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  1. I have never seen such a liar and dishonest person in my life. dude i live in turkey and you do not know anything about the turkey! I went out on the street in an attempted coup and defended my country against the coup. for democracy! It's better to die than to have a cia agent take over my country. Remember this, Erdogan is not a dictator, these slanders you say for our president years ago. We know that what is said is completely bragging, and that it is cia agents who say it. you are such bad people that you do not hesitate to lie and slander only because of hatred of Erdogan. if there is a god, I wish he judged liars and bad people like you. Erdogan and Turkey will never serve to your murderer and cruel master. I'm not calling you anything, man. I hope your hateful heart, and eyes that cannot see the truth see the truth. Many people in the world just because of the prejudice and hatred for Turkey and Choosen president for people. believes the fake news and claiming bragging. we don't believe every claim like you just because we hate a country or someone. we investigate. "Erdogan is a Jewish and Zionist, Erdogan supports Isid, Erdogan is a man of global masters." We all know how false all of these claims are and what intelligence services these liars serve. In my country, the opposition media is in the hands of the global elites. 24 hours a day to throw slander Erdogan and Turkey. understand them. Erdogan is not Jewish or Zionist. He has always described the massacres and cruelty of the Zionists in Israel against our Palestinian brothers. He always stood up against Israel and stood by his Palestine. Erdogan expressed this in his speech at the United Nations for years. Years ago in davos, told israeli barbarism. Go and watch Erdogan's last speech at the United Nations. God give us the honorable enemies. because the cowards who can't come across us always hurt us with slanders and lies! Erdogan is muslim, who does not want to serve the global elite. Bad people like you will always lose.
  2. I'm not going to answer anything about isis. also the title of this issue "why the Turks are hated" is not the Turkish state.
  3. This claim, some parts of this claim, though not entirely true but it is an organization founded in the 1980-90s. no more structures like gladio in our country. this organization is a useless organization at the moment. In those years, our country was not fully independent, it was a state ruled by the United States, it is no longer so. mate, we live in 2019. you have to find bigger things to scribble.
  4. Bu düzenli toplantıların, Türk istihbaratı ve Türk ordusu dahil bir dizi ajans arasında gerçekleştiğini ekledi: “Takımlar vardı. Bazıları Türk istihbaratını, bazıları Türk Ordusunu temsil eder. 3-5 farklı gruptan takımlar vardı. Toplantıların çoğu Türkiye'de askeri görevlerde ya da ofislerinde yapıldı. Konuya bağlıydı. Bazen her hafta buluşuruz. Neler olduğuna bağlı. Toplantıların çoğu sınırlara yakın, bazıları Ankara'da, bazıları Gaziantep'te yapıldı. ” Abu Mansour, Suriye ile Türkiye arasında seyahat etmek konusunda tam bir dokunulmazlığa sahip olduğunu ve Speckhard’ın kendisini bir ISIS’in Elçisi olarak tanımlamasına yol açtığını belirtti. “Sınırları geçtim ve geçmeme izin verdiler” dedi. “[Sınırda], Türkler her zaman bana bir araba gönderdi ve ben korundum. Bizden iki ya da üç kişiden oluşan bir ekip benimle birlikteydi. Ben çoğu zaman ekibimizden sorumluydum. ” https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/erdogan-worked-hand-in-glove-with-isis-in-syria-claims-former-emir-e83c0e6b9c3d Yes! another bullshit has arrived. isis, one of Turkey's number one enemy organization. baby killer. this terrorist organization killed infanticide and innocent people. slaughtered hundreds of our people. eg "Reina Attack" these claims are really ridiculous, we know who is established and trained by Isid. we also know who invented these slanders. we do not cooperate with terrorists. and especially the killer of our people! this article and all claims like this are bragging. Dude, you're prejudiced enough to believe the killer commander of a baby-killer organization. I'm not an idiot, you see my name I walk on the path of truth. Don't tell me about the bullshit of terrorists, a terrorist's claim is not evidence. If my state cooperated with terrorists, I would be an enemy to my state.
  5. Turkey, and United States, although always seen as a friend. Usa, created two terrorist organizations in turkey. millions of dollars of aid and training were provided to these organizations. We have almost destroyed pkk, the root is in Syria and we are destroying it. and now we have destroyed the fethullah gülen organization, almost all in prison. Except the leader and senior members of the organization. they are protected by the us government. The United States has never hurt any country as much as it has given us. moreover, there was no hatred and enmity that we fed to them.
  6. I think the elites hate us, nato and usa has always hurt our country. The United States has always seen us as enemies, not allies! we have done a lot to win us friendship. but he established a terrorist organization on our territory named pkk, then he tried to coup our country with an isid-style terrorist organization called fethullah gulen, and does not give us to judge fethullah gulen, fethullah gulen is protected by the us government in pennsylvania. pkk killed thousands of people, fethullah gulen organization, our army and institutions in our country has caused great damage and fethullah gulen organization killed hundreds of people. Let's get to the present. a terrorist state is trying to establish at our border, and if this terrorist state is established, it will attack us, the united states and israel wants this state to be established. we resorted to the United States through diplomatic means to prevent these terrorist organizations, but nothing was done, they stalled us. we have entered the "adana contract" based on the rights given to us to destroy these terrorist organizations. world media for us now "Turks are killing the Kurds, Turks are doing genocide, Turks have occupied Syria," he says. we do not kill the Kurds here, we kill terrorists. the reason for entering here is to end both terrorist organizations (pkk, ypg, pyd, isis and more) and 4 million Syrians we have hosted in our country, to create a safe zone without terrorists and to put 4 million Syrians here. I say again we do not slaughter the Kurds! we have been living together with the Kurds for centuries. If we were enemies of the Kurds, we would kill the Kurds we live with in our country. We are only fighting terrorists in Syria! we are not occupiers, we are not imperialists. we have entered "afrin" before and built a beautiful city there. we have now placed 400,000 Syrian refugees there and are protecting them. We did not enter Syria for oil and gas there! The fact that all the countries and the media in the world come upon us is proof that the world hates us. in fact, the whole world knows we destroyed terrorists there, but they make false news just because they hate us. when other countries come to the Middle East the countries, no one makes a sound, but does the Turks become occupiers when they destroy the terrorists and create a safe zone there? The two-faced west has always hated us, and that hatred will never end. I thought people in this forum were people who knew how the media was a polygraph machine, but there were people who believed in false media.. I never understood this Turkish hatred and I will not understand. Turkish hatred and bias was once again proven in this title. Thanks. I give you some photos, about the genocide committed by the Turks to the Kurds (!)
  7. Hello dear brothers, as a Turkish researcher I have not understood a point for a long time. Throughout history and now in the world, many states hate Turks and want to destroy them. likewise, he hates the Zionists, and as I see in the Freemasons, many secret organizations and powerful states hate us. not only do they hate us, they make false information and lie history and make it look real to people and they have succeeded. What do you think is the reason for this? What did the Turks do to raise so much hatred, do you really think it's bad?