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  1. oddsnsods

    Humor Thread

  2. oddsnsods

    The satanic conspiracy

    Shabbatai is the planet Saturn in Hebrew..why they have Saturday sabbath. (Shabat) Sabbatai Zevi born 1666 the original Zionist. They say he converted to Islam under force but he converted the Donmeh, Youngturks. Ruling Turks into his synagogue of Saturn! The Hexagon 666 & the planet Saturn with the hexagon cube. That was the return of their messiah who would lead them home & kicked off the Zionist movement. So we all know the Saudis & the Turks are all crypto or Satanic freemasons. I also find interesting the links from the Nazis with freemasonry & in particular Rudolf Sebottendorf a freemason who spent time in Turkey was big into Kabbalah & Sufism & lived with Jews. Basically the man behind the Swastika & maybe Talmudic white supremacy. So there you have it the Black sun & Black Sabbath all one big coincidence.🙈
  3. oddsnsods

    Rupert Murdoch, Fox Corp and News Corp

    Like David Icke or anyone on this forum doesnt know what Murdoch is about??🤡 But sometimes you need to quote mainstream media for legitimacy to non truthers as clarification or they wont take anything you say seriously & even sometimes Fox news. Its a form of counter propaganda FFS. Faux news reported Binladen Tim Osman kidney story. Faux news was also reporting about the Pentacon when the CCTV was released. Faux news reported the 5 dancing Israelis. Faux has had people tell the truth about the FED.
  4. oddsnsods

    The Trump, Israel, Russia alliance

  5. oddsnsods

    The Trump, Israel, Russia alliance

    I dont think for a second Brexit is going to be field of dreams, its been stooled for so long now & there isnt any real heroes in our favour. A world without borders is a lovely fairytale I might have bought into when I was a teen, but only a braindead moron would support whats happening now, after all the wars created in the Middle East & North Africa & yes EU wanted to charge 1 million for each refugee migrant we refuse. Statists will be statists & support the commie/fascist corpocracy. Thats what the EU represent IMF Bailouts, welfare state. I have never thought it would be a bundle of roses, but always hoped on a domino effect & if we pull out you will see a collapse, why else are they so desperate to keep stalling. You dont hear much about the bail outs now, like you did a few years ago. Sheeple have a very short memory. But I dont think & never have thought we will ever see a real Brexit, they have done so much to trash it. Unbelievable when I hear some idiot trying to claim its their agenda.💩 31st been & gone even tho yet again we had a puppet who claimed we would be leaving on that deadline deal or no deal! Its pitiful to even bother to take serious & have to listen to fools that cant see the fakery.
  6. Good post! Finders cult another Washington paedo ring cover up I learnt about a couple of weeks ago, never heard before. Along with Boystown & Pizza Gate is pretty damning what really go's on!!
  7. oddsnsods

    The Trump, Israel, Russia alliance

    Beware of agendists that continually promote the mainstream narrative of Fake News...like claiming Pizza gate has been debunked..or Brexit was a Russian/Israel job.🤡
  8. When someone is having a severe asthma attack, they rely on the spray to inject the dose into their lungs, so no definitely not everyone can use the eco dry powered stuff. Fact is the mega cargo ships carbon emissions totally obliterate anything we do on land. But you dont hear about this. Globalism is the main cause behind pollution, you wont hear them bringing that up. They would rather put a guilt trip on asthma sufferers.
  9. The media is claiming asthma inhalers have a bigger carbon footprint than eating meat. Is a new phase of conditioning. Voluntary Euthanasia & soilent green next nothing would surprise. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-50215011
  10. oddsnsods

    Oh shhhhiii- What ho, UK! ANOTHER vote is coming...

    You are not proving anything, like we all know on here playground 101 obvious, they control both sides & they infiltrate everything. Like they did using common purpose years before Brexit. Just coz you have a bunch of Jews who run Cambridge Analytica were involved in the Brexit campaign. You completely forget the biggest propaganda fear campaign in history without doubt & blatant anti democratic interference by Soros & co. I think you'll find that is actually standard M.O. these days for any election campaign to be successful with social media., just like your Barack Obama campaign used micro-targeting and data mining. Where is your evidence Israel or Russia governments were behind Brexit?? Using the same cringey strawman arguments that dont prove a thing... Is far from reality. Ill say again Brexit agendas are extremely complicated to say Israel or Russia were behind it is ridiculous..unless of course you get your "facts" from lamestream "Blame Russia" media hype & you obviously do or you wouldn't talk such nonsense. You have no clue about what happens in England or Europe. You get all your so called facts from lamestream propaganda rags. If you lived in England you wouldn't be talking complete nonsense. You are pro EU no borders, mass immigration..but of course have no agenda here do you. This comment just says exactly where you are at. :) ClownworldStrawmanVan said:
  11. oddsnsods

    Oh shhhhiii- What ho, UK! ANOTHER vote is coming...

    UKIP were a real threat to the establishment. The LibLabCon theatre was going to be toppled & they had no choice to call a referendum. Then relied on project fear to stop Brexit. The prime minister resigned the day after Brexit then they installed two more puppets. Boris is now doing his job well getting support from the Brexit lite cons. Project fear 2.0 constant threat of economic terrorism on their media 24/7. The Blairites are doing their job to keep Corbyn from ever getting in. Who was anti EU till he suddenly changed his tune. Like all other movements they infiltrate & take over. To say Israel is behind Brexit is ridiculous.😂 A foreigner talking nonsense about British politics again.
  12. oddsnsods

    Oh shhhhiii- What ho, UK! ANOTHER vote is coming...

    Jews were behind communism & National socialism. Adolf Hitler was a intelligence officer sent into the DAP. The NSDAP election campaign was funded by IG Farben. Doesnt mean there wasent a real movement in Germany at the time.
  13. oddsnsods

    Icke's View Of Homosexuality

    UK mom sues Tavistock children’s clinic over ‘misleading’ & ‘experimental’ gender change treatments Pharming the kids out. Total abuse. No agenda? Discuss!