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  1. Fluke

    Global meditation! It's time to take action!

    Haha. I knew it. Cheers ears!
  2. Fluke

    coronavirus mega thread

    Is there a way to ignore users here. Lots of trolls popping up lately
  3. Fluke

    Is it worth giving up our mobile phones?

    Fuck off. Do you know me? No thought not. Added to ignored. Hopefully when technology evolves we get the punch function. Punch you right up the bracket mush.
  4. Fluke

    Global meditation! It's time to take action!

    Yasmina tell us the truth you slept through your alarm didn't you? 😂. I meditated i pretty much just visualised but i was blind drunk as it was my birthday.
  5. I'll do it mate don't worry about the payment. In fact i'll offer it for everyone on this forum. I have a PhD in Reticulan lifeforms.
  6. Fluke

    Is it worth giving up our mobile phones?

    Use it against you, slander, stop banking with you and take away your rights to make a living in the world. Similar to what's happened to Gavin Mccinnes, Tommy Robinson, Stefan molyneux Alex Jones and to a certain extent David icke. They banned him from an entire landspace or at least didn't let him fly. Even if they couldn't do anything it's the principle. I am not being a nonce or do anything illegal online, I still don't want to be getting spied on if I can help it. As a principle. Have you been in a coma the last 10 years? They are depersoning people. Unpeopling people. Do you watch icke or read any of his work at all? You know one of his theories is bringing in a social credit score like china right?
  7. Fluke

    Is it worth giving up our mobile phones?

    Yess i was saying to someone the other day it is a great service. You can't argue with that in terms of customer satisfaction. In terms of technology on the whole we are going to struggle with the buisness model. They cater to the 90percent. If its more conviniant i.e cashless society then thats where its going to go. Same with cheques nobody uses them anymore..
  8. Fluke

    coronavirus mega thread

    Probably because he has the balls to stand up to scummy little cowards
  9. Fluke

    Do you remember your dreams?

    Know its not originally a dream intepreter thread but had a few dreams that seem prophetic. Wars, masked men, terrorists, bombs dropping from the sky. I had an awful dream last week about driving a car (i dont drive) and there was an awful crash, fires, explosions. I was walking along the pavement (sidewalk) and i was trying to save people. There were dead bodies, i came up to a women crying with her crushed baby on the floor. I woke up crying. It was vivid. Last night i had a dream i was in an army barrack for some reason. I was part of them. It was like a school or college. I bonded well with my fellow army men. We were laughing and joking. There was about 20 of us. Some faces i recognised from school. Anyways everyone was saying in the camp that we had a standoff planned with other soliders from another regiment. The way everyone was talking in the camp this was normal procedure and nothing ever come of it. Just that there were conflict and to be prepared for the worst just in case. We were waiting for the standoff. Everyone in the camp was laughing and in good spirits. The sergant ( a good fellow who i looked up to) was putting us in small groups directed in different positions, one near the entrance, 2 to the corner. I remember standing there like a loose one at a wedding so i went to the corner because everyone had taken position. I went to the corner with a group of people i recognised from school. I laughed and said to them i feel a bit of coward here with you guys hiding in the corner. The enemy base broke through and machine gunned everyone apart from the group i was in. They left leaving us alive. They didnt see us. The morale was sad. I got up and went to see my fellow comrades, a hand went to my shoulder "dont bother their all dead". Sometimes i meet people in my dreams that are so cool. I get along with them. Maybe its just my subvoncious. You know when you have a nightmare and youre glad its not real? Sometimes i dream things really good and then i wake up and feel sad. Its horrible to think those that have lost loved ones would have similar dreams.
  10. Fluke

    Is it worth giving up our mobile phones?

    You let your kids boss you around? Complete misconception that people are against technology. Its about the scum that manufacture and design it. And i completely understand the fear of technology. Technology that is more and more intrusive, technology that is designed to be addictive. You say you will draw the line at being microchipped but will everyone else? It seems its like a tiptoe to technocracy. You say you wished you had this technology as a kid. I don't and i am glad i didn't. I feel a bit sorry for the kids today actually.
  11. Fluke

    Is it worth giving up our mobile phones?

    Think a flip ohone or the old 2000s one is on the agenda.