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  1. No, not really. It is what it is. Thanks for asking though.
  2. OK, the point of this is to show the slightly falling behind demographic that is reflected on this forum how some of the truly informed view the media and Government.. Not necessarily about the content of the report, or where it is sourced. It's about the comment section after the video.... please open it up in YouTube and read the comments section...... That should be this forum, but it's not. I love reading a comment section and thinking "I don't need to add a goddamn thing here......". And that's about it. Look at the awareness in those posts. That's a reflection of how people's minds are working, how truly awake people are and how they just are there to poke fun at the horrible attempt at media spin. I saw the comments under a Meghan and Harry moving to Canada video.... priceless! The world is waking up all around us. I think for the most part it's a better fit for me than this place is. So no grand pronouncements or anything, and I'll retain my membership just because... but it is what it is.
  3. Local [politics is irrelevant to anyone outside of the constituency, but you just said that in so many words. This site has a decidedly "British" POV that is essentially irrelevant to the rest to the world. I'm just stating fact..... and the point is, we need to move past the day to day stories in the media and break the control the media has on our minds. That's not being accomplished if we are posting about local politics and about someone who constantly says one thing while doing another -- shouldn't we all be wiser to politics and media manipulation than by what is presented on this forum?? I'll go with a big hearty YES. That's also what I meant be this forum has "regressed". It's like it's gone backwards to a time when the media was just so important and we took everything at face value. It's a different world.
  4. I just gave one to ink...... Oh... oops.... caught me in a lie. I guess I do have more likes. I mean... I did, but I'm for SURE out of them now. Honest.
  5. Yeah, probably. But once again, I'm all outta likes. Just imagine the big trophy thanks.... there you go. All better? And x 2 when you reach the 6000 post plateau.... sometime later today.
  6. ronisron

    Terry Jones conspiracy..

    He was a funny man. I always remember the disgusting sketch from The Meaning of Life where he was the hideous, fat glutton who overate and kept vomiting everywhere. "I'll have the lot...."
  7. I don't think you're a mason, you seem to have a back to the land, hands-on mentality IMO. I've never associated anything you've posted with being Masonic. I wouldn't look for that anyway. I remember kigsmason, and like I said there was grand secretary, who didn't seem to care who knew what. He was OK, he brought some good insight to the forum.
  8. That's just too much information.... Listen; you may not like this, but it's for your own good. I've already made the decision for you. You do NOT need to read their posts, most of it is drivel, and they rarely actually post anything TBH, it's just inanity, then they tend to quote from some texts that make little sense.... I can't ... give... you... the .... NAME!! j/k And that's a good stance to take, very positive.
  9. Oh, so you will make many posts, and then I could take them all and edit them into one, fairly large, coherent post? Thanks... That's just it. In the case of the boy who went missing in the '50's, he was two, he had to have traversed land that Les Stroud found challenging if he was alone. 18 miles of foot travel, to go what was 12 miles in a straight line from where he was last seen. Some people are speculating anything from Government abduction, alien abduction, natural vortices or vortexes, wormholes, sasquatch, Thunderbirds.... but it's all over the map. There was a case from Switzerland I wish I could find... a young man went there on a ski trip, walking from one bar to another, and vanished. Gone. I believe all they found was his boots, and when his friends tried to call his phone, they heard "whooshing" sounds like he was being whisked through the air at high speed, and this characteristic has come up in a couple of other stories as well. Beyond Paulides obvious posturing, there is something very strange happening, and it's not easy to figure out.
  10. Or Forum Talent. Sorry ink, not trying to make your job harder, it was your thread that got me thinking.... But in keeping with the theme; An oldie but a goodie....
  11. Sure thing muir, big symbolic trophy thanks to you, and another when you hit 6000 posts. I guess I'm not seeing this thread the right way... it is better than the majority of the "Jew" related threads.
  12. That's easily worth three likes and a big thank you.... but like I said, all out of 'em. But this is for you for the fine post from 15 minutes ago.....
  13. Whoa, take it easy.... That's a reasonable answer, The Apprentice is a title for a Mason. I don't know if any masons would just jump right up and answer if you did post it, like I said, there was just the one proud Mason on the old DIF. (The bolded; I didn't even come close to suggesting you were that person -- I'm not going to say, but why don't you take a stab at who you think it is? Just for fun, drop a name...)
  14. [heavysarcasm] I agree, this is easily one of the most eye opening and informative threads I've seen on here! What a relief it is to find such a bright spot...[/heavysarcasm] Oh and the above is not necessarily "ass kissing", it's an attempt to help to "polish a turd". And it's not a very good attempt. Sorry, I'm all outta likes...
  15. Oh my goodness, that is shocking..... Not worth a like but it is worth a laugh, and look at you! You fit right in. Good for you.