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  1. Truthr

    aliens extradimensional or extraterrestrial

    THIS is why I bang on about love. and this is why pleidians need some peoples help. A timeline war essentially between pleidians and reptoids/ their allies which started far beyond this planet, the truth of this planet is that we are all refugees of this timewar, trapped in 3d whilst some dicks mess about in various dimensions keeping us trapped with various methods. Do you know about starseeds? I think this is what you are referring to having other beings on the planet in order to help out? Starseeds are very real and like most of it, I once laughed at the idea of them too. But, we are all multidimensional AND all extra terrestrial.
  2. Truthr

    Waking others up

    Was with you all the way up to that point haha. You cannot get through to people by force alone, be water, be patient, people start to put some dots together in their own time. See it like dropping them hints over time and whether they take it all on board or not is never a reflection of you or the information per se, it is their brain protecting itself, its frustrating but a very real thing. Drop little bits here and there that connect relatively easily, let em do their own puzzles. Unless of course they are anything like some of us here and it would be more like "well, tell me more! that all you got!? MOOOORE!" its addictive in some ways.
  3. Truthr

    Will Labour win the Election?

    I cannot help myself when people are so close to truth but just that little bit off here and there. I watched the first documentary, already said that, not new information either, said that too. love youuuuuu x
  4. Truthr

    Will Labour win the Election?

    Who said I was? :) peace
  5. Truthr

    Will Labour win the Election?

    I am not emotionally invested in a pantomime, maybe that's why you keep overlooking my points? every time? This is all an illusion of choice.
  6. Truthr

    Trump Impeachment Thread

    Obama was intelligence controlled, groomed for the job. That's how they own ya. British Intelligence behind the Steele dossier that was OK'd by David Cameron whilst Prime Minister, UK/Mossad/CIA behind the Dems spying on Trump. Impeachment is all they have at this point, then its going to start tying back to UK and the British are not going to like what they uncover.
  7. + = Don't vote for labour, whatever you do :) But seriously, quite a few tabloid errors all over the world, reporting wrong things, having to retract, apologies in the small print. I am not saying definitely, but I have seen it occur often enough in the areas expected for it to be a reflection of something they are doing intentionally. They certainly used old nazi propaganda techniques against Trump a few times, colour choices, CGI, PR incorporates some of Goebells techniques, mass media does across the board just varying amounts.
  8. To understand truth one needs to learn who controls the media. They highlight their own choices ALL of the time, the truth is literally right in front of you all the time, just not black and white, its slightly opaque but always there if you learn how to look. A bit like doing those magic eye things, once you know how to see it, its suddenly easy. Nice post. I agree it certainly shows something telling, right?
  9. Truthr

    Will Labour win the Election?

    I feel dirty liking such a disgusting truth. Every path is ultimately overlooked and/or controlled. Precisely what I am driving at. You are in denial if you believe the green new deal wont go through regardless of who is at the helm. OR, most likely conservatives: "lets put it to a public vote..." and the public go "yeaaaah! lets fix our shit!" Going to get taken for a ride regardless of the colour cab you get in. Illusion of democracy, illusion of choice. Think tanks all over the world are working on ways through this, it mostly doesn't involve politics and certainly not the majority of this current system. people are wading through petabytes and petabytes of drops. It is information warfare out there. NONE of it concerns politics, far more important variables in this game of chess.
  10. Truthr

    Will Labour win the Election?

    The green new deal is law, that a PM will sign in. Does the PM have to be Labour party? No. I am wasting my time entirely. two hours of documentaries 2 hours gone past yet? Plus what I did see was the same old shit from years ago, I know the content, I know what you are talking about, I know that the green new deal is not a labour only thing. You are simplifying something to fit your bias. Nothing more nothing less.
  11. Truthr

    Will Labour win the Election?

    Sure, if it makes you feel better :)
  12. Truthr

    Will Labour win the Election?

    Repeating the same thing doesn't make your incorrect conclusions any more true. You are missing major parts of the puzzle. But carry on believing you have it all or understand it, the more you learn about our reality the more you will realise you know fuck all. That is where we should all be, we know nothing John Snow.
  13. Truthr


    EVERYONE knows he was connected. As was Blair. As are Bushs and Clintons across the pond, same agendas. Americas situation is all tied to the UK I think you dont understand the power the cabal holds over people then, and if you do, then you are selectively blinkered and that's concerning for your sense of discernment.