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  1. oddsnsods

    Tommy Robinson. Friend or Foe?

    🤫Dont mention Zionism.
  2. Kev & Perry are not amused.
  3. Its all a blatant deep state fraud, his grandfather was man behind DARPA. Plutocratic Mirage of Self-Made Billionaires The man born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen is commonly known as Jeff Bezos. He got his middle name from his maternal grandfather, Lawrence Preston Gise. The family called him ‘Pop’ while others called him ‘Preston’. Bezos spent influential years with his grandfather. It was this patriarch who got his grandson interested in all sorts of technology, including mechanical equipment but most of all computers. And this is who Bezos credits for his success, claiming to have learned his critical business skills while visiting his retired grandfather’s ranch every summer from age four to sixteen. Keep the following in mind when hearing claims of Jeff Bezos being self-made. Who was Lawrence Preston Gise? Jeff’s grandfather was a major government official, apparently with significant wealth, influence, and connections. He was well respected. “Some of the top brass in the Pentagon were charged with single-handedly picking top talent for ARPA, renamed DARPA in 1972 — the “D” for “Defense” (Christian Davenport, The Space Barons), “the research and development arm of the Department of Defense that is credited with designing a communications network that could still function even if a nuclear attack demolished conventional lines of communication, ARPAnet, was the foundation of what would eventually become the Internet” (Expose the Deep State, Jeff Bezos). “Wilfred McNeil, the Pentagon’s comptroller, helped recruit top talent to help run the agency. One of his top choices was Lawrence Preston Gise, a stolid and principled former navy lieutenant commander” (Davenport). Besides Gise being a founding member of DARPA, later on “in 1964, Congress appointed him manager of the Atomic Energy Commission’s Albuquerque operations office, where he supervised 26,000 employees in the AEC’s western region, including the Sandia, Los Alamos, and Lawrence Livermore laboratories” (Chip Bayers, The Inner Bezos). But he had previously worked for the AEC and even earlier in the military: “Born in Texas, Gise had served during World War II, and service records show he was assigned to the USS Neunzer, a destroyer, and then to various administrative jobs. He also served as an assistant director at the Atomic Energy Commission, starting in 1949, and was promoted to assistant director in 1955” (Davenport). Gise was a creature of government, specifically of the military-industrial complex. He also oversaw government work done with private contractors. In various capacities, he was involved in numerous projects, some of them covert. For example, he was a key member in secret meetings about the development of the hydrogen bomb. This guy had immense knowledge and experience about both technology and the workings of government. He was far beyond the standard bureaucrat, as his technical skill was not only theoretical but applied, with his career having been focused on space technology and missile defense systems. When he helped raise his grandson, Jeff Bezos received the full attention in being tutored and moulded for a life of privilege and ambition. Considering that, it’s not that Bezos as a corporate tycoon sold his soul to gain position and power in government, for he didn’t need to. He inherited the social connections, the access to private and public funding, and the open doors into government. “The question is what else came with that inheritance, whether it was all, so to speak, just on the receiving end” (National Notice, Interesting to Think That it All Began With BOOKS?). Like his grandfather, Bezos always was a creature of government. His corporatist worldview, presumably, always leaned toward corporatocracy. And Bezos is likely being honest in his moral claim of corporate patriotism, self-serving as it is, since he undoubtedly doesn’t see a difference between his own interests and those of government. As a member of the ruling elite, he takes it for granted that government is there to serve and represent those born into privilege. The Gise-Bezos family is a variant of the Bush family, in both cases wealth and power passed from one generation to the next and in both cases there was a grandfather as the original patriarch who ensured the family’s legacy. Gise’s influence wouldn’t have been minor. Young Bezos would have heard his grandfather talk about government programs and government research and development. This would have given him an inside view along with some insider knowledge: “Pop doted, telling stories about missile defense systems and teaching him to lay pipe and castrate bulls” (Mark Liebovich, Child Prodigy, Online Pioneer). It’s unsurprising that Bezos developed a company like Amazon that has a shipping and information system of the kind one would expect from DARPA, as Bezos might have been modeling it on what he learned from listening to his grandfather. It’s even possible that with Gise’s connections, Bezos was able to hire former government workers and advisers who had experience in developing such systems. Either way, Bezos didn’t invent Amazon out of thin air. Amazon is a late product of the Cold War mindset, a distributed system built on the internet which itself was built on DARPA’s ARPANET. “The Pentagon has been part of the Silicon Valley story all along. Defence contracts during and after World War II turned Silicon Valley from a somnolent landscape of fruit orchards into a hub of electronics production and innovations ranging from mainframes to microprocessors to the internet. The American tech economy rests on the foundations of the military-industrial complex. […] “The military origins of modern tech gradually faded from view, but the business of war didn’t go away. The Pentagon remained the only place with the resources and the patience to fund blue-sky research that the market wasn’t quite ready for yet. Mr. Bezos knows this history well. His beloved grandfather Lawrence Preston Gise was one of the first employees of the Pentagon’s advanced research agency, Darpa. In the 1980s and 1990s, money from Darpa helped spur breakthroughs in high-speed networking, voice recognition and internet search. Today, it is funding research in artificial intelligence and machine learning, subterranean exploration and deep-space satellites, high-performance molecules and better GPS. Whether their employees realize it or not, today’s tech giants all contain some defense-industry DNA. The result is the conflicted identity we now see in Silicon Valley.” (Margaret O’Mara, Silicon Valley Can’t Escape the Business of War) At the National Notice blog, it is stated that, “Amazon is an internet company engaged in surveillance as a key part of its profit model and it works with the federal government and the federal government’s military and CIA.” This is in reference to Yasha Levine’s Surveillance Valley. In the blog post, part of the Amazon blurb is shared: “Levine examines the private surveillance business that powers tech-industry giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, revealing how these companies spy on their users for profit, all while doing double duty as military and intelligence contractors. Levine shows that the military and Silicon Valley are effectively inseparable: a military-digital complex that permeates everything connected to the internet, even coopting and weaponizing the antigovernment privacy movement that sprang up in the wake of Edward Snowden.” Read more... https://benjamindavidsteele.wordpress.com/tag/lawrence-preston-gise/
  4. oddsnsods

