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  1. If you have had deja vu where the memory and familiarity comes from dreams, days, weeks, months and even years then perhaps the next step if you haven't ever taken it is to become lucid in these dreams. This video shines light on the phenomena known as Lucid Precognitive Dreaming.
  2. I wanted to share my most recent interview as I feel it covered Lucid Dreaming and other deep topics in some very helpful and meaningful ways. The interviewers did their homework so we discussed even deeper aspects of reality such as deja vu linked to past dreams known as Deja Reve, or already dreamed. How dreams and reality are an interconnected system. How to control and program your dreams to dream about what you want. I even talked about my only first encounter at the age of 14, and my pre-life struggle before I got sent back into this system. I think it's a gem, so hopefully, you will too. Enjoy!