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  1. ImSkye

    Is This Website An Electronic Holding Pen And/Or A Honey Pot?

    OP may be interested in learning about the morphogenetic field and how it works; this is how and why knowledge is power and why it has been occulted. Applied knowledge ascended and/or transmuted into wisdom is even better, but this takes time and healing, and requires the acquisition of knowledge to begin with. You cannot skip steps; even if some happen quickly or unexpectedly, they still occur in their innate and proper order, else all is chaos and wisdom never comes. So saying, it is a form of ignorance to dissuade anyone from the acquisition of knowledge by implicit accusation of sloth or by implying that knowledge is somehow inadequate and wasteful if it doesn’t produce the limited outcome you have determined validates their personal work, most especially when that limited outcome is expressly opposed to the Truth and knowledge they have already acquired (regardless of it being this far incomplete). I witnessed an ignorant father shout at his 8yo child today to stop running because she tripped on another child’s foot. This is what your perspective is like. Please fix it; it’s wrong on every level. Additionally, I have just recently begun to listen to Icke’s work and have not read any of his books. I have been progressively and intensely and unrelentingly remembering the Truth since I was 2.5 yrs old, and my recent interest in David’s work is honestly just for some relief of 40yrs of abject loneliness due to being surrounded by wilful ignorance of what has remained obvious and in plain sight. I signed up here hoping to see awareness- eyes that see and ears that hear the Truth as it is (just for some interactive companionship); I already know what I am and why I’m here, but a woman sometimes just wants and needs some kind of affirmation and I might not stay or need it for long, but just now, I’m here for this. I do not need David’s work, and nobody who is willing and able to disillusion themselves does, but the gift that he offers is a shortcut to knowledge-acquisition that we need now because people in general, including those in your condition, are behind and need to catch up to the current state of affairs. Had you been aware in real time, you would not need to catch up, but you are behind. David offers his hand back to those who have fallen behind. This is a beautiful example of Love in action. I do not know David, but I see this and genuinely appreciate this gift he offers immensely. When i I hear someone who seems to be aware to some extent and degree, I have a short list of questions, including: do they live what they say to a reasonable degree, and without spiritual bypass? Are they raising their children in Truth, or are their children in school? Do they participate in controller systems when it is possible to not do so and to resist, such as in voting to be ruled? Do they acknowledge their sovereignty as a human being? Is any knowledge to them evil or taboo or not admissible? What is their occupation and/or career; are they boots on the ground for controllers or do they concede to the unavoidable monetary system by only doing needful and honest work? What is the condition of their heart? This last one is ultimate, and I am very intuitively capable, so nobody tricks me here; I see. All this said, I’m really only responding for those who have defended themselves, to encourage and express respect to them. Disrespect of others is a huge no-no to me; I hope you’ll see the immorality of having done this and make amends. I wish you well.
  2. ImSkye

