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  1. Dawn

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    That was my logic. I am using my IP address; they already know exactly who I am. Using a generic picture and name would only provide a false sense of security. I don't think that's stupid. No one can extort you if you have no secrets.
  2. Dawn

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    Looking right atcha. I called you out day 1.
  3. Dawn

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    Oh that’s right, you were implying you were a tantric master with that black hole talk weren’t you.. Hmmm So I get a salary, spankings, big dick, and higher levels of consciousness? Wow, I am deleting all my dating apps now. You are the one.
  4. Dawn

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    Wait a minute...A couple minutes ago you were willing to pay someone a substantial salary to put you into 24/7 submission. Now you’re a switch? Hmmm 🤔 Maybe you’re still finding yourself...
  5. Dawn

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    It would be a rare dominant personality that would be willing to submit to inspection, challenges, and your perception of worthiness.
  6. Dawn

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    I find this interesting... Personally, I can’t climax without a good subjugation fantasy. and I’ve noticed that inclination in other “woke” individuals. I wonder if the sheer weight of starting to remember how powerful we are, makes a part of us want to run back to being a slave. Since beginning to study consciousness I’m trying to rewire that part of me for the sake of spiritual development. It sounds like tantric sex is one of the fastest ways to reach new levels of consciousness. But the thought of that level of intimacy for that amount of time is really intimidating to me. I’m afraid after 5 minutes, I’m going to be asking some love guru to spank me. And then I’ll be asked to leave the retreat... Lol. Im also careful now to inform my higher self before I start fantasizing...”This is only fantasy” “I am not trying to manifest this”. Which is a bit of a mood killer.. Ultimately I know my heart chakra needs a good amount of healing and for the first time in my life I’m starting to recognize that the fact that true love doesn’t get me off, is likely a problem. It’s something I need to look at if I want to continue to progress. PS: What is the salary? 😂
  7. Dawn

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    As a new member, I was pretty shocked by how few active members there are on this forum. And even more shocked by how many of the active members are purposeful detractors. I didn’t understand why the mods didn’t boot them. But then I realized that would only leave about 15 active people on this forum. I honestly thought the detractors were allowed to stay so we could publicly refute their claims. When they say, “The CDC says there were 80,000 flu deaths last year” then we say “Actually the CDC attributes all cases of pneumonia to the flu...when we know there are many other ways a person can contract pneumonia.” ..And the back and forth makes the forum appear more active and draws in more legit users. Thats what I thought was going on. But even in my short tenure I have seen at least one new member hang up their hat and leave because they ran into a bs spewer right away. So maybe getting rid of them is the right way to go.. But again, that means we will have very few active users and it’s kind of strange to have a council of 7 +2 official moderators heading a group of 15. My take is you decided to pull the weeds out of the garden and wanted it to be a peoples movement, not just your own? Is this forum going to continue once Iconic is in full swing? I was recently refunded my premium membership to this site.
  8. Definitely disgusting, but not illogical when you consider giant corporations want to be the only game in town.
  9. Yeah Lucifer was the most beloved of the angels. Then he became the poster boy for what happens when you disobey God. But it wasn’t until pretty recently, like the 16th/17th century that he became associated with satan. They realized talking about the devil and hell made people come to church. ..fear motivated conformity. I need to do more research on the Freemasons, I see you mentioning them a lot. I do believe that transhumanism is a trap. Don’t download your consciousness people! I think the term “light” is typically used to represent knowledge. So that’s a bit of a confusing juncture for me. I believe before he was turned into a cautionary tale, Lucifer symbolized Light/Knowledge. So am I a Luciferian or just a hippy dippy new ager who is obsessed with love and light? I don’t quite understand where and how it turns ugly. My guess is that the dark forces are a short cut. The elite want awakening powers on demand..
  10. Dawn


    Agreed. I am wary of any thread that speaks against people waking up or waking others up...on a David Icke forum.
  11. Interesting, the cloud as a body for the dark spirit.. Well it certainly has the ability to control us. The creation of the temple on the Temple Mount is supposed to usher in the antichrist right? So, would that make the cloud the body of the antichrist? I don’t think Lucifer is the right name for it. Im pretty sure Lucifer/The Lightbearer/The Morning Star..has gotten a bad wrap. It was Lucifer through the serpent that told Adam and Eve they could have all the power of the gods if they ate from tree of knowledge. Original sin was seeking knowledge? Seems like some keep ya down propaganda bullshit to me. I think Lucifer became a cautionary tale of what happens when you challenge the powers that be.
  12. Dawn

    The LIKE RESPONSE button on each post ....

    If we had an unlimited amount of likes, two deceivers could like every nonsense post the other wrote and win the day everyday.
  13. So you believe that in exchange for worldly power..the elite agree to be more or less possessed by these dark entities that want to control humanity. That seems kind of short sighted to me.. If you know you’re an immortal entity, why would you ever agree to let something else take the wheel? What is your perception of who or what the dark forces are?
  14. I wish I had tantric sex as a reference point, but alas... I haven’t really done a deep dive into magick yet either, but I do get the impression that children are regarded as powerful for those trying to connect the spirit world. In my pedo research I realized it is not just the occult that thinks children are magick. I believe the high up Catholics, Mormons, and Scientologists believe that a child’s love is the purest form. I’m sure a lot of that is just justification for perversion but it makes a bit of spiritual sense as well. Children still live in their hearts and their imaginations. They haven’t endured the amount of programming that adults have.. Some of them even remember who they are/were. The veil is thinner with children, they are still magick. The occult seems to be the only ones however, who believe you have to terrorize or murder the child to use his/her power. That’s where dark magick comes in I guess..
  15. Dawn


    I know for me, after realizing that most of what I have been told is a lie....nothing in my life is more important than finding the truth. Not getting caught up in minutiae...but finding the highest levels of truth I can. That is the only progress that matters anymore. I can’t exactly go back to watching Top Chef and playing Candy Crush.