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  1. Excellent post there Mr A. I believe your spot on re nationalism, There is nothing inherently wrong with being nationalist, however the whole idea of nationalism is used by as you say the usual suspects as a way to demonize people.
  2. Itsjaybigjay

    Red Ice TV Banned from Youtube

    Sad to say I'm not surprised to see this. and sadly the censorship can only get worse. alternative platforms really are going to be vital for any free exchange of ideas now. Youtube is a dead platform now when it cums to freedom of speech.
  3. Itsjaybigjay

    Spain's Foreign Minister loses it in an interview

    RT are covering it very well, as for the UK MSM very little. They may not want to give the UK people ideas. Same with the yellow vest protests in France.
  4. Itsjaybigjay

    Spain's Foreign Minister loses it in an interview

    Good on them I say! At last a proper response to an oppressive regime. My only hope is we can have the same sort of uprising in the UK over the Brexit farce.
  5. Itsjaybigjay

    Parliament should Legislate to Block Prorogation

    Really does go to show how much of a charade it all is really. Why bother to turn up on a Saturday and spoil your weekend when you already know everything has already been decided behind closed doors and you are just there to put on a show for the public to consume.
  6. Vans show me one single candidate republican or democrat with the possible exception of Sanders who isn't controlled by the Zionists. Gabbard has lots to disagree with regarding Israel but many things to agree with on her other policies. Is She not left enough for you vans? And what is your problem with Russia Vans? Again they gave a governing elite who are being influenced from Israel but so are most powers in the world now. just look at the uk for an example, both main parties, we have a rabid Zionist in Johnson and that useless cuck Corbin who maybe anti Zionist but is so surrounded he can so nothing in power without there approval. even Farrage wont say anything negative against Israel and I'm pretty sure hes a Zionist too. so with every party and candidate controlled all you can do is vote for who you perceive to be the lesser evil
  7. Itsjaybigjay

    Situation in Northern Syria

    Oh you mean the BBC trusted source of information on Syria
  8. Yep must Demonize the only sane one amongst them, and what better way to do that!! THEY ARE WORKING FOR RUSSIA!!! they relay need another bogey man to blame the Russia one isn't working anymore. Try China next time maybe?
  9. Itsjaybigjay

    nice to see extinction rebellion nutters get a good slapping

    Jeremie vine on radio 2 covered this today. He was interviewing two ER morons, one an MP the other a journalist both having been recently arrested for sitting in the road. The topic of the train incident came up Both ER morons actually tried to distance ER from this act saying the group involved weren't part of the main ER movement. The BBC had the usual bias with very soft questions for the morons from Jeremie. the callers where however pretty much of the consensus the Guy on the top of the train got what he deserved.
  10. Itsjaybigjay

    "Sheeple Power" - fake 'deal' gets shoppers in frenzy

    I have three Henry hovers all three have been picked up from the kerbside, Two worked perfectly and just needed cleaning the third just needed needed brushes in the motor which would of cost me about £3 if i hadn't got a box full of them already. But people have to have the latest thing and if they think they can get it that little bit cheaper, well we have the situation above.
  11. Good on them I say, Direct action against these idiots is what is needed, only a pity one of them didn't end up on the third rail
  12. Itsjaybigjay

    Why can’t I stop taking drugs

    Because it is all part of the control system. It is sold to us as the TPB need to protect us from ourselves. If elitist drugs where legal you heroin user could go to a dispensary pay a few £ and get there fix, so basically no more crime and the PTB couldn't have that could they. With little crime you don't have a scared and worried population, people may start thinking for themselves again. As to your second point, If they had a war on famine and homelessness (used as part of the fear agenda) then they would have less money to spend on war killing brown people in the middle east. And the masters of our masters could never have that.
  13. Itsjaybigjay

    Hands and minds thread

    Agreed he's a very talented man, His Land rover restoration has been an inspiration for me to get on and finish my own Land rover rebuild.
  14. Itsjaybigjay

    Crystal Meth: The New Face of Agenda 21

    This comedian explains it very well
  15. Itsjaybigjay

    Hands and minds thread

    Don't know if you've already come across this chap Apprentice but if not all his stuff is worth a watch, He lives and has a full iron working workshop all off grid. and like you makes most of the tools he needs.