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  1. If their true origins, their crimes, and the absolute, selfish disregard they have for life on this planet become common knowledge there's not going to be too many cries for forgiveness. And it would be the beginning of the end of the whole cabal. You need to do a bit more research and give this some more thought. I'll bet your position changes a little bit more. You may begin to think a hefty fine is in order or something.
  2. Well there you go. Those are definitely interesting comments. The DIF attracts interesting people.
  3. My bad, you are not rapunzel, and not GCHQ either. However, you do seem to be an AI bot.... You have completely backtracked, but with a caveat; You think these folks should "step down", as though that forgives them for all the wonderful ways they have abused humanity through the years. It would have to be something better than that. Build them a special prison where it can house a few thousand of them and not comfortably. Build it on land that has been taken from third world nations and used for toxic dumping grounds that basically render these areas unlivable. Give them the basic necessities but otherwise let them fend for themselves. I'm sure they'd resort to eating each other in no time.
  4. That's actually a clever twist, but easily dismissed as well. Why weren't the Royals informed? Short answer? They didn't need to be informed, like attracts like, Jimmy did great work for them procuring children for them to abuse, torture, sacrifice and feed on at their disposal. RH-, "Royal Blood" indeed. It just means absence of primate DNA and long on Reptilian brain and DNA, which is why they inbreed like an isolated tribe to keep their bloodline "pure". They are human aberration and used Savile the same way that politicians did. The Royals "own" most of the land on this planet and that ugly bitch's face is on money all over the globe -- that message speaks volumes. In Canada, this is our 20 dollar bill.... and note the color..... That is a BIT much and it more than hints at a level of power that is beyond the old "figurehead" deal. Did I mention that she has sway over your military?? Ditto in Canada. She chose Col Russell Williams, serial rapist, murderer and snuff film maker as her personal pilot. "OMG!! Who didn't inform the Queen about this?? Who left her exposed??" Right? Am I close? You're not doing very well with this but I know it won't stop you. You would have to be one of them or hardcore GCHQ to play this kind of a game on the David Icke forum. And you are probably the person who played rapunzel at the old DIF. Right? Am I close? Go away, this isn't funny anymore.
  5. A heads up for you -- I wasn't having the discussion with you. AND.. lemon has different ideas. Hmmm...... Do I trust GR, who has shown poor judgment in the past or, the above with proof? I'll get back to you on that......
  6. ronisron

    Music You Like

    Michael used to be a child prodigy and considered a genius prior to all the freaky stuff going down. He was raised horribly and sexually abused in the industry, his dad sold him up the river like a child prostitute..... and it's rumored he was chemically castrated to be castrati. He was talented though. He used to hum all the parts to the musicians and tap out drum patterns for the drummers, all of it was in his head. Songs like "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and "Shake Your Body" were in demo form with Michael playing most of the instruments and scatting the parts he couldn't play. Welcome to the entertainment business. You have figured me out!! Oh well, I guess I'll leave and come back as someone else. ronwasron. No one will get it. My avatar will be Chairman Mao, 'cause I ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow. Dave Grohl? I'm not fan. I thought he was great in Nirvana though. Good drummer. He benefited greatly from Cobain's death, and that was no suicide. It was another "Welcome to the entertainment business!" deal.
  7. ronisron

    What is God?

    We need the answers, and they have to be simple. The above is another large equation that can be broken down to a lower denominator, not lower as in a lower frequency, or a "lesser", just a less amount of words to explain something simple. If the sun is Apollo, he can maneuver that chariot in the symbol of infinity every year. We know it's not a guy in a chariot and some big meathead is not holding the Earth on his shoulders. But we know what the sun is. Without it, we never were. None of this ever was. It's kind of tantamount to..... EVERYTHING we know. I used to entertain the idea that the Sun, or Lucifer, was an Angel of God, and that other Suns are just other Angels and light bringers. I'm still open to it, but we only know what we have here, everything else is speculative. What we have "here" is fueled and empowered and given life by the Sun. Right? In your experience has anything else ever been there? We are given to this life by the Sun of God. Massive electrical source. THE electric source. I'm sorry if that is boring, but I don't see it that way. It's still magic and beautiful, and wondrous, and hard to fathom.... but it requires no religion or science to explain it. It's right in our face.... just like everything else, we tend to miss the point of the simple and the obvious because It.Just.Can't.Be. That. Simple. The big light everyone sees when they die??? I have a feeling I know what it is. I also feel that some negative energies intercept you on the way there, and throw that energy back to the Earth so nothing ever goes directly to, or is able to come back from the sun. We need to be able to return, and fresh energy needs to come back. There's your reincarnation and all the rest right there. "I've had a past life!!" No, they like everyone else is living on recycled batteries. That's all. The idiots just launched a probe at it.... and there are currently simulator satellites that are in between us and the source, with LED reflectors -- Germany has admitted to using them over agriculture areas. They aren't very good for us. Probably worse than 5G in it's effect. Probably..... That's why we are stuck and unable to move forward. Round and round we go. Granted we are in a solar minimum, and there have been many volcanic eruptions over the last 10- 12 years -- which of course release massive amounts of CO2 and ash which hangs in the atmosphere and blocks out the sun, causing glaciation periods like what happened in the 1800's, and they may be necessary to sustain growing and all of the rest..... but I have a feeling that these LED reflectors have been up there for a while -- they were patented in the '60's -- and it's not to help with agriculture. It's blocking us from the source. I understand the above is a head full and probably bullshit to most, but it sure does explain a lot very quickly. I know it's simplified, but please, we are far too easily distracted by the possibilities of big words and theories..... We need to break it down. 2 over 1 = 1.
  8. ronisron

