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  1. what's reliable and now pretty cheap RADAR
  2. I have posted the video ....it's a slide that Mark Steel did ....all I did was capture a still form that ...thou the slide is made of a couple of pages ...i did link to one but I DID NOT MAKE THE SLIDE SO I DON'T HAVE THE SOURCES AT HAND thou I have seen most of these pages in my own research Did you not watch Mark video ....seems like it ...............
  3. gee can a PIR sensor do all this ? Anyway what's wrong with saying there RADAR in the street lights .????....why you try to misdirect people from knowing this .....???
  4. why does the documents say RADAR then ? yes SOME use PIR ...again noticeable by the PIR sensor ..er my alarm and spot lights have PIR on them ok .... https://www.telensa.com/news/telensa-announces-smart-city-sensor-devices-for-the-urban-data-project-to-be-powered-by-qualcomm-technologies-chipsets/
  5. Can you read it says RADAR not PIR ok do self-driving cars navigate/collation detect with PIR sensors ........YOU ARE A MISDIRECTING TROLL also, the PIR street lights have guess what a PIR sensor on it ..
  6. er that one of Mark Steel’s slides .. Just Google "smart street light" RADAR ...again how else do you think they detect approaching cars/people and turn themselves up or down etc
  7. Look these street lights use RADAR ......simple ....
  9. Mark Steele & John Kitson 5G London Protest
  10. Clearly people are not considering there is an option B ....which is far more useful also use a lot less energy but requires far more complex signal option A) Using directed-energy systems to down drones option B) How to hijack a drone
  11. Again one dimensional ...thinking only "high energy" can be used as a weapon/do harm ..... Again you can damage/burn things "high energy" ....or use more complex signals you can jam/disrupt/hijack things .... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Specific_absorption_rate
  12. we can play this game all week ok cell towers are the new cigarettes
  13. yes because 5G not for the everyday consumer for their mobile device ...... its for the smart city /IOT devices (police to use google glasses ) AI etc ...they just want to con us into paying for it and adopting it