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  1. motleyhoo

    White supremacist terrorist thwarted in Norway

  2. motleyhoo

    John Bolton fired as national security adviser

    I wouldn't trust anything coming out of a politically biased blog or news source. It's pretty obvious to anyone with common sense that Trump disagreed with Bolton on how to handle North Korea and Iran. Bolton has not seen another country that he didn't have dreams of bombing and destroying. He's one of the original creators of the Neocon peace-through-war platform.
  3. motleyhoo

    Daily Thought: Capital Cities

    All cities are parasitic in nature. The larger a city is the more of a parasite it is. Cities consume vast amounts of resources and produce very little in return. Every day, in every city, many tons of resources (food, water, building supplies, paper, etc.) are shipped in by a never ending stream of trucks. The only things that actually come back out are massive amounts of garbage and sewage. You ever notice where the vast majority of impoverished and homeless people live? Yep, the cities. You ever notice what political party controls most cities? Why is it that every city that comes under the control of one particular political platform slowly but surely falls into a state of total decay, poverty and political corruption?
  4. motleyhoo

    Human Trafficking a Myth.... my thoughts

    I believe trolls are real. Also shills. Yeah, I definitely believe in trolls and shills.
  5. No, it's about having false beliefs, such as the Left is better than the Right, or vise versa. You're only a victim if you choose to be.
  6. motleyhoo

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    There are definitely 2 or 3 shills infecting the forum. These people seem to have no reason for being here except to barge into every thread in order to contradict any discussion about the things David Icke talks about and warns us about. Their statements are so contradictory to the beliefs of our community that it's blatant that they're here just to sabotage discussions.
  7. motleyhoo

    Why are all conspiracy theories right wing?

    The reason conspiracy theories appear to be Right-wing is because the basic underlying philosophy of the Left is Collectivism and Marxism which makes it politically incorrect to question the governments narrative. It really is that simple.
  8. They're not going to need to chip anyone anymore. Facial recognition pilot programs are being rolled out all over the country across varying industrial sectors. One of the first programs being tested is at airports, where everyone who opts into their pilot program will not have to stand in line to show their credentials. Instead, they authorize the program to store an image of their face, and then the facial recognition system will let them pass through various security checks without having to stand in line with the rest of the cattle. They always introduce technological fascism through the idea of "convenience". Once all the bugs are worked out in these pilot programs, they're going to roll out facial rec. tech. full spectrum across our entire society. Every time you enter a store, stop at a gas station, go to a sporting event, visit a public park, facial recognition will be tracking everyone entering and leaving. 5G will allow the system to have enough speed and data bandwidth such that authorities and AI programs can react in real time to the images. You just cannot get through to people that all of this is real and that it is happening now because 90% of the population is now so addicted to smartphones and social media that they rationalize to themselves that we need this kind of technology to enrich our lives. They're just like drug addicts who claim they don't actually have a problem, they can stop any time they want. The advertisements painting 5G, smart devices, and smart everything as being massively wonderful for everyone are now all over TV, movie theaters, newspapers, and magazines. I feel very strange, because I was shown all of this happening during my NDE back in 2005 when I almost died. I've almost given up trying to warn everyone about what is coming because almost no one wants to hear it. People no longer care about being free, they just want their cool technology and irresistible gadgets. You go anywhere today and look around - 75% of the people are staring trance-like into their phones - this is exactly what the PTB and the corporations that control them want. If you want to know what's coming you just have to look at what Facebook is spending it's money on, almost $6 billion already on virtual reality. All of the tech companies are going to be working together to create a giant VR network such that they want to have billions of people sitting in chairs all alone in their homes wearing VR headsets, all interacting with each other within a giant Marxist communal VR world. This is going to happen, and I see no way to stop it because too people actually want this. All of these companies have hired Psychologists to help them make their applications as addictive as they can get them without it being overtly obvious what they're doing.
  9. motleyhoo

