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  1. ronisron

    Is This Website An Electronic Holding Pen And/Or A Honey Pot?

    The definition is very nice but still doesn't apply to very many on this board, if any at all. You're just off base, that's all. The system has all kinds of loopholes in it and it is fallible, because it tends to take a one size fits all approach to herd management. In many ways it's an outdated model, it can be exploited. Do I think they are really good at the game? Absolutely, but it's the same old game. All of this has been considered, people's ability to disseminate and separate the wheat from the chaff is getting better all the time. With the internet people are able to discuss and dissect bullshit much quicker these days. And there's folks like you are trying to come in and point things like this out, as though no one thought of it already. It's tired. This was effective oh.... 5-6 years ago, Not anymore. But you're more than welcome in spite of your obvious "Personality quirks". Which trough do you eat from?
  2. ronisron

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Folks, without wanting to get too deep into it, Q is a LAARP started by guys at 4Chan and 8Chan. It's very well done, but the whole "JFK jr is still alive, in hiding and being protected by Trump until such time he can reappear and take his rightful place as President " was ridiculous. The people who fall for it are the same people who can't possibly grasp that Snowden is a media creation. I know it looked like the folks behind the Trump were all for it and the free hype it was providing. There's probably some excellent research behind it, so gleam what you can, but the Alex Jones style predictions of imminent reveal and collapse that never come true are to be avoided of course. Has anyone grasped that the US government, Canadian Government, British Government.... etc ad nauseum, are not valid? They are all about the presentation. They are barely a buffer between the corporations and us. Policy is not dictated by any governments any where. Whether you think it's reptilian aliens behind the scene, or demons... one thing is for sure is that there are some very negative "people", that are usually associated with certain families, that have conspired and worked for YEARS to put the "right" people in positions in law courts, governments, police services, child protective services, media and the education systems all over the planet. It's generally understood in theory, but not in practice. And it doesn't matter what most understand or accept, because that stage of the game is complete. We're on our own. You can choose to waste your time on bread crumbs from this Q thing or anything associated with the news media in general, but it's not doing you any good. Move on from these old models, they are corrupted at the source. Part of you knows this, inherently. So stop denying it to the rest of yourself. Move on, find a new hobby. Take up astronomy, or gardening. Q is not really what it pretends to be. Let it go. The media is and always has wanted you to think a certain way, That's what it is for. Think for yourself.
  3. I remember when Ms came in. Oh the controversy! "Well Miss Smith..." " That would be MS Smith, if you please!" Same woman though. Just a Ms now. Mx, eh? I think I'm going to revert to X. Just X. I can see it now.... "Excuse me...Sir?? Mr Ron??" X replies, "That would be X, if you please!" Same Ron though. Just an X now.
  4. ronisron

    The Apollo landings - explain this

    And you know this how? Because of what someone said about the Van Allen belt? I don't doubt there are ways of getting there or somewhere else that don't involve the use of big clunky rockets or space shuttles. Those are probably upper atmosphere type things like the "space station". If you take a look at Macchu Picchu, and other ancient sites with evidence of structures in line with constellations, precision cut stones that way 1100 tons , paeans to planets and Gods, you know there is a much bigger picture and story there. We've been around a lot longer than the 50 odd year old "Apollo" space program, but always seem to have had knowledge of stars, planets, galaxies and evidentially have had access to technology that we don't readily have access to today. It doesn't mean someone doesn't have it hidden from us, and use it as they see fit. It may just be that they created the illusion of a whole space program with obvious flaws to keep people yapping about the wrong things for... oh, 50 odd years. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Or carry on as you will. Whatever works for you.
  5. ronisron

    Sleep paralysis

    I was kind of freaked by it. But as I was reading it back I had a new perspective on it. Maybe I was a little harsh, screaming "Get the fuck out of my room!!" at it. Perhaps it just happened to be passing through, observed me while I was asleep. Then I woke to it, it was all "Hey there human", all love and light, and I'm screaming at it, not happy to see it.....just a full out rejection of it's happy vibe. I guess I'm just one of those quick to violence, "get mah GUN!!" types. I blew it. But on second thought... WTF did it expect? I'm half asleep, can't move, it's in my room looking at me like I'm amusing it somehow.... yeah, GTFO here suffices. I'm human, it's how some of us roll.
  6. ronisron

    Is This Website An Electronic Holding Pen And/Or A Honey Pot?

