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  1. Deaf to the bullshit

    The Reptilian Rub

    I like the theory of the snake being the good guy. I think who ever is running shit now are ultimately the same writers of the bible so it makes no difference if you believe in science or religion. And that's were the trick lies. Believing in others instead of yourself I reckon.
  2. Deaf to the bullshit

    All conspiracies are the conspiracy.

    What does it matter what anyone else is doing when the key to true contemplation, ultimately lies within all of us. The answers are inside all of us and none of the answers involve anyone's opinions or actions. Thats the trick I think. My motto in life is no fucks given. On the surface it sounds selfish but when you fully go with it, it's probably as far from selfish as you can get. So long as your true to your beliefs and know the difference between morality and legality, what ever anyone else thinks is irrelevant, so any opinion or action of another is easily brushed off with a no fucks given. Never tell anyone to do anything, and never ask someone to do something you wouldn't do yourself.
  3. Deaf to the bullshit

    The story in the bible telling of 5g.

    Why though?
  4. Deaf to the bullshit

    The story in the bible telling of 5g.

    5g in the bible? Sounds mad I know but work with me on this. Now please don’t slate me for not knowing this part but I’m no scholar, just a learner. So, there’s a story in the bible where the isralalites (apology’s, even spell check legged me there.) end up stuck outside a city they wanted to raid because of some big fuckoff walls. So “god” tells them to march round the walls with the arc of covenant and there music horns for 6 days. Then on the 7th day when all the Israelites were startin to think maybe god was mr miagi (maybe ??) he told them after there march they were to blow there horns. Well sure enough the walls crumbled. Now 5g was bein tested in my area, the reason why. Because I live in one of the most deprived areas in Liverpool and I’m going to guess a good 25% are on the rock an roll due to one sort or another of pharmaceutical induced form of illness or depression, so in all honesty if you think someone’s already a bit fucked, if they get fucked up any more then they can just say that’s the illness not the 5g. Even though the building which had 4 big rocket towers is now nothing but rubble. At first I thought it was a simple case of disposing of evidence. More testing of equipment I think. One more thing to chew ya head with on 5g. So this 5g basically when it turns up to 9 it turns the sky and anything under it into a microwave and the government seem intent on filling you with metal from the day your born. Now anyone remember the first thing you were told as a kid about a microwave and what not to put in it? And we allow the powers that be to do this to us. When your awake. You don’t half see just how brainwashed everyone else has become. Peace out
  5. Deaf to the bullshit

    Fighting me demons with creativity

    Hope you like me poem about the devil. He plants a seed to germinate, he takes great pleasure in watching it pollenate. He will take your thoughts and begin to regurgitate, he will take away your ability to concentrate. He will make you think he’s your best mate, while all along he will isolate and entice hate. He will then hang you out to try as a reprobate, then you skate straight to the doctor to medicate. He will infiltrate and imitate, casing man to intimidate, But you have the 38 to beat the hate, you have the ability to debate not dictate We need people to congregate and communicate, not to berate, overrate and alienate. You could emigrate from the irate, learn to compensate, even rehabilitate. You could meditate, or better yet self medicate. So on that date at the big pearly gate, is your slate gonna read nothing but hate? Just remember he can not create only recreate. So never imitate, and always strive to innovate.
  6. Deaf to the bullshit

    Why can’t I stop taking drugs

    Society says drugs are wrong. But so long as I am enabling myself and no one gets hurt. What’s the problem? And why the war on drugs. Why not have a war on famine and homelessness
  7. Deaf to the bullshit

    A world without money.

    Peoples problems ultimately are caused by lack of money. Whether through bad management or choices. Without the constraints of having to find money why do you feel these people would be so desolate in a world without money, only options
  8. Deaf to the bullshit

    A world without money.

    Everything you need is already here. Your just not allowed to have it due to the way society holds money King.
  9. Deaf to the bullshit

    A world without money.

    Still feels globalised. And I still think it could be simplified still. No government is needed. No army is needed, just the community coming together to share skills. Buildings are worthless. And the grand houses owned by the 1% won't want to be lived in by them when servants will no longer be working for them and will become community buildings like they should be.
  10. Deaf to the bullshit

    Making Mental Illness Fashionable?

    I agree. I was under the illusion I was depressed for over 10yrs. I seemed content for years to just dose myself up to be content with a life I wasn't happy with. In the end the thing that stopped me being depressed was me. It was me who said nah fuck this. It was me that made the effort to change. Life's no bed of roses now but I know no ones life ever is always flying. so long as you are happy in yourself no shit the world throws at you will ever stick. so no fucks given
  11. Deaf to the bullshit

    The Apollo landings - explain this

    If you had a mate who claimed he had been to the moon 6 times till another mate discovered something that has prevented him getting there again. Why would you believe him? But because it's nasa people just keep lapping the ever expanding bs they like to show.
  12. Deaf to the bullshit

    A world without money.

    It can't be done.... Well I think it can. We all know now how the 1% are tricking us about everything in life now and the chains they wrap us in ultimately end up being money. Here's a thing. We waste 50% of what we produce, or in other words we are working twice as hard as what we need to. Now what if we were to wake up tomorrow and there would be no more money. It just didn't exist but you are asked to do what you do now, only half the hours, This is were people think my plan would just crumble as everyone seems to think, no one would do anything for some reason. but why would people not just be happy to work less and spend more time with family. The sooner we adopt this change the quicker the brainwashing of the masses will end due to the end of the education system as we know it. Children should be taught by family not schools and can be when there are no bills to pay forcing both parents to work. The infrastructure is already in place to not have to pay for power and travel, Then the next generation are able to find an occupation that enables the full potential of that person to flourish. A world without money is also a world virtually free of crime. Why would a drug dealer sell drugs if there was no money to be made, why rob when you don't need to. It sounds outrageous but that's just another trick the elite have mastered. Getting everyone to blame everyone else but there captors. Thanks for the read. I'm not a writer so any ideas or questions please fire away. Because this could be done so easy and it could be so good for the next generations to come.