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  1. phil stone

    Greta Thunburg

    Ever seen the ring where theres a girl trapped down a well trying to climb out or played First Encounter Assault Recon where theres a girl trapped at the centre of some supernatural power station or racoon city where ALICE is appears as an AI at the core a complex where tonnes of evil shit is happening. Shes just a kid being used by a sophisticated group of child abusers bent on power. What can she do but go along with the adults who control her ability to get food and shelter and no doubt live in and keep her in enough anxiety she cant get into the fresh air the same way as little rockin robin. Once you take out the sexsational stories in the media and look at the bigger picture without the skelf in your eye, youll be shocked who the child abusers are.
  2. phil stone

    Location, location, location

    If its a kangaroo that can sail a boat, Ill come and meet it
  3. phil stone

    Location, location, location

    Walking distance for a kangaroo
  4. phil stone

    Location, location, location

    Anyways, Im just wanting to local people who areny into football and television, so I can report them to the government and stuff for being on david icke having broken their programming. Anyone near scotland?
  5. phil stone

    Location, location, location

    cos your a mod on a forum full of ... mature resoponsable adults with anarchist tendencies. If I was owner Id pick adolf hitler as admin and instruct him to only ban mods who cheat at modding, then invite anyone who wantd to be mods with the instruction theyre only allowed to ban people after a two thirds majority brought about by fair discussion on penalty that if they cheat adolf will ban them. This would leave all the anarchists to get along with eating babies and hiring assassins with bitcoin and the kind of thing anarchists are alleged to do leaving the "I want to be in charge" people as fucked as the european westminster.
  6. phil stone

    Council Members

    I always feel dirty in the shower. Send us your selfies would you?
  7. phil stone

    Council Members

    Thats a good point. Perfectly demonstrates my stupidity. Im just a simple fool. I would edit it but then it will look out of place for you to be pulling me up on a missing apostraphe that Ive since inserted. Im just looking at the missing apostraphes in this comment as well. Can I just put doen lits of missing apostraphes here and pretend I have extreme dyslexia. '''''''''''''''''''''''' also :;"()+-&_#/*?! because they might come in handy later.
  8. phil stone

    Location, location, location

    Having a location bit on profiles or a subforum where people can put their locations.
  9. phil stone

    Council Members

    The rest of the forum is full of us pedophiles grooming little girls for sexual purposes but this thread about whos in charge is 23 pages long.
  10. phil stone

    Leader Needed

    Cant do it peter. Equal opportunities policy. The leaders chastity belt might be a bit tight as well.
  11. phil stone

    Are artificial sports 4G pitches causing cancer?

    May as well do away with pitches entirely and play football with nintendo wii and vr goggles.
  12. phil stone

    Leader Needed

    It started as me ranting about how many people want to be in charge of people, then I was asked to spank someone. Im happy to serve. Have you seen her profile pic? Who wouldnt want to ravish that? She hasnt seen mine yet but she's in for a shock when she sees how many zeros are in the salary.
  13. phil stone

    Stop watching TV

    I thought spiritual stuff was about what happenned when you died until I switched off TV and began reading the bible. The bits and pieces in the bible are like anarchobombs you dont even notice until weird things start to happen and its like the TV is like a jealous god that wants to keep you brainwashed watching their narrative on wars and famine and political bullshit and can get a bit overzealous with its assumed "right" to keep your mind trained to its psychological dictatorship. It needs your faith in a system of lies and empty promises so as to maintain its power over the masses using your soul as the fuel for the greed machine. What are you going to do about it? Vote harder? Shout shame on you? Go on a march and go home again and see if youve been on the telly? Arrange destruction of fake news corporations by secret conclaves to engage in mass violence? Theres a better idea. Switch it off. As for the chorus of "we hate donald trump" people. The matrix has them and the nearest they can work out about whats against them is to support Donald Trump like every other idol theyve always worshipped. If your into idols. Worship your own body. The thing truly worthy of worship is the thing which made your body - your own soul - but the highest god of all is the deus in excelsius - the maker of souls - a perplexing mystery and it makes the mud pie fights and lethal sabre fighting kings of the worlds great powers look like confused animated pieces of meat just like anyone else. Television is like prostrating your very soul before the shit coming out their arse. You are a divinely created entity. Stop prostrating yourself beneath human shit. Worship the mysterious god you cannot comprehend instead of salesmen trying to make a packet on zanax trading.
  14. phil stone

    Leader Needed

    Youll get higher levels of consciousness and so will I. Spankings if it floats your boat. Ill even throw in a pair if nipple clamps, a butt plug and shock collar if you want but the chastity belt is mandatory. Its probably not that big a dick but its bigger than yours. As leader, you could use it for whatever you want. I am not an equal opportunities employer.
  15. phil stone

    Saturn-Moon control grid dismantled

    Galileo contradicted reality by pointing a telescope and sextant at the night sky and tracing the paths of the planets they called wandering stars. Galileo was right and those who misunderstood the use of stars in lore and worshipped only legends assumed Galileo to be committing blasphemy by relating the truth about the starry sky. These are not the stars that are discussed by people who speak of starships. As Aleister Crowley (The Most Wickedest David Icke Alive) put it: "Had! The manifestation of Nuit!" To those who think the stars are found by looking up to the heavens, the words can be translated thus: Hadith! An ancient egyptian sky goddess has appeared! To those who have literally had the manifestation of Nuit, it is not that the stars are in the heavens but that the heavens are within the stars. You are a star! The kingdom of heaven is within you. What does this mean? Have a look at Tim Waugh's esp_diff package management package on linux. Read the source code and understand the significance of a message embedded in a script that appears to do very little at all. Watch out for those zombies as you reach past the event horizon. They will try to eat your brain and send you into singularity. With regard to stars. As Led Zeppelin put it regarding the sign on the wall, sometimes words have two meaning. The equation 1/(1-x) may not be geek speek but the sentiment that someone is past the mourning of breaking up with their previous love interest. This is all very confusing for Mr Data, but Diana Troy is a witch who doesnt want Data to know his true origins are Vulcan. Nanoo nanoo!