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  1. Dawn

    Chat Room

    Do you know how many times I performed her Blonde Ambition tour in my living room?! I even stuck with her throughout the faux British accent phase and forgave her for sleeping with Sandra Bernhardt. It hurts.
  2. Dawn

    Chat Room

    Yup. I lived the movie Singles in the 90’s. I was so grunge. Lol. Yeah Madonna is cracking up. Did you see the video of her singing into her hairbrush, talking about being out of pasta? Aghh it’s been hard to see my idols fall.
  3. Dawn

    Chat Room

    Lol Right? It’s means a thrill a minute rollercoaster ride of a Pikey boxer flick, directed by a guy Madonna used to bone.
  4. Dawn

    Chat Room

    Same thing it means here, I believe lol. Her name is Liz. Stepdad calls her Lizzie. I am beginning to think she is a reptilian. But for now, I am at least confident that she is a snatch.
  5. Dawn

    Chat Room

    I went to the grocery store today. I actually remembered to bring my own bags for once. (The war on plastics is raging in the Seattle area.) The cashier then informed me that since I brought my own bags..he couldn’t bag my groceries. I had to do it. Soooooo ridiculous. They also had an announcement cycling on the loud speaker asking customers not to pay in cash because of the risks. The highlight of the trip was the old black lady who made a show out of taking my cart directly from me when I was done using it. In other news, why is my mom such a snatch?
  6. Are you kidding me? That is some dark web shit. That does not belong in schools.
  7. Dawn

    Any talented psychics on the forum?

    Would require a new virus to exist. Lol.
  8. Dawn

    coronavirus mega thread

    I woke up at 5am this morning remembering that Trump had mentioned “Evacuation” in his press conference yesterday. I thought of the giant medical ships in the ports of CA and NY. Then my mind flashed to Bill Gates saying that sooner or later people would have certificates saying that they had either recovered or been vaccinated. Sooner or later he said, we would want to make sure that people had their certificates before they travelled anywhere. Then I thought about all the celebrities and politicians claiming to have Covid. Already lining up their recovered certificates.. All this flashed through my mind in a second and a half. I said, “Oh shit”, and started my day. Thought Id share, because first waking thoughts can be significant.
  9. Dawn

    Can we talk about what "greys" really are?

    Wow. Somehow or another I always find what I’m looking for on this forum. (Even when I don’t know what I’m looking for). I found my folded man! They were depicted by the Dogons/Egyptians. Reportedly from Sirius...which actually makes a lot of sense. On the wall I saw the folded man hovering/leaning against, I have a picture of Sirius, along with a note from a loved one, telling me I am the brightest star in the sky. Now, if I can just get him to communicate with me.. Please let me know if you have any good info on the Sirians.
  10. Yes Yes, the negative always rears it’s ugly head, doesn’t it. Thanks for the reminder.
  11. Dawn

    Where is everyone from

    Word to Big Bird.
  12. Dawn

    Where is everyone from

    Unless your rerouting your IP address, your whereabouts are already known.
  13. Weird how someone with the screen name cosmogenesis would poo poo collective group meditation. Consciousness is pretty tied in with the origin of creation, is it not? I think someone’s fake woke...
  14. Collective consciousness is no joke.