    White supremacist terrorist thwarted in Norway

    It's not just race warfare that the Left is fomenting, it's also the idea that everyone is a victim who needs to be saved by the govt. Then, they use victimization itself to divide all the different groups they have pigeon-holed everyone into. It's called identity politics and it's an insidious way of dividing people that is one of the main weapons used by Marxists to brainwash the masses. One of the main tenets of Marxism is to keep people divided and fighting among themselves and believing they're all victims of each other's misguided beliefs in order to prevent them from uniting against the oppressive and insane philosophy of their "Leaders". Sometime during Clinton's campaign, when they were seeing how much traction Trump's campaign was getting, the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the senior leadership on the Left all got together and decided to put all of their chips so to speak behind identity politics. Supporters and voters on the Left are so brainwashed by their own politics that they do not even realize identity politics is the exact opposite of what Liberalism is supposed to be about. It's really crazy what's going on.
  10. motleyhoo

    Are Zionists infecting the forum?

    This is just pure blog-bias garbage. I'd suggest getting your news from somewhere other than the echo chambers of Left-wing hogwash you obviously spend your time in. Trump was elected by the geographically 90% of the country as a repudiation of crony establishment politics, especially since the difference between crony Clinton and all the other crony GOP candidates was nil. Does this mean Trump is good, etc.? No, it just means between all the choices they had to vote for, Trump was the least entrenched Washington DC insider, lying sack of crap all these people were sick and tired of voting for. The Left still cannot figure out they lost the election because their candidate was a dismal failure of ethics and morality when it comes to the monumental amount of pre-existing baggage she was carrying around. And the day she lost the election was the day she stood up on stage at a rally in NY and said that Trump supporters were racists, sexists, bigots and Rednecks. The day after that happened Trump's rallies tripled in attendance while Clinton's dropped so far she had to actually pay people to attend. Meanwhile, the media, instead of being real, filled Left-wing supporters will massive amounts of false hope by endlessly putting out false polling numbers in hope they somehow could will their way into a turn-around when they knew they was losing. All those millions of Clinton supporters went to bed the night before believing Clinton was going to win in a landslide because that's what their beloved biased media had been telling them for weeks.
  11. LOL, none of that has anything to do with Trump. The centralization of power and finance has been going on for hundreds of years. And no, Trump was not put in there to speed up the process, quite the opposite actually. If the PTB had groomed Trump and put him in there to finalize their plans he would not have been attacked from all sides, even his own party, more than any other freshman President in the last 70 years.
  12. motleyhoo

    Chicken 'causes cancer'

    It's a stupid study because it assumes all chicken is the same. There's a big difference between organic pasture raised chicken and the typical industrialized chicken found in most stores. Same with all other foods and meat.
  13. motleyhoo

    Happy about breaking the Law, why....my thoughts

    Then you have no understanding at all of David Icke. I seriously doubt he would be for criminals stealing people's cars, or stealing anything else. And he sure as hell is against tyranny in any form. I don't think he is for stupidity either, because stupidity leads to gullibility.
  14. motleyhoo

    Human Trafficking a Myth.... my thoughts

    Perhaps you live under a rock or you do not get out much. Or perhaps you're here to say complete nonsense in order to troll and ruin the forums here. Human trafficking has existed for many thousands of years and you damn well know it. You do not believe in an underground? What do you think smuggling is? Have you ever heard of drug trafficking, illegal arms trafficking, stolen car trafficking? These are all underground operations by default, and human trafficking for sex or slavery is just as prominent as the aforementioned.
  15. motleyhoo

    Building 7 Collapse Report released 3.9.19

    And, if I haven't said it already - there was a mysterious company that had direct access to the inner main support structures of the twin towers. Six months before 9/11 a before-unknown company named ABC Elevators was given a 6 month contract to refurbish and do major maintenance to the elevators and shafts. The major support beams of the buildings ran directly along the insides of the elevator shafts. After 9/11, ABC Elevators disappeared and no one knows anything about them, where they came from, or who hired them. All of the persons who would have known have all died of suspicious circumstances. Things like this don't just happen by chance. The elevators themselves were made and installed by Otis Elevators. Everyone in industry and business who owns or is charged with elevator maintenance knows that you ALWAYS hire Otis to come and maintain their elevators. You're not going to hire some fly by night no-name company to do major work on elevators in a building as large and as important as the twin towers.