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  1. ronisron

    Music You Like

    Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London "Huh... I'd like to meet his tailor"
  2. ronisron

    Music You Like

    One of Canada's greatest musical exports, The Band. Don't Do It live.
  3. One more... this is one of my favorite bits, and one of the first that a good friend of mine turned me on to in my early 20's in the early '90's. It's a bit called "Adolf Hitler and the MCA", and how Hitler was put in place by a casting agency that was looking for just the right candidate for the job. Please note, he refers to Hitler's last name as being Schickelgruber -- which was Hitler's grandmother's last name. Hitler's grandmother had an affair with Lionel DeRothschild which produced Alois, Hitler's father.
  4. This is from a Lenny Bruce TV special in 1959... that is over sixty years ago. This whole special was about poking fun of media manipulation. This is Lenny referencing several newspapers referring to the same story but none of them saying the same thing.
  5. Another excellent documentary from one of my favorite online documentary filmmakers. This video asks the question of if the Smithsonian has seized and hidden artifacts that conflict with the accepted version of history;
  6. ronisron

    Music You Like

    Ohhh.... Jesus I put on the Nick Drake song and scrolled down and read RIP Neil Peart.... I'm in tears.... he was my tortured, late brother's hero, he absolutely loved Rush, I absorbed them by proxy.... brain cancer.... he never said a thing and played like a monster on their last tour while battling a massive foot infection and other ailments. I never get bothered by this stuff, it just caught me off guard and I'm saying goodbye to my brother all over again. I felt that way when I watched their excellent documentary and thought my brother would have loved it. Oh boy.... Here's two for Neil, his autobiographical tune, and one of the nicest songs ever written.... Limelight And.... Closer To The Heart The finest rock drummer ever..... 😢
  7. ronisron

    Music You Like

    This is for fans of classic Black Sabbath. I've never seen this footage in it's entirety before, but there it was in my "Recommended For Me". This is an absolutely rocking set played live on the Don Kirshner's Rock Concert series from 1975. Great mini set list 1. Killing Yourself To Live 2. Hole In The Sky 3. Snowblind 4. War Pigs 5. Paranoid (played at "cocaine" speed)
  8. ronisron

    Music You Like

    I found this in my "Recommended" on YouTube, and I had no idea these guys were from England either, I thought they were Middle American types.
  9. ronisron

    Programmed to Kill/ Satanic Cover Up

    Latest video from Patrick concerns the McMartin PreSchool incident;
  10. ronisron

    Music You Like

    This is a song by a Canadian band called Trooper. They wrote some very catchy pop songs and were probably worthy of more international acclaim, but it just didn't go that way for them. A lot of great songs though. Great lyrics too. General Hand Grenade......
  11. ronisron

    Music You Like

    Michael used to be a child prodigy and considered a genius prior to all the freaky stuff going down. He was raised horribly and sexually abused in the industry, his dad sold him up the river like a child prostitute..... and it's rumored he was chemically castrated to be castrati. He was talented though. He used to hum all the parts to the musicians and tap out drum patterns for the drummers, all of it was in his head. Songs like "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and "Shake Your Body" were in demo form with Michael playing most of the instruments and scatting the parts he couldn't play. Welcome to the entertainment business. You have figured me out!! Oh well, I guess I'll leave and come back as someone else. ronwasron. No one will get it. My avatar will be Chairman Mao, 'cause I ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow. Dave Grohl? I'm not fan. I thought he was great in Nirvana though. Good drummer. He benefited greatly from Cobain's death, and that was no suicide. It was another "Welcome to the entertainment business!" deal.
  12. ronisron

    Music You Like

    Desire is an awesome record. "Sister" is haunting, and "Isis" is awesome. I once had Dylan as an avatar for a minute until I settled on Jimi. I was gone at by no less than five different posters for "having a Jew as an avatar", I must be associated with such and such..... ya know? It's Bob Dylan. That's all. I had one of the most impactful, profound experiences as a young man and musician just kicking back and listening to the album "Bringing It All Back Home" for the first time. His good stuff is really great, and I could care less if he's a Jew, or if he sold his soul... no one in the business is exempt. I think with all of it you have to separate the artist from the art, all they are is a vessel for inspiration.
  13. ronisron

    Music You Like

    I thought I posted this last night........ I'll try again. Bob Dylan, Tangled Up In Blue, a masterpiece of songwriting.
  14. ronisron

    Music You Like

    I'm just not a big fan of Tool, but I caught this on my YouTube home page and thought "*sigh* Why not?" It's one of his side projects called Puscifer, and it was performed live on Letterman. Really weird and cool at the same time. "The Conditions of My Parole".
  15. ronisron

    Lyrics for a song for the switched on people

    Can I make a suggestion? It's very negative so far. "We hate" isn't very catchy. You could say it all with an interesting instrumental that has a good groove, nice funky bass line, 4 on the floor, in the pocket drumming, and just say " *sigh* Donald Trump....." at key points. Call the song "Trumped" . Throw together a weird video that is very suggestive, splicing bits of the Simpson's. Jimmy Fallon messing up his hair, the smirk, a spot where you do sort of a stutter of the film where he is starting to say "F..." and do it about 6-8 times and let him complete it with what is clearly lip read as "F-F-F-F-F-F...Fake News". Along with some surreal, "Eraserhead"/"La Chien Andalou" type weirdness to unsettle folks. Just a thought. Here's a sort of template. You're welcome. That's free. "Travolta" by Mr Bungle