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  1. oddsnsods

    Should I buy gym membership now?

    Work out in your cell like Bronson.
  2. oddsnsods

    Is human papilomavirus really dangerous?

    They have a vaccine for that....
  3. oddsnsods

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Im starting to take this theory serious, just dont see a lot of animals dying. But then are a lot of humans really dying right now, im not convinced. I have recently had hot flushes & felt like I am being radiated. Almost like a toned down DEW. Only happens at certain times when I am at home. Then I had cold symptoms & have noticed lots of people with coughs since. Hard to believe anything right now, accept we are being lied to.
  4. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    I get the eyedea..
  5. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    I dont know if he was a plant from the start but definitely done a 180 on 911.
  6. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    What do you have to say about Trumps attack on Boris Bam?
  7. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    Bolsonaro's going viral😨 They probably publicly vaccinate him first. Next to MMGW & Holohoax we now have cult of Covid1984.
  8. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    Coronavirus testing effort hampered by kits contaminated with Covid-19 One of the suppliers - the Luxembourg-based firm Eurofins - sent an email on Monday morning to government laboratories in the UK warning that a delivery of key components called “probes and primers” had been contaminated with coronavirus and would be delayed. The firm admitted there had been “an issue” and insisted other private providers had suffered the same problem. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/30/uks-attempt-ramp-coronavirus-testing-hindered-key-components/
  9. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    Bolsonaro seems the only one in this that talking sense & hes getting a roasting even from Trump whos dramatically changed his tune & now attacked Boris. So is like they are whipping them into shape now or perceived to be whipping them. In a few days theyll make an example of him I should imagine. The Coronavirus-Denial Movement Now Has a Leader
  10. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    Almost everyone turns out to be a decepticon.
  11. oddsnsods

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Trust the virus?
  12. oddsnsods

    Coronavirus is all fake

    Good video from Richie.👍 Fauci even admits its no worse than the flu.
  13. oddsnsods

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Question: Is Q telling anyone the plandemic is a scam we are being lied too?
  14. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    I posted a dumb stupid photo taking the piss...did not think for a second it represented you in any sense Pirate. Was dumb im sorry. Please we are in total meltdown right now, you should be onboard with this.
  15. oddsnsods

    coronavirus mega thread

    Get in line with the rest of the soup kitchen trolls, I dont have time for jokers right now.