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  1. Xelador

    Renegade film

    In a perfect world that would be easy, however, things like this cost time and money to make, people need to be reimbursed for their work. David has over 600K subs on YouTube now and is gaining roughly 1K subs per week or so. The message is rapidly gaining traction. Increasingly, people are looking for answers, a new world is emerging, and it certainly isn't the NWO the political scumbags ordered.
  2. Xelador

    911 - no planes were used

    Don't know about this one. The most suspect footage regarding the planes imo is when the 2nd plane hit, went through the entire building and yet nose was visibly in-tact - Dunno how that would be possible. Image snapped from here -
  3. Xelador

    911 - the collapse of the building

    There were witnesses to the pools of molten metal after the collapses - Should start at 27:55
  4. Xelador

    Let's talk about 9/11 in a MATURE manner

    Here's something worth watching -
  5. Xelador

    911 - the collapse of the building

    This gif is literally a second before the tower collapsed - The building is collapsing, that's the cause of the bowing. Although this doesn't prove explosives/thermite, it doesn't disprove it either.
  6. Xelador

    911 - the collapse of the building

    If the government's story of what happened that day were actually true there wouldn't be millions of people living in doubt about it. I posted this earlier in the thread but I'd just like you to take a second to look at the likes vs. dislikes - Obviously, people are not okay with the official story. It needs a new investigation, and will, eventually. Families, Lawyers, AE911Truth File Lawsuit against FBI over '9/11 Review Commission Report' The demons of this world are trembling. Feeling it?
  7. Xelador

    911 - the collapse of the building

    Some of the survivors reported seeing and hearing explosions at the elevator shafts. Some people were killed in the basements of the towers too, by explosives. I distinctly remember there being footage of white smoke billowing from the basement of the towers before they collapsed. NIST didn't investigate for possible explosives.
  8. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    First, you have to understand that everything in existence is just a conscious electromagnetic soup. We are constantly withdrawing and depositing massive amounts of energy while we exist here. Ever heard the saying "energy flows where attention goes." David Icke has spoken extensively about these demonic forces that feed off of human energy - through TV is just one way they do it. People are generally unaware or not sensitive enough to feel when their energy field is being manipulated. That's because the human body has been systematically shut down to the point where most of us are spiritually numb. How many people here believe in the chakra system? Many people that meditate don't even reach the point of researching chakras. Regarding Star Trek. I didn't say they were all Satanists. The same implies for all media outlets, government institutions, etc. For instance, not everyone at NASA is a Satanic demon, but there are definitely some lurking.
  9. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    Depends on which programmes you're watching. For instance, if you're watching 'A Discovery of Witches' - You're literally in the presence of witches and warlocks. Star Trek is full of Satanists. Fact is, you don't get on people's screens unless you're enlightened into the occult. There are different factions and districts that operate the TV networks. Some are good, some bad, some are a mix.
  10. Xelador

    Low frequency tinnitus

    Always been curious to know if Binaural Beats could possibly cure or at least ease tinnitus. Also, smoking a bit of marijuana and meditating in a quiet environment may allow you to consciously manipulate the sound to some degree.
  11. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    TV is mostly operated by witches and warlocks, anyway. They feed off of your conscious energy that you're feeding into the TV, since TV is simply a portal device for consciousness. Magick!
  12. Xelador

    Stop watching TV

    Well, it is subjective, cutting out TV is a step in the right direction.
  13. Xelador

    Freemasonry in UK

    Freemasonry is dualistic in nature, meaning one can work towards good and evil through it. In the higher ranks, it basically teaches you how to operate one's body computer more efficiently, to work with energy and electromagnetic fields. Most or at least some of the people you see on TV are Grandmaster Freemasonic wizards/witches.