    Oh FFS... "disciples".... "teachings"??? This isn't a church meeting. David is a researcher and a journalist. He also has for the past @ 20 years, offered a forum for like minded people to meet up and discuss their version of what's going on in the world. Anything and everything can be discussed here under certain rules and guidelines as laid out by the people who made the site. Just have to use a little tact. It's not about changing the world from a forum, but you have sorely and widely missed the point if you don't understand that thought precedes action and changing the way some people think is a great thing. Changing perspectives one mind at a time is not bad progress, if someone can read something articulated here, or on YouTube comments, Yahoo comments that is articulated in such a way that it changes how they see a certain subject, it is changing the world. The internet can spread a message that has the potential to be read by a lot of people. I have seen a change in the things that people discuss and ideas they are willing to entertain. I doubt very much that this forum has influenced too much of that, but the site's namesake definitely has. He's a respected "nutter" now, and he definitely draws people to his events to hear him speak, he has definitely opened a lot of people up to a new way of seeing things. Icke's reporting on pedophilia has opened a lot of eyes to it, bloodline rule, banking cartels, MIC, wars.... assassinations, he's a one stop shop for a different perspective, None of his stuff has become religious tenets or gospels, but they are great leaping off points for discussion. This forum has definitely changed a few minds, and that in effect is changing the world. It is what it is. I guess those who don't see that, aren't getting it, or aren't a part of it. Don't feel awakened? That's on you. Not everyone is going to be.
  7. ronisron


    Thank you. I don't underestimate the power of prayer, or sending positive energy towards something. Not at all. It's important. I don't contribute to many of the things that the powers that be want me to, I avoid their media, and smart devices, their sexuality based and climate agendas, all those kinds of things. I encourage and support positive interaction with like minded people and tend to quickly divert myself and energy away from people who are seemingly very consumed by negative influence. Some people love to propagate misery, and look to pull people down rather than trying to climb up and out of whatever they are in. I can't say I would ever line up for microchipping, but I couldn't do anything about it if it was administered to me while I was completely unaware. I liked the info you posted about magnets and this Saturday I'm just going to peruse my local hardware store... it can't hurt. Thanks for the body map of useful places to attach them. I have a nagging feeling about the area under my ears, just behind my jaw. And possibly on my hernia repair.... Now I can take care of it.
  8. ronisron


    OK, read it! There's some really nice things in this thread, it's optimistic, great survival and food growing tips, I believe there will be some kind of staged, 3D holographic projection of some sort -- Jesus, alien ships, asteroid -- but it seems they are vacillating with that stuff, they should have already launched some of this.They have, launched some obvious things like 9/11, the escalation of conflict, especially in the Middle East, but a lot of their recent actions seem reactionary to what's going on. There seems to be some panic about the changes we are experiencing that they can't control. There is resistance to their recent attempts, and I think they have always been under some kind of time constraint. Perhaps like young people they thought a certain age would be plenty of time to do whatever they wanted, but the Age of Pisces is ending and the Age of Aquarius is dawning and these things occur universally. They really take no influence from someone on earth. They move of their own volition. There is definitely some significance to the coming age and end of the previous. Trump though.... I'll just suggest I'm old enough to remember negative press about Don and his dad from the '70's, I remember Trump talking about potentially running for President as far back as @ 1978, I remember his wife's book, reports from former employees and tenants, Sammy "The Bull" Gravano's book detailed dealing with Trump and this is not far fetched -- The organized crime have always controlled construction and associated unions in New York/New Jersey where Trump built his real estate holdings. That's just "doing Business". His association with Epstein came about a long time before running for President as well.... Trump as savior I swear came from a realization that people had but couldn't come to grips with, that the Government of the US is a lost cause when your "choices" were Hillary and Trump. Of course the whole Q LARP took things to another level, but that's still no excuse for what amounts to willful cognitive dissonance and ignorance to truth. There's no government saviors, the game is controlled, it's rigged. The powers we believe a President has are not valid, and tend to be gleamed from propaganda more than actual fact. Trump is not the most powerful man in the world, the aforementioned Lyor Cohen probably has more literal power than Trump, the Rockefellers can still tell Trump what to do and so can the Rothschilds. He relies on shaky banking practices and always has. Yeah, the Trump thing was a drawback here for me, I have to be honest. So I will take the good, and the interesting from the above but I'll leave some of it where it is. Thanks very much for your hard work and contribution.
  9. ronisron


    Wow. This is an awesome thread on first glance, I just skimmed the first page and part of the second, but it all looks very nice. I just wanted to comment quickly and say excellent work so far, nice visuals and it's very clearly stated, so far very positive. Good stuff brother. I have to go to work but will kick back and give this an honest read later.
  10. ronisron


