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  1. Brainwashing the next generation to accept everything as being perfectly normal. If done the right way and at the right age it could be done properly, but its the UK and they will fuck it up like they do everthing else. The government always knows best...
  2. Sparkplug

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    Loads going on tonight in the house of commons. Maybot has offered to resign if the house votes for her deal, but they are discussing all the possible outcomes of Brexit, of which there are 8 proposals. It sounds like the speaker of the house is under orders not to allow the maybots withdrawal agreement to be one of the options. I think the it will be remain that is chosen by the MPs. Democracy at work here...
  3. Sparkplug

    The EU Just Destroyed The Internet

    It's censorship. No one will be able to post pictures on social media to question the MSM version of anything! A daft move by the EU, no one seems happy about it.
  4. Sparkplug

    BASIC INCOME GUARANTEE - What's the snag?

    Some weeks that is what I do work, maybe we know each other offline and are in the same industry perhaps?
  5. Sparkplug

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    Brexit won't happen. It's been slowly dleayed, step by step, and no one is publicly questioning what is going on. The MSM are just sitting there, smug as you like, saying the world will end on March 29th, yet all the MPs are doing their best to mess things up. It shows how our MPs can't be trusted at all, and what a waste of time they are!
  6. So there we go. Another honest politican that towed the line to protect another MP. For those that aren't from the UK do a quick image search on Cyril Smith. He was a horrible fat cunt who allegedly abused little boys that couldn't outrun him. It seems the fat mess confessed all to David Steel who was an MP at the time. David Steel has now gone public ,under oath no less, to confirm that he knew about this and did nothing! Cyril Smith is now dead, and David Steel is now a Lord! The link below is to a 69 page inquiry document thats pretty boring. https://www.iicsa.org.uk/key-documents/9810/view/public-hearing-transcript-13-march-2019.pdf Here is a twitter link thats a better easier on the eye.
  7. Sparkplug

    The Case For Boycotting Walmart

    I'm from the UK so I've only ever been to Walmart once, when I was in Florida a few years ago. Huge place, bigger than any shop I have ever been in before. They seem to sell everything under one roof. I get the impression that Walmart is one of the main reasons the Chinese economy is doing so well. They sell a lot of tat as we would say in the UK. If thats true about the chicken, then I wouldn't shop there.
  8. Sparkplug

    BASIC INCOME GUARANTEE - What's the snag?

    Everyone having equal pay would get my vote! Too many people get paid way too much IMO. Some people don't get paid enough. I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions as to whom fits in which category.
  9. Sparkplug

    Anti-Brexit British Media

    The media puppets just do as they are told, like Robin Williams did in Good Morning Vietnam. They broadcast what they are told to, some people get easy interviews with no tough questions, other get grilled. The BBC/ITV and Sky are all the same nowadays. Same news stories, same political stance, and same agendas. None of them ever paint the UK in a good light. I know we have a few problems here but there are places on the planet that are a lot worse.
  10. Do we really have freedom of speech enshrined in UK law though? Honest question.
  11. Sparkplug

    Shamima Begum

    Today the shadow Home Secretary (and all around dumbo) the one and only Dianne Abbot declared that Shamima Begum and her dead child were Britains problem! Apart from her family, does anyone in this country want her to be allowed back in? No wonder she is a laughing stock. (Abbot). Can't add up, uselesss when interviewed and can't recall information or policy, and now thinks this piece of shit should be allowed back here. Yet another reason why Labour aren't in power.
  12. Sparkplug

    Premier League 2018/19 Season

    Yet today the ref never saw 2 players block the Liverpool keeper so Burnley scored first. I knew before the game started that Burnley would be shit. Time wasting, taking ages to take goal kicks, ages to take throw ins, doing anything to disrupt the flow of the game. So glad that we blew them away 4-2. Utd lost to Arsenal, must have let Ole manager them instead of Fergie via Mike Phelan. Spurs seem to be on the slide, maybe the players and manager want out? 8 games to go, all to play for!
  13. Sparkplug

    Too long since the last war

    There aren't that many countries left that don't have a Rothschild central bank. Of the top of my head, Iran, North Korea and Cuba still don't. But I might well be wrong. So expect any one of those countries to be invaded soon. If you mean a world war with everyone going for it, I don't think anyone has the money to fight a massive war.
  14. Sparkplug

    BASIC INCOME GUARANTEE - What's the snag?

    A universal wage would be good, just not using bit coin or anything digital. Do you trust the UK government to do this fairly? I don't!