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  1. It'sallbs

    Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency will launch in 2020

    Well crypto currency is the same con as paper money really. It has no intrinsic value.
  2. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

    No. The truth about the collapse of British Steel. • Fiscal year ending 2017 £92,000,000 profit • Fiscal year ending 2018 £19,000,000 loss • Year on year increase in revenue 11% • Year on year costs increase 25% 2 reasons for spiralling costs: 1) Spike in energy prices 2) EU’s Cap & Trade policy EU Cap & Trade: EU puts a cap on all greenhouses gasses emitted and then reduces the cap over a period to reduce emissions. Under the systems companies can buy emission allowance s which they can then trade. International credits van also be purchased form emission-saving projects. At the end of each year companies must surrender enough allowances to mitigate its emissions & failure to do so results in punitive fines. Companies who the EU deem to have reduced emissions sufficiently can retain any allowances to offset against future needs. They can of course also sell these to other companies. Yes, that’s right folks under the ETS (since 2005) one has been able to trade carbon and good old Uncle BS was all over it – one must pay for beer and crisps somehow. (ETS – Emissions Trading System) 2018 British Steel’s future credits ran out and they faced a bill of £100,000,000 which equated to 10% of annual revenue. With cash reserves of just £5,000,000 British steel asked for a loan from the government. The EU cap & trade system was also a substantial cause of the energy price spike mentioned earlier. Had we left the European Union on March 29th 2019 as were supposed to after invoking Article 50 then Great Britain would still have a steel industry. But of course that is an inconvenient truth as the cap and trade system lead to a large industry in the UK of carbon trading ranging form The Green Deal , HHCRO (Home Heating Cost Reduction ObligatIon), CERO (Carbon Emissions Reduction ObligatIon) and the heating and insulation contractors on the make (getting paid way over the odds to install boilers) whilst the sharks had something new to hard sell in a cold calling sweat shop call centres having signed multi million £ contracts with the big 6 energy companies. Of course, getting back to British Steel, China and India ....steel production .. no reduction in carbon. Have a great day and remember it'sallbs.
  3. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

  4. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

  5. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

    The collapse of British Steel is a direct result of the EU.
  6. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

  7. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

    WTO & GATT -some basics. Oversees trade rules for 164 countries – 98% of all global trade GATT (General agreement on tariffs & trade) tariffs on manufactured goods (of which there is a 90 billion deficit) between the UK & EU would be at 3% Remoaners often like to repeat the threats from the EU that UK exports would not be sellable in the EU. However… Non tariff barriers are illegal as are technical ones … WTO -SPS & TBT agreements
  8. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

    WTO & GATT allow us to continue as we are even after we have left. I've told you which parts too read Sean so many times and you just refuse to and resort to your project fear nonsense. Oddly enough this is what remoaners always do. Language is a weapon which is why the BBC et al use terms like cliff edge, crashing out - notice dhow they have demonised the term populism.
  9. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

    No, there are 195 countries in the world, the EU has 36 deals with non EU countries.
  10. It'sallbs

    Brexit and the BBC

    No, it has done nothing but damage Britain- I'v e gone through all this before on here . Sean just won't listen.
  11. It'sallbs

    Bacon as a weapon as mass destruction

    Things your body needs which it can’t get from plant foods… Vitamin B12 essential for maintenance of nerves & normal brain function. (very small amounts can sometimes be found in nori seaweed but it is not much) Creatine Carnosine Vitamin D3 Docosahexaenoic Heme -iron Taurine Being vegetarian or vegan is not healthy. Eating a balanced diet of high quality produce in appropriate portion sizes is healthy. Very healthy, good for you light meal below -check it out...
  12. It'sallbs

    Bacon as a weapon as mass destruction

    It's all bollocks. Balanced diet -simples. don't eat too much -simples,. don't eat lots of processed shit and refined sugar -simples. Are vegetables good for you -yes I eat lots of vegetables do you need to cut out meat -no. Can you get the same protein you need from veg as you can from meat -can you heck as like. The answer to good health is exercise & a balanced diet. Look at that -bloody lovely and good for you.
  13. this thread is ridiculous-you started the same thread a while ago and no one bought it then what proof, there is no proof of anything. Yes as shown in responses when you started the exact same thread a few weeks ago You are putting 2 & 2 together and coming up with 7,000