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  1. Octopus

    Tin foil hats matter

    Honky from milwaukie?
  2. Octopus

    Tin foil hats matter

    What kind of phonetic jargon is draggy country nong? Are you from the mid west?
  3. Octopus

    Tin foil hats matter

    I dont understand why am I an energy sink?
  4. Octopus

    Tin foil hats matter

    Wearing tinfoil on your head will protect you from deadly "droplets"
  5. Octopus

    Flashing satellites

    Thank you everyone for your contributions.I saw one last night and tonight I saw 2. Pretty much anytime I go outside at night I look above see one now before I finish 1 cigarette. How could they reflect sunlight after midnight when the suns on the other side of the globe? I think it could possibly be a form of light pollution and/or a light that is itself harmful to the environment or have something to do with holograms like project blue beam. I want to get one of those end devices and see if it spikes when one of these is passing over head.
  6. Octopus


  7. Octopus

    Flashing satellites

    On 2 separate occasions I've seen a satellite flashing in the night sky. The first time I wasn't sure but today I saw 1 pass slowly over head and it flashed every 5 to ten seconds until it disappeared out of view. I've read some articles online about satellites reflecting the sunlight and they're supposedly phasing them out or did already. But I feel that there is something more to this that I haven't realized yet, thoughts?