    It may be causing problems for some, but I'm all for it. He's an important historical figure that was made into a deity and became a front for a religious order, where he was ascribed many attributes of previous religious figures. It obscured the history. Icke also got into some decent research about the origins of Christianity but seems to have lost the plot about him being based on a real person. I like the research, and I like the dot connecting done by all the above I mentioned. The Dead Sea scrolls and Nag Hammadi verses, the writings of Romans, all of it has to be considered. A really big point is the continued destruction and ongoing genocide of the people in the region that Jesus helped to defend from the Roman invasion, and why it was called Israel, and how this ties in to Zionists in England, who were formerly Romans. There's a picture emerging from this. To believe Ellis, you have to believe he wasn't viciously executed in front of his people. That's a tipping point.
  11. ronisron


    I like the theory, but I don't agree with all of it. The research he's done isn't as exacting as it's made out to be, it's all assumption based on connecting the dots, but some of those dots are still open to interpretation. I hope that's not too vague. Like I mentioned his work is a LOT like a combination of the Holy Blood, Holy Grail theory, and the story of Jesus as told by the Mormons, very similar research, or proof is offered up in both instances. There is also a great theory that Jesus was a Magi, and leader of a phallus worshiping, psyilocibin mushroom cult. Research and proof for that too, inclusion of the Dead Sea scrolls for instance. There's lots of different theories, with their own proof to back it up. I am of the mind that he was a leader in battle against the Romans, I fully believe it, but also believe his origins to be more Persian than Egyptian. I'm not sure about his being a member of a secret society, but I do understand why it's floated about, and it does make sense. Jesus has been ascribed Piscean attributes, and framed in that Vescica because the rise of Christianity is linked to the beginnings of the Age of Pisces. That Vescica shape is also the age old symbol for the womb, or vagina. We're now coming to the end of that era and moving into the Age of Aquarius. .There is a belief that the Piscean epoch was of negative energy, and the Age of Aquarius has us re-entering a positive phase of the Precession. It's the end of negative rule on our planet by negative forces... could be why the PTB are trying to do as much damage as they can, perhaps this awakening we are having is being triggered by this process. Also, Arthur's mythological reign began in 5th century into the 6th. A man named David Carroll has a book written that claims Arthur is based on Arturiis, son of Scottish King Aiden. He is offering $50,000 to anyone who can debunk the proof he has compiled. https://www.historyextra.com/period/early-medieval/king-arthur-real-who-why-solve-mystery/ Arthur has also been said to be based on a Roman war officer who staved off a Saxon invasion. Symbols of astrological origin are often placed in paintings or renditions of famous historical figures. Merlin is also said to be based on a real person, as are Guinevere and Lancelot, none of them religious or Royal. If you like Ellis, I can understand why. I do like theories that are backed up by research. I oike some of the story, but not all of it. Jesus' death was just as important as his life. It's why he was killed and who he was in the region at that time that is important, and I don't think those particulars have been ascertained. Also His death was written about by a Roman leader, who may have attended the execution. The Romans wouldn't have let someone who caused them so much grief just be exiled to a beautiful temple/prison in the British countryside. I have a hard time believing that. But Ellis referring to Blake's poem was great. I do believe that the real Jerusalem is in England, and that England is actually Israel. Blake's poem is an anthem for the true Israel. World Sabatean Zionist headquarters.
  12. I'm sure it's happening, but it's ridiculous, and the people attempting to enforce it this way are obviously not caring about how absurd it is, this is all part of pushing an agenda. An agenda that they hope will lead to people looking the other way and just accepting this ridiculous, scientifically unprovable theory of multiple genders.. NEVER in our history has there been more than 2 genders and occasionally intersex people, NEVER. And it isn't happening now either. Not in any real way. This is why it's being FORCED on people. Why? So that when these freaky, dysfunctional twisted people who wipe reports of pedophilia from police records, or don't portray the full extent of child abuse, abduction and sexual assault in the media, or restrict police from investigating, or punish parents for asking too many questions, or try to create laws based around this "reality" of multiple genders and enforced gender fluidity......When they begin trying to openly take your kids for the purposes of Sexual Reeducation from the harmful stereotypes that heterosexual families propagate, it will just be right and acceptable and no one will say or do anything while they openly assault your children in these places as a form of punishment or conditioning. As usual, it's all about fucking your children. This is what happens in the end times as predicted, the "collapse" of a civilization. It's not our collapse, it's the collapse of the ruling class and the desperation they resort to as they try to drag as many down with them as they can before it is too late for them. Don't play along, stay the course, now would be the time to fight. Pay attention to the local groups who are organizing and offer support. Guaranteed the above will not just disappear and folks will go quietly. Even if it isn't just some sort of publicity stunt the media is using to show how strong and accepted this issue is. Either or, it's a joke, it's a lie, it is desperate weirdos and their final push. Push back.
  13. That is absurd. Teachers are a weird group, every year there is a new agenda, a new directive, some adapt quicker to these things and love to enforce them. I'm sure the above idiot is a strict "no hats in school - no gum chewing - no flinching during national anthem" type and loves to go at and write the kids up who go against these sacred rules. So the parents need to pick up the slack and correct these latest kinds of errors with their children. "No son, you are right. It's just an agenda that shall pass in two years or so, keep using the boys washroom....." Nature dictates the terms to us, not the other way around. This is such a simple thing to dismiss, because it's ridiculous. One of those "Oh, they've gone too far with this one..." things, like the attempt to normalize pedophilia, ooh, that is going to create a massive backlash. I saw earlier in this thread someone quoted the BBC for their current list of genders... first off LOL!! and secondly, and this is not aimed at that poster directly, it's for everyone; The BBC is not a reflection of what really goes on in the world, and that info is not to inform people, it is an attempt to steer the way people think. That is their role. I understand it's an addiction of sorts to be so attached to the media, but you will never be able to think for yourself when you are allowing them to control the way you think. Stop paying attention to the fucking BBC!!! The fine folks who brought you Jimmy Savile and covered up his actions, and who lie to you about the realities of war and lives of innocent people in other countries, about Climate Change, Global Warming and now how many genders human beings have..... etc. It's simple math. 1+1 = 2. That's a straight fucking line, you need another coordinate to make a triangle there. Folks.... please.
  14. ronisron

