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  1. motleyhoo

    Tin foil hats matter

    Okie from Muskokie?
  2. motleyhoo

    Leicester Lockdown Extension what town city will be next ?

    Yep, and now they've set it all up to blame all the sickness and death on a virus.
  3. motleyhoo

    George Floyd Pig state/psyop? ​🐷

    It would take a Tier 1 unit of Navy Seals all of about 30 minutes to have every person in there laying on the ground in zipties.
  4. motleyhoo

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    The first swine flu was just badly handled, but they learned from it, especially Bill Gates. He probably was not behind the swine flu hoax, but he saw it, he studied it, he saw how he could use it, and he studied the mistakes that were made. There is one thing that changed for sure since then that no one has connected the dots to...until now. Listening to Jimmy Church last night, I was presented with a proven, actual conspiracy that I had never heard about before, and it was a conspiracy proven to be true. It seems, probably as a result of Project Mockingbird, the news media was doing some really devious and sinister things on TV and radio like hiding subliminal messages in things like the national anthem that said things like "Conform, Consume, Obey.....Conform, Consume, Conform, Consume....The government is great. The govt is good.....Rebellion is prohibited.....Love your government" I know, it's like They Live, only this actually happened. This kind of crazy shit went on unseen by the unwitting public until the Frank Church Commission put a stop to it with a new law that banned this kind of behavior. Fast-forward to the Obama administration, and his signing of the NDAA, which effectively nullified that law, giving free reign to the media to once again begin brainwashing an unsuspecting public. What does this have to do with the pandemic? Well, we have all been scratching our heads at how easily the public bought into the fake narrative, even though to many of us (but not enough) the fakery and lies are so blatantly obvious that a half blind person with basic math skills can see it's all a fraud. And not just that, but how all these people who have bought into it have turned it into a deep-seated religion like nothing I have ever seen before. It really is like they have been brainwashed. Just imagine how far the subliminal and brainwashing technology has come since the days of black and white TV and transistor radios. I am intuitively convinced, from the pit of my gut, that this is what has been going on. We haven't really talked about that, or maybe we didn't see those dots exactly, but we need to deep dive a little more into this shit. I'm just too tired today - insomnia - to do anything.
  5. motleyhoo

    Post your rig (musical instruments and gear)

    One Yamaha gc-101 (I think?) classical guitar One Carvin Bolt that I built myself from a kit, and it is sweet One Alesis Micron synthesizer One Nektar midi keyboard Two cats that sing on command, they're sweet also
  6. motleyhoo

    The reality of our physical plane (v2)

    I used a Commodore Vic 20 and Basic to solve a set of fourier transforms for a lab in my EE 305 Motors and Generators class, because that's all I had at home and I didn't want to drive all the way to school just for that. It took that little sucker 15 minutes to spit out an answer, but she got'er done! Man, those were fun days. Seriously, what we're in right now looks like a dystopian nightmare compared to my life back then.
  7. motleyhoo


    They're going after the low hanging fruit right now, and after they keep going, by the time they're done the entire internet will look like a specialized site designed just for extreme left-wing Marxists. All of those idiots will be walking around with their social scores proudly blinking on their smart watches.
  8. motleyhoo

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Dontcha know how easy it will be for them to use those "voluntary" chips to store your personal vaccine passport.
  9. motleyhoo

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    I have lived through many different recessions. I do not see how what they have done is not going to be a major depression. We're not talking about bad sales reports or a bad couple of quarters on Wall Street. We're talking a total and complete halt to the economy that includes the permanent destruction of at least 50% of small businesses, completely disrupted supply chains in every single economic sector, shortages in everything from computer chips to wooden coat hangers, and many of these factories will take months to get back online and running at the level they were before. To make matters worse, their insane social distancing rules that every business is required by political correctness to enforce are making it impossible for the entertainment and sports industries to get back on their feet. People might be just starting to go back to the beach, but what can they do when they're there and where are they going to spend their money when 50% of everything is shutdown and the other 50% is acting like a major toxic spill just occurred on the premises. There's actually a reason why so many politicians have been using the term Great Reset, because that's what they're about to do, and they have already telegraphed to us that "life will never be the same" and "this is the new norm". You don't even have to read tea leaves to see it coming.
  10. Oh dude, thank you. I should be asleep right now, haven't really gotten to bed yet and it's 5am here...well, I was in bed, but I was listening to an old art bell show on Ultimate Art Bell...lol...but I am going to try to track one of those down. I have some Kratom steeping. Hopefully I can gulp that down and then hit the sack before too long.
  11. motleyhoo

    One hundred years from now...

    If you've seen "The Man in the High Castle" (I won't spoil it...much), I can just picture them dynamiting Mt. Rushmore, dropping 500 lb bombs on the statue of Liberty, and melting down the Liberty Bell, and broadcasting all of it on TV on every channel during prime time.
  12. motleyhoo

    Leicester Lockdown Extension what town city will be next ?

    There have now been 500,000 deaths globally. Each year the seasonal flu kills 3-5 million people. So where is the Corona pandemic? Answer, it only exists on TV.
  13. motleyhoo

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    I've talked about these em fields before. Even back when I was an EE major, before I was awake, sitting in my E&M Fields class and thinking about the em fields our bodies generate. Then, on the old forum I posted several times about how cell towers, etc. screw with our em fields. When 2 em fields come together, they don't just pass through each other and keep going. They interact, adding and subtracting and changing. It's the same thing when people think they're communicating while they're all siting alone in their rooms texting. They're missing out on 90% of what real communication is in body language, mannerisms, and their em fields interacting.
  14. motleyhoo

    Athlete A and USA gymnast team

    Did you see how the District Attorney some of the girls went to for help indicting and prosecuting Nassar talked all of them out of it by scaring them into believing the Defence would destroy their lives? I don't know where she is today, but that woman should be charged with abuse of power and disbarred. She was protecting her social circle of friends, which included the President and other top administrators at MSU. Have you ever watched College gymnastics? They don't look anything like the little pixies that get sent to the Olympics.
  15. motleyhoo

    One hundred years from now...

    There will be statues of Gates, Zuckerberg and Kurzweil, and huge pictures of them on the faces of buildings.