    Is society being sabotaged?

    The Same guy who invited the Mcanns over for dinner in Portugal yeah Muir & the Paedestas in the same area. All part of the same Sabbatean cult surely.. I am starting to strongly suspect the recent Tarantino movie "once apon a time in Hollywood" is pointing towards the Sharon Tate Mason thing being a psyop. Strong evidence for Manson being an actor, not really in max security. Polanski is most definitely a Satanist.
  5. oddsnsods

    Is society being sabotaged?

    I was reading this the other day is related. France likes to protect its Jewish passionate paedo's. France's César Academy board quits en masse amid Polanski row
  6. oddsnsods

    Why I lean towards the right wing

    Yes, Left or right farmyard polytricks are constantly feeding the other, working towards the same goal. Fascism, socialism, both control freak statist agenda. Tavistock LGBT, Greta xtinction, BBC, constant extremist antifa-fascist identity crap shoved down your throat, knife epidemic..perfect shitstorm. Is surely designed to piss off any half sane person & send them to the right. Look at Boris Brexit with Labour voters. Terry May blatant Marxist drag queen. Corbyn perceived as extreme, turned out to be a total owned pussy. The wolf in sheeps clothing, London school of economics Fabians. George Soros the right believe is a leftist & not just an agent of chaos. Communism set up by Wall Street. Hitler military intelligence. Mussolini was also a socialist. Order out of chaos.
  7. oddsnsods

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    Bugger Boris! What Nat Rothschild said.
  8. oddsnsods

    Eugenics? No, It's More You Mentalist!

    I havent found much dirt on this guy, cept he go's to white nationalist talks & an article about praising Trump winning the election & loves to promote the IQ race thing. The neo Nazi alt right & most cons would love him & have same views about single mothers on the dole. Its one extreme to the other, Corbynista & Borist Gump. Both boiling the frog for full totalitarianism boot stomping.. I bet the majority of Jews wont say shit about Nazis in the conservative party..coz its their kind of Nazi. Just like Israel Jew only marriage breeding program.🤫
  9. oddsnsods

    Eugenics? No, It's More You Mentalist!

    Yup once GR on the sniff he soon fucked off sharpish.
  10. oddsnsods

    How to wake up the masses?

    As well as those who are not meant to be woken. Karmic laws n shit.
  11. oddsnsods

    How to wake up the masses?

    **Exterminate, Exterminate.**
  12. oddsnsods

    Normalization of the guillotine

    Their idea of transhuman androidanist heaven on earth is definitely not mine, so I personally wouldn't care for the chop either...that or Corona bring it on im done with this hell hole. My bad, didnt mean to go full depressant.🙊
  13. oddsnsods

    Normalization of the guillotine

    Trump has repeatedly called for the death penalty for anti semites..
  14. oddsnsods

    Eugenics? No, It's More You Mentalist!

    Selective breeding is a dangerous road. This guy is a good example of the kind of sociopath society would demand. Soon they will have a chip to go full droid.
  15. Silly me, no obvious tinfoil psyop to make truthers look completely bonkers, Its the holographic Matrix projection that reverses the stars when you change hemispheres. Its all an illusion.🤑 The miniature Sun that wouldn't actually set on the FE model, but would fade into the distance.. Or is that all being beamed into our cranium from the 5g Saturnian cosmic frequencies, bouncing off the spaceship moon that rings like a bell..NEIL ARMSTRONG told me.