    Music You Like

    Desire is an awesome record. "Sister" is haunting, and "Isis" is awesome. I once had Dylan as an avatar for a minute until I settled on Jimi. I was gone at by no less than five different posters for "having a Jew as an avatar", I must be associated with such and such..... ya know? It's Bob Dylan. That's all. I had one of the most impactful, profound experiences as a young man and musician just kicking back and listening to the album "Bringing It All Back Home" for the first time. His good stuff is really great, and I could care less if he's a Jew, or if he sold his soul... no one in the business is exempt. I think with all of it you have to separate the artist from the art, all they are is a vessel for inspiration.
  9. ronisron

    What is God?

    So where do you think that we get our energy from?
  10. ronisron

    Music You Like

    I thought I posted this last night........ I'll try again. Bob Dylan, Tangled Up In Blue, a masterpiece of songwriting.
  11. Got to know? isn't that quaint. Jimmy remains the only civilian able to breeze by Palace security with a wave. Everyone that enters that place must be screened and vetted by security -- please understand the MI5 and MI6 are at the Royal family's disposal, as are the police, the military, the Freemasons, the Church... all of it. There is simply No.Fucking. Way that they didn't know what Jimmy 'was all about". Don't be so stupid. It's the Age of Information, you are either truly ignorant or are just feigning it which is worse, and you are either of those by choice. Yes all kinds are involved in what the Royal family has been part of for centuries, they've all got to go. Lets not ignore anyone here, but lets cut the head off the hydra while we're at it. These descendants of Dracula and Bathory have got to go. They are monsters and by association so are their "apologists". We'll just let your last word hang as is.
  12. ronisron

    What is God?

    I'm not an uninformed guy, I'm sorry if I gave that impression..... The Masons believe in Lucifer. Lucifer is another name for the Sun. The less than wonderful people in the world need the sun too, but they hate it for that reason. People don't like simplicity. They want it to be complicated. They want it to be 3, 950, 000, 000, 000 over 1, 975, 000, 000, 000....... Which is 2 over 1...... = 1
  13. What the fuck are you talking about? Yes, there's just some loose association with Savile, nothing to see here otherwise. Go away already, are you texting from the basement of Balmoral or something? The jig is up. I say string the fuckers up Mussolini style. Love and light!
  14. ronisron

    tyson fury wakes up

    There were rumors AJ was concussed in sparring previous to the fight. We'll see how he does this time around. He does not want to stand and trade with Ruiz in a fire fight, he has to fight "tall" and use his range. He has to box, use his jab and just jab the smaller man's head off and hope to set him up late. Ruiz is and has never been a joke, I was really taken aback when they replaced Miller with Ruiz. Nobody took him seriously. He had an outstanding amateur career, he's fundamentally very sound, he throws good combinations and has decent power. His only loss was a disputed one to Joseph Parker, most folks chalked it up to a "hometown" decision. Ruiz will be in better shape because he's had a proper training camp, but he'll just do the same thing he did last time, it's Joshua who has to execute a new game plan, come in with fire and have the cardio to do it over 12. I think Fury beats Joshua and so does Wilder. Joshua's career "arc" was steep and swift, and done so for a reason. The plan with any fighter is to make as much money as possible and then hope to get out relatively healthy. He has lots of opportunities outside the game as a businessman and from his notoriety as a boxer. I just love British fight fans, they forgive everything and stand behind their guy no matter what. All I have to say is "David Price". I think Josh Taylor is probably the best all around boxer in the UK right now, but I've always liked Ricky Burns. I have a soft spot for those guys who just work really hard and always show up. It is NOT an easy thing to do.
  15. ronisron

    What is God?

    You can believe what you want, but no interdimensional communication is happening for us without the sun. Because we wouldn't be here. Just think about it. Real simple. What is our God? No religion, blank your mind of it. No sci fi, no TV, no anything.... think about it. It's very simple. It was there, we are here, without it we never were, and nothing was. This whole thing we call a "universe" Does. Not. Exist. There is NOTHING. We made the religions, we made the movies, we have the ingrained beliefs..... and without the sun it all amounts to not.