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  1. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    First, you have to understand that everything in existence is just a conscious electromagnetic soup. We are constantly withdrawing and depositing massive amounts of energy while we exist here. Ever heard the saying "energy flows where attention goes." David Icke has spoken extensively about these demonic forces that feed off of human energy - through TV is just one way they do it. People are generally unaware or not sensitive enough to feel when their energy field is being manipulated. That's because the human body has been systematically shut down to the point where most of us are spiritually numb. How many people here believe in the chakra system? Many people that meditate don't even reach the point of researching chakras. Regarding Star Trek. I didn't say they were all Satanists. The same implies for all media outlets, government institutions, etc. For instance, not everyone at NASA is a Satanic demon, but there are definitely some lurking.
  2. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    Depends on which programmes you're watching. For instance, if you're watching 'A Discovery of Witches' - You're literally in the presence of witches and warlocks. Star Trek is full of Satanists. Fact is, you don't get on people's screens unless you're enlightened into the occult. There are different factions and districts that operate the TV networks. Some are good, some bad, some are a mix.
  3. Xelador

    Low frequency tinnitus

    Always been curious to know if Binaural Beats could possibly cure or at least ease tinnitus. Also, smoking a bit of marijuana and meditating in a quiet environment may allow you to consciously manipulate the sound to some degree.
  4. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    TV is mostly operated by witches and warlocks, anyway. They feed off of your conscious energy that you're feeding into the TV, since TV is simply a portal device for consciousness. Magick!
  5. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    Well, it is subjective, cutting out TV is a step in the right direction.
  6. Xelador

    Freemasonry in UK

    Freemasonry is dualistic in nature, meaning one can work towards good and evil through it. In the higher ranks, it basically teaches you how to operate one's body computer more efficiently, to work with energy and electromagnetic fields. Most or at least some of the people you see on TV are Grandmaster Freemasonic wizards/witches.
  7. Xelador

    Abstaining from porn/fapping

    Anyone tried abstaining? Attempted NoFap numerous times over the years. Each time there's a very noticeable build-up of good energy and sense of well-being. Feel like it's part of my spiritual journey, to get rid of porn permanently. Many people do it for different reasons. Religion, impotence, for their partner/relationship. There's also scientific proof abstaining for a week or so boosts one's testosterone levels. My record is 120+ days, which was last year. This time it permanent, feeling it. Some links worth checking out - https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/41tqu2/masturbation_anxiety_and_rebuilding_dopamine/ https://uk.askmen.com/dating/love_tip_60/92_love_tip.html https://www.yourbrainonporn.com
  8. Xelador

    What features would you like to see on the forum?

    Definitely need more main forums, there's literally half on this website compared with the other.
  9. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    If you haven't stopped watching TV yet, you're not on the correct spiritual path.
  10. Went through an extremely traumatic psychotic break almost 5 years ago. Was a mix of weed, meditation, researching David Icke's (and others) work. Lost my gf, job and home too. Safe to say it's been hell. Would like to know if anyone's currently going through psychosis and how you're handling it?
  11. If the TV or monitor is in the same room as where you sleep, just be wary of what you leave playing on the screen. Legit witches are using ASMR to get people to fall asleep so they can hex them. They know exactly how to manipulate electromagnetic fields. They also use keywords such as 'health' (since the word has 'hell' in its pronunciation) Here's a good example. The vid should start at 33:05 - When she says "You're in a great state of health" People that are sensitive to energy will be able to feel a sudden drop of pressure in their chest area (heart chakra) - Not everything in the universe is conscious, but everything is consciousness. Stay safe.
  12. Xelador

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Should be used to that by now. The second coming of Christ is any minute now for the past couple thousand years.
  13. Xelador


    The only high-ground is low-Earth orbit, that's as far as anyone's gotten or going.
  14. Dr. Wilhelm Reich wrote in one of his books that cancer is an energetic disease - Vid should start at 6:39 Here's a PDF of the book mentioned - https://www.wilhelmreichtrust.org/cancer_biopathy.pdf