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  1. motleyhoo

    Getting off SSRI's

    It's not just an assumption. EMDR has proven to be the most effective treatment for even the most severe forms of PTSD and trauma. It's really bizarre that it had no affect on you. But, I'll take your word for it.
  2. Andrew Basiago and Corey Goode are both real and telling the truth. We know this because this is what they have told us. I also traveled through a CIA jump-gate in Langley, Va. to the planet Pluto. It was not an express flight, so I had a 2 hour layover on Ganymede where I arm-wrestled a Europan Conquistador for a free mug of locally brewed ale. This is the god's honest truth.
  3. If you look at the people being demonetized or banned from youtube, you often see other social media platforms blocking them on the very same day. This is a conspiracy of collusion by the social media companies, including google, to censor anyone who is against the establishment's Marxist agenda. If you're a Conservative, a Libertarian, or someone speaking out against Left-wing/Progressive politics, even politely, you are going to get censored. If you are pro-Constitution and Bill of Rights, you are going to get censored. If you disagree with events as presented by the controlled mainstream media, you will be censored. We know this is a fact because it is happening to thousands of accounts everyday, and the owners of these applications have all recently released statements to the public that they are cracking down on any accounts they deem "dangerous". "Dangerous" is a broad and ambiguous term and that is why they picked it. They can define it any way they want to and get away with it. They want to have all Conservative and alternative narratives scrubbed from the internet by the time the next election comes around.
  4. motleyhoo

    What is the BIG problem?

    It's like everyone believing health care is a right. You know the first thing that happens when the govt starts providing health care for people? Everyone stops taking care of themselves. Since they no longer have a personal financial stake in their own health they stop eating right, living right, or doing anything else right because they no longer have to. This is just another example of how every major problem we have in our societies is actually caused by the govt, but the people keep looking at the govt as their savior to swoop in and fix everything. And the govt is really great at marketing itself as "The Great Fixer". In reality, the govt is "The Great Destroyer".
  5. motleyhoo


    The economics of a Libertarian system is a free-market economy, but the basic tenets of the entire Libertarian philosophy is based on just a few basic rules that that economy must adhere to. 1) Do no harm to others, and 2) You keep your hands off my stuff, and I'll keep my hands off your stuff. Regulation is merely to enforce those two rules. The market is still free, it just can't prey upon or steal from people. "Free market" does not mean anarchy.
  6. motleyhoo

    Escalation with Iran

  7. motleyhoo

    Why Do They Always Look Like This?

    South Park did a skit about this and how all the Emo kids, bragging about their non-conformity, all looked and acted alike.
  8. What I find fascinating is that these pilots have come out and said they have been seeing these things in the same area every day for over a year, and that they were invisible until they got the latest radar technology. Makes you wonder how much is going on in the sky all the time and we just can't see it. Eventually, in about 20 years, the new radar tech will filter down into civilian tech and more people will be seeing this stuff.
  9. People in general are simply not taught what to eat and how to eat because the food industry and everyone financially tied to it is making megabucks selling everyone fat and sugar and chemicals. There is simply no reason anyone should be eating a non-organic diet. The argument that it costs more is totally false, because it's a lot cheaper than paying for all the sickness and disease you're gonna get later from eating chemical covered crap.
  10. motleyhoo

    Yellow Fever Vaccination

    LOL!!! this is how bad the vaccine propaganda is getting. Washington Sate just passed a State of Emergency bill because 6,000 people in the state do not have the measles vaccine. It's sheer lunacy how much fear porn they're pumping out, because they don't want us to figure out that getting the measles is nothing major.
  11. motleyhoo

    Getting off SSRI's

    You have to believe it is going to work, and you also have to have a feeling of trust in the person you are working with. If you don't have a positive attitude about it, like if you think "nothing is going to work", then nothing is going to work. No one is going to solve the problem for you, you have to meet them halfway.
  12. motleyhoo

    Getting off SSRI's

    Yes, that's it. You actually try to think about the thing that's causing you anxiety or PTSD, and while the emotion of doing that is making you agitated, you focus your eyes in that way. I have no idea how it works, but it really blunts the symptoms of having those negative, repeating thoughts.
  13. The problem is, the damage from these kinds of technologies is very subtle and may take years to show any symptoms that can be directly related to it. People in the military have been made sterile by being too close to radar antennae, and others have gotten cancer many years later. Someone can get cancer, or Parkinson's, or some other debilitating disease years after exposure to something and by then no one knows that it was caused by something years ago. The damage done internally to your body by eating wheat gluten takes many years to develop, and when it does you still have no idea the cause was eating wheat, instead, your arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease is said to be caused by something else.
  14. motleyhoo

    Censorship and Deletion of posts

    If you're talking about a 7-speed with a double clutch.
  15. motleyhoo


    Free-market capitalism still has to live side by side with a regulatory structure to prevent financial predation. The problem we have now is, some corporations have become so powerful they have financially captured the regulators. This was allowed to happen because people elect politicians who are sociopaths.