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  1. eliteincontrol

    Poll: Who's going to win the general section?

  2. eliteincontrol

    Will Labour win the Election?

    Labour is the only party that can and will get Brexit sorted by giving people the final say. Labour is determined to bring a divided country together, and deliver the real change Britain needs after almost a decade of Tory cuts so we can get beyond Brexit. Nobody but Labour will get Brexit sorted and bring our country together because years of division over Brexit has become a barrier to delivering the real change this country needs.
  3. eliteincontrol

    Will Labour win the Election?

    And Corbyn is anti-EU too - good I remember this from seeing him at anti-EU rallies. So if he wins a majority, he will draft his own Brexit deal.
  4. eliteincontrol


    Your welcome. I was considering voting myself until last few days when I thought to myself don't bother. Even the local candidates in my own area where I live are not worth voting for neither are any of the parties involved at all. If I do/did vote, then I would only mark a X in the box of a independent candidate who's individual and not assigned to any party at all.
  5. eliteincontrol

    New YouTube rules and old videos

    It's a shame that Bitchute is doing what YouTube have been doing by removing old content. A lot of information could be lost and I think it is all to do with cutting back on the freedom of speech and truthful information. YouTube seem to be focused on the money making side now like a lot of mainstream media. Whenever I watch a football match on Sky Sports and BT Sport, they both seem to be promoting their own official YouTube channel much more where you can freely view regular sports highlights just as you would on a normal TV channel.
  6. eliteincontrol

    New YouTube rules and old videos

    I know a few guys who I used to go to the gym with and train regularly. And they had their own channel on YouTube with their training videos uploaded, however they have not updated their channels for over 7 years so this is probably the type of channels that they are going to be deleting especially if it isn't making money for them.
  7. I have just seen a forecast for end of next week, so around the time of the General Election, surprise surprise as heavy snow is being forecast for much of the UK. It all depends on how heavy we get the snow of course however could be a deciding factor on the eventual turnout of the voting community.
  8. eliteincontrol

    New YouTube rules and old videos

    I just learned that YouTube is bringing in new rules in January about what can be uploaded. You have to mark all videos as child friendly or not. Apparently it it's not they will delete them. Does this count for really old videos though? Is everything going to be just got rid of? I think YouTube is pretty much more mainstream now. I added YouTube app the other day on my hard-wired TV and it forced me to sign in to it however I don't have a YouTube account at all. I don't have any social media account at all whatsoever!
  9. eliteincontrol

    JULY 2019 Jeffrey Epstein arrested

    Just seen a clip of tonight's Panorama edition based around the Prince Andrew & Epstein scandal. The young woman Virginia were interviewed and could tell it were genuine from her. The tears running down her face. However, even more women are attempting to make claims about the Prince. Andrew can keep denying it although I think he is guilty.
  10. AMSTERDAM—On the morning of Sept. 18, Derk Wiersum, the public defender for a key witness against the international drug kingpin Ridouan Taghi, was walking to his car with his wife in a quiet suburb of Amsterdam when he was shot and killed. The murder of the 44-year-old Wiersum, who left two children behind, represented a new and dangerous threshold of violence here that shocked not only the public, but the entire judicial system. For the first time in Dutch history the criminal world murdered a legal representative of the state itself. This is the Netherlands 2019, not Sicily 1992, but the assassination of a dedicated public servant like Wiersum attests to the sense of impunity gangsters in Amsterdam currently enjoy, and appears to be part of a strategy to intimidate not only Dutch state representatives but Dutch society as a whole. Ironically, the Netherlands has seen a decrease in murders and overall violent crime, but there is a deep sense of urgency among Dutch police as they face the growing power of criminal networks on Dutch soil. “The Netherlands is at risk of becoming a narco state,” Dutch Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus warned in August. The cops are concerned they are losing their grip. Some say they have lost it already. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/indepth/the-dutch-are-waking-up-to-discover-they-live-in-a-narco-state/ar-BBXierj?ocid=spartanntp
  11. I just wanted to post in here asking for any suggestions of the best documentary or best series to watch on Netflix?
  12. If this has come from a smart ambulance trial using 5G tech, then imagine what it could do if anything else undergoes a similar trial? 5G is meant to start from next year as there is advanced research looking into 6G which could start from 2030 at latest.
  13. eliteincontrol

    Cut back the BBC drastically

    The BBC are kicking up a fuss about funding the free TV licences for the over 75s. They say that if they fund these then channels will close such as BBC Four, the news channel, the parliament channel, all local radio stations, radio five live and they have already put plans in place to close the red button channels/services in the new year from January 2020. I think they should fund the free licences for the over 75s and force them to close the channels/services mentioned as it would be no loss at all to many if they did that. So I urge everyone to fill in a complaint form found here at http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints to make them sit up & take notice and get them to close the channels as above.
  14. eliteincontrol

    How the Iranian Government Shut Off the Internet...

    Imagine if much more could pull the plug on connectivity to the internet, I mean internet is not the be all and end all is it?
  15. eliteincontrol

    The control that is music

    And which radio station is best to listen to? There are so many that play music 24/7. Even BBC local stations have a mix of music, talk and sport. I personally prefer listening to talkSPORT.