    The Vegan Agenda

    Controllers cannot use tech on meat-eaters as effectively as on veg*ns. Zinc insulates while copper conducts electromagnetic frequencies. The body responds to emf-induced peroxidative stress on the brain by increasing plasma zinc levels, meaning that without adequate access to (bioavailable- animal bio identical form of) zinc, the brain is damaged through cellular oxidative stress because it cannot protect itself; it has no required material for making its natural shielding mechanism. And then, it cannot repair the damage due to deficient zinc! Veg*n diets are very copper-dominant/heavy (from both vegetation and increased from farming chemicals which are copper-rich), meaning the body becomes hyper-emf-conductive (not getting into the corrosive effects of excess copper on the vascular system, or that this is the cause of immediate vomiting and prolonged sickness among veg*ns when ingesting meat- due to sudden intake of zinc, which allows the body to finally begin the necessary purging of excess copper; this can also happen with meat-eaters if they’ve had inadequate zinc intake due to processed meat rather than fresh, clean sources and then suddenly start eating good meats). Now add emf pollution to the environment and coercion-engineer voluntary self-exposure via devices and “smart” tech, and why do you think meatless or minimum-meat diets are being pushed so hard on the western population? How can your cells be hacked/disabled from preventing entry of an intruder if they immediately shield themselves? What if you were convinced that the very thing your cells need to accomplish this shielding is bad for you, and everyone thinks you’re immoral and unethical if you ingest it, and you’re unevolved for doing so? Classic Bernaysian tactic. “You’re not good enough, but you’ll become tolerable/acceptable if you do/buy this.” Then you’re got. Let the hand-wringing (and painful, prolonged death) ensue. Dont believe a word of this; look it up, learn how cells work with regard to zinc and copper and how digestion works with regard to bioavailability of nutrients, and know. It may be that some bodies are somehow capable of maintaining lean muscle mass, excellent adipose distribution and nutrient storage, excellent general cyclical metabolism and hormonal balance, mood stability and excellent mental and emotional health, and optimal cellular efficiency and function (incl. emf shielding amd repair) without meat and animal flesh and bone, and that I have just never seen or encountered this in decades of study or experience, in spite of seeing it at least not uncommonly among conscientious meat-eating omnivores. In any case, we all live at our own risk and we’ll get to see the results of this veg*n experiment on human beings in short time, and all speculation can be laid to rest while Truth makes itself visible as it always does.
  3. ImSkye


    GR, I just wanted to ask if you’d be willing to use regular text format, meaning the way I’m typing now instead of all caps? My request is due to being unable to visually track all caps, meaning I can’t read this, which is more common than you may know. On the other hand, you may know and it may not matter to you, which is fair. I’ve read a few of your replies in normal text and found them interesting, which is why I’m responding with a request here. I have no idea what you’ve written, and it is not your obligation in any way to accommodate me or anyone else; I just thought I’d like to read your post, and you may enjoy a wider discussion that includes those of us who cannot deal with all caps. In any case, it’s up to you (of course and always) :)
  4. ImSkye

    Killing Free Speech In Canada

    I’m sure everyone here already knows this, but In all Commonwealth countries, there are no unalienable rights, so there cannot be a legal infringement on any innate freedom since there exists no such concept, idea, or action in a commonwealth legal system of “freedom [of/from].” All freedoms are granted. How can *freedom* be granted?! Or quantified as “a” or “several?” Every time there is a pretend threat to pretend “freedoms” in such a system, the truth of how this system works in shadow and deception is further insidiously programmed into the minds of people in the language and assumptions of doublespeak, as they protest against the supposed loss (of a freedom they don’t know they never had). Commonwealth is and has has always been totalitarian. The only reason people in Canada can carry on this charade discussion is that it is nearly impossible to enforce totalitarian rule with so few people spread over such an immense land mass. This is one reason for the push into city centres (ghettos- which is apparently a hate speech word now, but truly because if we can’t call it what it is, then it’s whatever we’re told it is; Orwell would be so proud). There has has never been free speech in a commonwealth. There is not a single non-precedent right. Not one. All so-called rights and freedoms must be won for the individual in a Canadian court. Non-precedent means that once the right has been won by one individual, it is NOT transferable to another individual or group. If I win the right to free speech for myself through a court, you do not have and cannot express or live according to that right, because you don’t have it; only I do. Canada has a *Charter of Rights and Freedoms;* no rights or freedoms are innate or unalienable. You can’t fight this in or through the system that inverted Truth to begin with. We have to claim our rights and freedoms as human beings and live them, which in Canada we can only do if we have sufficient independence/self-reliance, intelligence to strategise, wisdom to effectively sidestep, and valour to live true to the end no matter what. The best and only redeeming quality of it is that like all totalitarianism, it’s an enemy that makes us stronger with each battle, and if we stay vigilant, we can see ahead and prepare and beat it before they clamp down. Few do this, and of course totalitarianism is relying on such people to allow and perpetuate the system. Not in my house. Not ever.