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  1. Great info that any human can use, is free and accessible to all!
  2. Alfa Warrior

    Any breatharians in here?

    Fair enough, to each his/her/their/its own!
  3. Alfa Warrior

    Any breatharians in here?

    This is what happens when people are raised in a nanny state like the UK I guess!! Luckily I still live in the good ol USA where we have some freedoms of speech left. No need for any disclaimers, this is meaningful stuff here. IF there are people out there who can actually live direct off the energetic prana (or information fields as I all them) of the universe then it proves the materialistic notions of modern-day scientism are all wrong. I would think this is something people on this forum would be super interested in but it appears they are more trapped in fear and the classical skepticism that comes with the modern day conspiracy theory culture. All realities today are the miracles of yesterday’s dreaming. The realist crucifies genius, reaps the fruit of their vision and then immortalizes them. Great ideas are condemned at birth. Let’s be aware of this and support our dreamers. We need them more than ever.
  4. Alfa Warrior

    Any breatharians in here?

    I would love to see evidence of someone dying from starvation because they believed in Breatharianism. You know how HARD it is to die of starvation? It is extremely slow and painful. They would have to have been psychotic to let that happen (and then maybe natural selection at its best). I find this unlogical. Like anything in life there are frauds and fakesters but my point is if you delve into real physics there is an explanation on how one could eventually become a breatharian. We live in a thought-based universe so our beliefs are everything. In that sense I guess if someone insane enough truly believed they didn't need food and just stopped eating without doing the work to get to a breatharian state and were able to go through all the pain and suffering to actually die from lack of food that could happen but also who's to say the flipside isn't true? Is the dude I linked to above a fraud? I don't know but IF he isn't then this is WAY more important info than the potential danger of some morons killing themselves from starvation. This literally proves we live in a thought-based universe.
  5. Alfa Warrior

    The Arthritis Solution

    Modern Western allopathic medicine doesn't get to the root of the cause, just covers it up. We can do better and heal ourselves with a little knowledge. Here's a show we did on this concept, def worth the listen if you suffer from or know someone that suffers from arthritis.
  6. Alfa Warrior

    Any breatharians in here?

    Kinda funny how irate people get about this topic. I believe we live in a universe powered by mind (am a big fan of Walter Russell) so anything is possible if you can get to a level of consciousness mastery. Here is another breatharian and I will find more. Are all these frauds? I don't know but we will have one of them on our podcast soon. As for dangerous, you could say anything is dangerous if you're dumb enough to put yourself at risk. Skateboarding is dangerous but we don't shout down at Tony Hawk (well I guess some old farts do)...so IF this guy isn't a fraud maybe then we can use this as a very important mind expansion of understanding on how the universe actually works and not what the current religion of 'scientism' tells us.
  7. That fight scene though!!! You don't even need glasses for people like the Bushes or that robot Zuckerberg...
  8. Sucking the blood of club goers, sounds safe!!
  9. I do believe this stuff happens but no clue if this guy is legit or not. Some are saying this is why California had the big blackout last week. Thoughts?
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    No need to get your panties in a twist, seems you've been triggered by a pretty obvious statement with 'dirty' or are just 'intellect' signaling here for cool person points. I'm no specialist but have had specialists on our show that have explained that AC current is disruptive to natural biorhythms whereas DC is much more safe but pretty much everyone has AC running through their house because that's how the power companies have to deliver it...hence why people who live under power lines are much more susceptible to getting cancers and other abnormalities. My point is we don't need this arcane technology anymore...time to move towards better power. Look up Russell Optic Dynamo-Generator for one...
  11. Alfa Warrior

    Any breatharians in here?

    For sure, I am moving into a OMD (one meal a day) lifestyle and plan on fasting a lot while doing some chi building exercises and the Wim Hof method...gonna see how close I can get to this!! Really all about the internal work
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    Boom was pleasantly surprised when I read this post as I first figured this would be about the usual 'weed' talk which is all good (I;m currently lit as I type this) but the natural neuro pharmacopoeia version we have in us is far better and much more holistic. You can access this through the Wim Hof method. It is amazing. Look it up!! I am a daily practitioner .
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    But even solar is dirty due to the way it is converted stored and delivered...def don't sleep under solar arrays!!