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  1. eliteincontrol

    5G the Real danger or Covid really exist

    Why has the above video been removed?
  2. eliteincontrol

    How modern football became broken beyond repair

    This time we are going through now will prove how broken football is as I predict so many clubs to collapse and be liquidated because sports cancelled for the medium to long term meaning so much revenues being lost on clubs isn't going to help them at all. And then add on the fact that sponsorships and commercial agreements could be ending very soon.
  3. eliteincontrol

    Wayne Rooney given extra special treatment in MLS

    What will happen to Wayne Rooney and his huge wage now? Sports cancelled for the medium to long term. Could his club collapse and be liquidated as sports not important now.
  4. eliteincontrol

    Is sport a waste of time

    I think the way the world is right now for the medium to long term, sport is such a waste of time in life and is not important right now also very insignificant in life completely.
  5. eliteincontrol

    Charlton Athletic administration?

    The way the world is going at the minute and sport set to be cancelled for the medium to long term, I think it'll be inevitable clubs like this could collapse and get liquidated.
  6. eliteincontrol

    no fans allowed

    Neither do I. It does look like that sport set to be cancelled for the medium to long term, not just in the short term. Sport is insignificant and unimportant completely right now.
  7. eliteincontrol

    no fans allowed

    If this virus pandemic situation worsens which it could and lasts rest of the year, I feel like football clubs are going to go close to collapse and some go close to the wall due to the amount of money clubs spend these days and the money/revenue they'd be losing. An example: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/51933722
  8. eliteincontrol

    coronavirus mega thread

    I've got to say this whole outbreak is like one of my favourite movies being played out for real. V for Vendetta.
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  10. eliteincontrol

    coronavirus mega thread

    Interesting times ahead. So if the markets continue to drop hugely each day, surely this is also going to ensure that more businesses (some already with debt) are going to collapse as the markets spiral down. Could we see a lot more administration and liquidation happening?
  11. eliteincontrol

    coronavirus mega thread

    FTSE 100 Index fallen by 8% and more. Could this worsen?
  12. eliteincontrol

    coronavirus mega thread

    I've been thinking of the effects coronavirus will have on the economy and it don't look great for the airline industry. Flybe have only just collapsed. I suspect more could follow in the months ahead. TUI (formerly Thomson Holidays) have had billions wiped off of it's value and out of the FTSE 100. This is the latest TUI share price: https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=strict&source=hp&ei=YCBkXsTTDMCZjLsPyt2YmAU&q=tui+share+price&oq=tui+share+price&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0i131i70i250j0i131j0l8.887.3940..4104...0.0..0.90.1125.15......0....1..gws-wiz.I2IPVOqxyVc&ved=0ahUKEwjEg5D4tInoAhXADGMBHcouBlMQ4dUDCAs&uact=5#spf=1583620205546
  13. eliteincontrol

    coronavirus mega thread

    Italy is set to lock-down Lombardy and 11 provinces until April 3rd after 233 people have died in Italy from coronavirus.
  14. eliteincontrol

    Premier league considers banning 70 years and older

    If the premier league is considering this then surely the EFL will be considering it too? I am season ticket holder of an EFL club with 5 home games left this season and unsure as to how many home games I'll be attending if it does indeed happen. Personally, I think they should be closing schools, colleges and universities rather than affect sport but who knows what will happen.
  15. eliteincontrol

    coronavirus mega thread

    The next stage to the delay stage is going to happen. Just look how rapidly things changed in Italy. Worst case scenario is 80% infected and the actual fatality rate is confirmed to be around 3.5%, while 15-20% of those infected will require hospitalisation. So the fatality rate will increase. I've come across a spreadsheet documenting it's impact across numerous nations, including the UK and it's terrifying. Things won't get that bad due to government intervention, but in about a months time our nation is going to begin going through pain and suffering it's not experienced since WW2.