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  3. Judges dismisses open inquiry into Secret Service torture
  4. Judges have dismissed challenges to have an open review into a torture inquiry at the hands of security services. Former CEO of Freedom from Torture explains how an OPEN inquiry is the ONLY way to truly exonerate British intelligence agencies. RT UK is a channel based in London covering British news and politics, protests and interviews with people who make a difference.
  5. Deca

    Looking Forward to the End of Humanity

    Looking Forward to the End of Humanity
  6. Looking Forward to the End of Humanity Why is the Wall Street Journal looking forward to the end of humanity? And what does that say about the technocratic future that we're being steered into? Join James for today's edition of where he discusses the transhuman agenda that is being pushed on the back of the new biosecurity paradigm.
  7. NIMROD REPORTS: 5G COVID-19 CONSPIRACY PRANKSTER REVEALED https://www.bitchute.com/video/joKISyHKk1w/
  8. Look we did not fall for this fake video ....and they still are trying to use it to discredit us and get us to believe the BBC ...
  9. Deca

    The NWO Agenda Revealed (With Rosa Koire)

    The NWO Agenda Revealed (With Rosa Koire)
  10. The NWO Agenda Revealed (With Rosa Koire)
  11. https://www.hdiac.org/podcast/neuroweapons-part-1/
  12. " In part one of this two-part podcast, HDIAC analyst Mara Kiernan interviews Dr. James Giordano, a Professor in the department of Neurology and Biochemistry at Georgetown University Medical Center. The discussion begins with Dr. Giordano defining neuroweapons and explaining their applied technologies. He provides insight into the manner in which international weapons conventions govern the use neuroweapons and discusses the threats presented by neuroweapons in today’s environment. Dr. Giordano goes on to review the need for continuous monitoring, including his views regarding challenges and potential solutions for effectively understanding global developments in neuroweapon technologies. "
  13. How to Program The Human Mind, and at What Cost https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ueo42ALAq9gj/ Guest host Dr. Nick Begich breaks down how to program the human mind, and how others would use that knowledge top take advantage of unlimited human potential.
  14. The World Wide Web Will Be Replaced By The World Wide Mind" -Dr. Nick Begich:
  15. GUEST: Dr. Nick Begich is well known for his work and research on HAARP;"Mind Effects" and more. He has widely reported in these areas as an expert for many publications, government organizations, and private companies. He has been an expert witness for the European Parliament on these subjects and provides significant research contributions in this area. Also, through the Lay Institute on Technologies he organized a private meeting of top scientists in the area of mind effects in 2007. Begich has authored five books in seven languages on technology and the impacts of change. Heard on thousands of radio and television talk shows and documentaries, he is a frequent commentator on new technologies, energy, politics, education and the environment.