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  1. hokuspokus

    Practical Tips and Suggestions for Surviving

    I believe this is due to the plastic bottle not the water itself . Anywho Seeds/walk in greenhouse/ compost If you have room
  2. hokuspokus

    King John III

    Many moons ago a King , from whichever country, would have a harem and would keep shagging until he bore a son and heir. Nice work if you could get it ! Today, there must be some sort of technology that deals with that type of stuff. Which must be irritating for any heir to the throne .
  3. hokuspokus

    Predictions of the future

    1. We won't go to the moon despite "exciting" announcements from NASA every few years claiming the opposite 2. Every decade there will be "10 years to save the planet " hysteria . 3. In time. The interweb will be old technology that young people will laugh at . 4. 2050. The Labour party with Ash Sarkar as leader and Owen Jones as deputy return 10 MPs at the general election.
  4. hokuspokus

    Tips on preserving your own forum contributions

    Wot the man said . And the reason or one of the reasons is that a forum going for 20 years will have a fantastic back catalogue which can prove the "groundhog day" theory i.e. scares and outlandish claims from TPTB run in cycles . Hence a huge effort it seems to crash forums such as this and to destroy it's history base .
  5. NASA's moon claims run in 10 year cycles . The evidence for this is in internet forums , seeing what was being said in ,for example 2004 or 2012. Same old shit. 10 years to save the planet is another recurring theme ......
  6. hokuspokus

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    An unanswered question is " who pays Dominic Cummings ?" He is a "special adviser" so not a civil servant . I doubt Boris pays the, I assume, 6 figure salary . Or the Tory party. Someone much smarter than myself guesses that Our Dom is paid for by an obscure company which in turn is owned by a much larger company with the hope of future favours from H.M. Govt.
  7. hokuspokus

    A great pic to sum up how 'divide and rule' works

    "Look at that white privilege" ?
  8. hokuspokus

    Barrow in furness grooming

    Those who cannot be blamed for anything ?.
  9. hokuspokus

    Anti Icke Forum - See insine

    Let it go . Icke could be wrong 90% of the time . But if he hits the target 1 in 10 then he\we know we are right . Which we are .
  10. hokuspokus

    Barrow in furness grooming

    Is the answer middle class "white liberals" ?
  11. hokuspokus

    Barrow in furness grooming

    The enemy are white middle class liberals . Malcolm X knew this . This story is so our enemy can say "oh look , those nice Pakistanis .....etc " White liberals should be shot . For the record I know Pakistani\muslims who are horrified at the abuse and do not try and defend\deny it . Unlike white liberals .....who just want to be seen as "nice people"
  12. hokuspokus


    I am hoping someone can help me out here . Around , and I am guessing, 15-20 years ago I saw a programme on the TV about an impending financial armageddon which would happen around 2021. The upshot of this was that many, many families would be plunged back financially to 1969 (i.e. not much disposal income). This is a big ask I know but does anyone else recall seeing such a programme? Around the same time I remember a programme regarding final salary pensions, the unsustainability of such, and the fall out between the younger and older generations (divide and conquer) . The strapline for this ,if I remember correctly, was "we pay, they play "
  13. hokuspokus

    July 4th - World Wide Million Man Militia March

    Spartacus was defeated and executed so probably not the best example to give . Maybe the French Revolution ? However given Macrons facist tendencies perhaps the lizards get their way eventually. Even the Caribbean island of Barbuda which was left to the inhabitants after slavery was abolished has been taken back by the "great and the good".
  14. hokuspokus

    July 4th - World Wide Million Man Militia March

    There is nothing wrong with a bit of rebellion, no doubt . However uprisings are generally thwarted when the incumbents round up the ringleaders and pass down draconian punishments which demoralises the rank and file .
  15. hokuspokus

    Obvious Trolls Obvious