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  1. Heavenman

    petition to stop mandatory face masks

    “Dare to be different........ No compromise”. 😎👍
  2. Heavenman

    "Peace" is Slavery

    Have you read The Trigger?. David clearly explains that The protocols are not a Jewish conspiracy, they are a Sabbatean Frankist agenda. He also clearly explains the difference. Perpetuating the Jewish conspiracy is just wrong pi, on so many levels. peace
  3. Heavenman

    Tech to talk to the "dead."

    Reminds me of that Adele song. “Hello from the other side” 🎵🎶🎶
  4. Heavenman

    "Peace" is Slavery

  5. Heavenman

    "Peace" is Slavery

  6. Heavenman

    FBI arrests British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell

    Truth will out. I pray.
  7. Contradictory?. The SNP are worse than that. A political party, and want to be government, that refused to include religious establishments & sporting institutions in their (so called) child abuse inquiry. They are evil. Wake up Scotland!.
  8. Heavenman

    The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion

  9. “Goals and methods of the Death Cult also present the Protocols of the Learned Elders Of Zion in a new light. Whatever the origins of the documents circulated under that name the texts describes without question the ambitions and techniques of Sabbatean-Frankism. You can still get a copy - even on Amazon - and it is worth the effort to read what they said well over a century ago and compare that with real world events since then and up to the present day”. David Icke - The Trigger. Starts at 28:30 (If you want to skip the intro)
  10. Heavenman

    Icke / Rose IV - We Will not Be Silenced

    Thanks for the link HAARPO. Very much appreciated.
  11. Heavenman

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​🐷

    You’re not bonkers kj35 (well not in this case). 😃
  12. Heavenman


    You can’t beat The Mavericks, as David wrote in The Trigger. 😎
  13. Heavenman

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​🐷

    Zapped with 10.80hz, to make them riot, possibly?.
  14. Heavenman

    Expose bill gates day!

    Praying for a Karma to Bill Gates day. 🙏
  15. Heavenman