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  1. Not Thoth

    Segregation of class in the UK

    I'm thinking of sewing a yellow Star of David onto my jacket
  2. Not Thoth

    2metre rule 6.674 devil's number

    Also inches are usually subdivided in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 etc, and .74 is approximately 6/8 (=.75). So 2 metres = 6' 6 and 6/8
  3. Not Thoth

    coronavirus mega thread

    Might as well put this in here too.
  4. Not exactly a meme, but it's topical.
  5. Not Thoth

    COVID News - Comic strip

    I'm using my lockdown time productively.
  6. Not Thoth

    coronavirus mega thread

    Talk of climate change: Greta Thunberg in self-isolation as she may have coronavirus "Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg says it is ‘extremely likely’ that she and her father have contracted coronavirus. The teenager said they both started experiencing symptoms after a recent tour of Europe together before countries started closing their borders and imposing travel bans. Neither of them have been tested as Sweden is currently only testing those with the most serious symptoms, but doctors say there have been many cases where people show very mild symptoms or none at all...."
  7. Not Thoth

    coronavirus mega thread

    A more accurate version of the picture:
  8. Not Thoth

    coronavirus mega thread

    QinetiQ has many sites. Used to be DERA (the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency). They have a site in Farnborough (not far from Guildford) and also Porton Down (of novichok fame)
  9. Not Thoth

    Little MK Piece

    I thought Little MK Piece was a rapper
  10. Not Thoth

    Taping over webcam

    Mulder did it also in one of the most recent X-Files episodes
  11. Not Thoth

    Streatham: Man shot dead by police after stabbings in London

    Also there was another bus:
  12. Not Thoth

    Streatham: Man shot dead by police after stabbings in London

    2 minutes to 2pm on 02/02/2020 Daily Mail