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  1. I promise I did not photoshop these images. I lifted them right off peoples social media accounts. And I encourage others to comb over their friends and family’s pictures for unanticipated reflections as well. This is very widespread. I have only found photographic evidence for three people I know, but I suspect many more.
  2. Dawn

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    I think David Icke hit the nail on the head. In his video on corona virus, which I can’t locate currently because it has been buried by a ton of other spurious videos...he says that the corona virus test simply tests for a compound that healthy cells secrete when they die. Healthy cells die for a multitude of reasons...including FEAR. Including breathing in your own carbon dioxide all day because you are wearing a mask. Depending on where the threshold For this compound is set...everyone or no one would test positive. The disease is in the media and the medical establishment that has been pressured/incentivized to list Covid as the cause of death for cases that would have previously been categorized as pneumonia, flu, respiratory, or unknown.
  3. My “friend” posted this to fb with the caption: “Can you see me?” Then pretended he was talking about the deer by the broken fence panel. They think it is hilarious that we don’t know they are among us. This fucking forum. I post actual pictures of aliens among us and ...crickets. Truthers my ass.
  4. There is the original in color. Look at the head shape in the reflection.
  5. Here is another person I know...not a grey like the other two...but looks more like the alien race from Mars Attacks.
  6. I honestly believe they are body snatching. Much like in the movie They Live. They can appear in human form. If you suspect someone, take a look at their Facebook or Instagram photos. Look for a picture they would have taken at home, alone...in their true form and try to catch them in a reflective surface. These two pictures are of two people I personally know. Look at the reflections. They are not human.
  7. Dawn

    The asparagus predictions..

    My friend once made me look at her vagina because she wasn’t aware of the effects of asparagus and was sure she had an std. 😂
  8. Dawn

    The asparagus predictions..

    And everyone’s pee will smell weird...
  9. Dawn

    "Black Mirror" TV show and the near future

    Donald Marshall actually didn’t escape. He says that his consciousness is transferred during REM sleep to his clone in the facility. (In BC actually). He says that celebs, political leaders etc. who have sold their souls to the Illuminati are required to go to the clone zone nightly and watch and engage in people being tortured. When they wake up in their beds at home, the clones goes limp. I think the Black Mirror episode closest to this, is the Miley Cyrus one in the most recent season. Her consciousness is transferred to a doll. Her handler poisons her, puts her in a coma and then mines her brain for new songs. (Donald Marshall claims to still be alive because he has written basically every #1 hit you’ve ever heard of in the clone zone.)
  10. Dawn


    When darkness grows, so does the light. I have always had moments of higher consciousness throughout my life. But now that the darkness is really trying to take hold, my abilities are consistent and expanding quickly. I know this is happening to many. Do they know they are making us stronger? Are they so arrogant that they don’t realize that they are creating a force that will topple them? Or was that the plan all along? Are they intentionally trying to evolve the human race by hurling so much evil at us? Suffering IS the soul’s currency. I received a clear message from spirit that told me that anything I had ever done was immaterial; that I would ascend purely based on what has been done to me. That’s why Jesus is depicted bleeding and scarred. The path to enlightenment is treacherous and brutal. I wonder sometimes if the dark ones aren’t stuck here...and they think maybe if they can evolve enough of us, that It will result in a dimensional shift for the whole planet. They think they can ride our coat tails to a higher dimension. ...Ahem...no. You assholes can’t come. Lol.
  11. Dawn

    Defund the police?

  12. Dawn


    Oh that’s beautiful. Thank you, I hadn’t seen that.
  13. Dawn

    Defund the police?

    I dunno....Take a look at project Jedi. It is predictive model, so they can arrest people who the algorithm thinks might eventually commit a crime.
  14. Dawn


    Hope...which whispered from Pandora’s box only after all the other plagues and sorrows had escaped, is the best and last of all things. Share on this thread things that give you hope that the good guys are going to come out on top. Here is a billboard that is down the road from my house is Washington state.
  15. Dawn

    Defund the police?

    The whole #defundthepolice movement going on in the US, makes me confident that most police are in fact good guys. They are just standing in the way of the bad guys who own the media.