    USA Weather

    The weather in Western Canada has been nasty. Very early winter, snow everywhere. I would venture it's going to be a very messy, long winter for much of us, as a result of the number of massive volcanic eruptions that have been happening world wide for the last 7-8 years. The ash and dust blocks out the sun's effective refraction, and the temperature drops. I don't know if people are into historical weather records, but these things come and go in cycles. There have been early winter weather, droughts, over heating -- the 1930's during the depression in North America, there are heat records that still stand, followed by temperature drops that do as well. In 1962 in England, massive snow bomb hit, freezing temperatures, records that still stand. Heat waves that predate air conditioning where people perished, cold snaps, intense flooding. We lived near a lake when I was a child, beach frontage, we had a flood I can remember where our lake rose upwards of 8 feet after a prolonged period of rain, washing out a bridge, closing roads, luckily lots of people had water craft. This would have been 1971 - ish. I was 4 or 5. It's not being dismissive about what's going on, but it is about being informed and not getting caught up in hype. Nature has it's own course outside of us and what we do. We should be more environmentally conscious and use cleaner energy sources, but you can thank the twisted PTB who make MONEY off of toxic energy sources and have created automobiles, air pollution, adding things to food that don't need to be there, dumping of industrial waste.... I didn't make any automobiles, and I've NEVER owned one. I ride a bicycle, walk or use public transit. I'm all for the cleaner energy alternatives that have always been there, but I/you/we don't make those decisions, they are made for us. WE are not the issue. I certainly didn't suggest that they attempt global engineering either, it seems to have a hand in creating catastrophe as well. Some things in nature we can't control and thre are most certainly precedents for the weather issues we see now. We are subject to the whims of nature, we are all very small in the eye of a hurricane or the force of a tornado. That's just the way it is. As for the rest, madmen dictate the terms, we can do away with their influence and shut them down through civil disobedience and a cohesive, direct plan for action that everyone is willing to follow. There's a problem there though, isn't there? Yes. People are by and large hypnotized, distracted, and generally rendered ineffective. It is what it is. Let me know when folks are ready to give it up and get it on. I'm on board.
  15. ronisron

    Tony Blair Institute for Global Change!

    Whatsoever do you mean? How is one supposed to react to pictures of Tony Blair, along with a pic of Charles wearing a table cloth and the caption says "sword dance" while he's surrounding by a group of crypto Jewish men wearing the same table cloths? Dubya Bush leaning in for a kiss on the lips? Talking about "Global Change" which is short form for "We've got to shut these fuckers up and shut down the flow of info before it's too late..." ?? These absolutely trigger my inner SJW. I have no choice but to point out the absurdity of these folks, because the reality of them is horrible. And you know what? I'm quite sure they are really offended by being laughed at rather than feared. Just look at them, who wouldn't want to just boot Blair in the 'nads? You'd extend your hand, all friendly-like and say "Wow Tony Blair!" and right while he's beginning to revel in your awe, retract the hand he's reaching for and "BOOT"... just like that. While he's sinking to the floor gasping and crying... THAT is comedy. Straight guerilla theatre. It's be a 5 second clip you'd rewind again and again, thumbs up, subscribe to the channel. They're fair game.