, Jeffrey Epstein and Peter Mandelson ....... one a Jewish banker central in the 2008 financial crisis, another a Jewish paedophile and third a corrupt Jewish politician given the title of Baron by the Monarchy. Mandelson with Jacob Rothschild. Mandelson is closley connected to the Rothschild family as is the Monarchy Sir Evelyn de Rothschild (cousin of Jacob Rothschild) POKING THE FUTURE MONARCH! Who´s in charge in that picture? Dispatches, Channel Four have done some great work in exposing the Israeli Lobby in the UK, so I hope their programme tonight will be of the same standard as this excellent expose .................
  5. Golden Retriever

    International Pronouns Day!

    Good to see the Mumsnet site rejecting this nonsense. Police pronouns day tweet isn't going well (121 comments) "Welp, that went down like a lead balloon. I almost feel sorry for her..um I mean him or is it them? Actually it occurs to me that if misgendering is literal violence, getting a cop’s pronouns wrong equates to an assault on a police officer. <worries>" "I'm sure we're all very relieved that the pronoun police are out policing pronouns. I don't know how I'd sleep at night without being safe in the knowledge that people's pronouns are respected. What's the odd mugging, rape, burglary, or car theft matter, compared to this important police work?" https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/womens_rights/3719672-Police-pronouns-day-tweet-isnt-going-well?messages=100&amp;pg=1
  6. Golden Retriever

    Any breatharians in here?

    Some people think Jericho Sunfire is a fraud. "Genesis/Jericho Sunfire is all over Youtube claiming to be a "breatharian", that he can magically survive without drinking water and eating food. Well Genesis, back it up and let the science community test you to prove these magic powers! Or are you like Jasmuheen a fake and a fraud? My money is on the latter."
  7. Golden Retriever

    Any breatharians in here?

    Can you expand on that comment. Breatharian is about not eating nor drinking? People have died following that ideologly. I thinks it´s very dangerous.
  8. Golden Retriever


    For vaccines, mammograms and much more ...........
  9. Golden Retriever

    Any breatharians in here?

    Bollocks. He says himself people will die if they stop eating and drinking.
  10. Golden Retriever

    Any breatharians in here?

    In my opinion this is a very dangerous road to take. People have died thinking they can fast for weeks on end. Truly shocked by this thread.
  11. Golden Retriever

    The Vegan Agenda

    That's a very good point. Cows would be wiped out, as would pigs, chickens etc. From my own experience. My son had an eating problem in his infancy through his childhood, possibly a disorder up to the age of 18 years. He would not eat meat (not because of animal welfare, but because of taste and texture.) He lived on a diet of mainly cows milk and peanut butter, porridge and bread for donkeys years! As an adolescent he had great teeth and bones, but very little muscle. He´s 6 foot 5 inches, but that in the main is genetic. Since going to university, sharing a flat with three meat eating men and having a girlfriend to encourage him, he is now a meat eater and his range of foods has greatly increased. He has considerably more muscle mass and his stamnia has risen dramatically.
  12. Golden Retriever

    Spain's Foreign Minister loses it in an interview

    Those are the Catalan Police they are attacking, not the Spanish National Police! "The Mossos d'Esquadra; in English: Troopers, literally "Squad Lads", "Squaddies") are the autonomous police force of Catalonia, largely replacing the Spanish Policía Nacional and Guardia Civil."
  13. Golden Retriever

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    I think the main target audience will be North America. I've never hear of Billy Ray Valentine. Going to have a look at his work. Here's the Ickonic Twitter link https://twitter.com/ickonic
  14. Golden Retriever

    International Pronouns Day!

    Politicians, journalist and filmmakers shared their pronouns on camera at the PinkNews Awards for International Pronouns Day in solidarity with the transgender community. 17 October 2019 Notice how Lloyds Bank, TSB Bank and Amazon support Pink News LGBT "Employees of Lloyds Banking Group will soon be eligible for privately performed gender reassignment surgery, saying it was “essential” that it extended its cover to include gender dysphoria." https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2016/05/05/lloyds-banking-group-offers-all-staff-access-to-private-gender-reassignment-surgery/
  15. Golden Retriever

    International Pronouns Day!

    © Getty "Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro was the first 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to mark International Pronouns Day Wednesday. “Using someone’s correct pronouns—and giving your own—isn’t difficult. I’m Julián Castro, he/him/él,” Castro tweeted. “It takes one extra breath to help people feel seen and respected. I think that’s worth it. #PronounsDay” he continued. Using someone’s correct pronouns—and giving your own—isn’t difficult. I’m Julián Castro, he/him/él. It takes one extra breath to help people feel seen and respected. I think that’s worth it." #PronounsDay pic.twitter.com/02v65k3HXx I notice he also included the Spanish pronoun el. Will we all have to say our pronouns in every language as to not offend anyone on the planet.