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  1. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    I've just sown mine this morning, peppers tomatoes cucumbers radish lettuce. Dude you need to get youe address off that post. lot of crazy people about
  2. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    Interesting, I probably smoke about the same quantity myself and like you never seem to have cold and flue symptoms for more than a day at the absolute maximum. I do have a permanent runny nose but that's because or an unrelated nasal issue
  3. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    Tell your friend a friend told me all you would need is a crowbar (to get the access panel off) and a plat-pot full of termite. after all if it can melt the steel in the twin towers on 911 an aluminum 5G mast is toast. or so he told me :)
  4. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    And we know what happens to people who collaborate with the enemy It doesn't end well for them in the end! Unfortunately for me i live next door to one.
  5. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    My thoughts too
  6. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    Even Sargon is questioning what we are being told.
  7. I've just been listening to Davids last excellent video on you-tube on the corronavirus scam and it got me thinking now may be the time to put a little plan I've had in mind into action. The trouble with the likes of you-tube is unless you specifically searching for Davids or any other researchers alternative narrative you-tube wont show it you. so we need another way to get the alternative narrative out there to the masses. My idea, pirate radio! the idea is to take good you-tube content that would work well as a radio show, maybe 3-4 hours worth, transfer the audio to a cheap MP3 player (one with auto-repeat ideally) then and this is the hard bit for most buy or build a simple 5watt FM transmitter (plenty of designs out on the web) lastly you need a power supply and old laptop batteries are full of 18650 cells which are ideal. the idea is to build it all up into a small compact package take it up some place high over a densely populated aria, switch on and leave it and it will play until the batteries are exhausted or its discovered. using salvages parts and including the mp3 player (£2 from china) i can build one for under £5 so basically disposable and would have to be as the idea is completely illegal but then again so is the tyranny we are now living in.
  8. Itsjaybigjay

    Will you take the vaccine

    Now lets see they can inject it into my corpse if they like, its the only way there injecting me with that shit and i guarantee I'll take as many of the fuckers with me as i can. I'm in two minds if they will try it in the UK. As others on here have already said we ain't Europe whose people seem to be a bit more compliant with authority than us Brits .
  9. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    Thanks GR To be honest I'm probably better off then most. I own both my house and my rental outright no mortgage I have reasonable health despite suffering from chronic fatigue, and i have food to last a couple of months and should have some early veg ready for harvest by then and there are plenty of rabbits on the hills round ere so i wont starve. But if i cant afford tings like the internet connection things are going to get a little bleak. my biggest concern is the authorities tightening down on out freedoms as I'm not one to comply with there BS and will actively fight (lets just say the last wheel clamper to attempt to clamp my van regretted it) if they come round trying to force me to take there poison they are dead.
  10. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    True but its hoping my money doesn't run out before any help from the government comes in.
  11. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    Thanks brother I'm just outside Manchester UK, close enough to the countryside to be away in nature if need be.
  12. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    Well I'm doubly fucked, my income comes from my small business doing property maintenance which apart from emergency repairs I'm not allowed to do and from a property i let out. and as my tenant manages a restaurant which is now closed I'm getting no rent. Got some savings but not going to last long. least i have food to last a couple months. Gonna be getting ready for it to get far worse, and if they come calling with there compulsory vaccine well blood will get spilled.
  13. Itsjaybigjay

    coronavirus mega thread

    .22 air rifle should take care of those pretty sharpish.
  14. Itsjaybigjay

    I do not understand corona virus panic

    Yep they arn't interested in a bastard child and his mixed race wife.
  15. Itsjaybigjay

    What do y'all do for work?

    I used to work in event management, I now run my own property maintenance business which is getting increasingly harder with all the red tape. All designed to screw over the small guy while leaving the big fish unaffected.