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  1. Itsjaybigjay

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    maybe not a cigarette, I left the building industry in the early 2000's and smoking was forbidden on sight even back then. The rest of what was said is correct. Old buildings are tinder boxes you only need a stray spark from hot works to land somewhere and smolder away.
  2. Itsjaybigjay

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    Nice distraction from the yellow vests for the french ruling class
  3. Itsjaybigjay

    Facebook needs my social security and birth certificate

    Well I fucked fakebook off over three years ago now. I realized how much of my time i was spending on it and decided i could do more productive things with my time. Get rid you'll feel better for it.
  4. Itsjaybigjay

    Assange arrested

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/wikileaks-founder-julian-assange-arrested-police-london-n991236 Looks like he's fucked now. They wont let him out of bail again.
  5. Itsjaybigjay

    Tommy Robinson deleted from Facebook

    Same here, I have no time for Tommy the Zionist Robinson or alleged ISIS fighters returning to the UK but this is much more than it first seems. like you say they are using extremes to start with, but for how long?
  6. Itsjaybigjay

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    So fellow brexitears and Sean 😉 what do we make of Teresa's fire side chat to the nation? No mention of any real progress and No deal definitely off the table.
  7. Itsjaybigjay

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    So true Mr A, id give your post a like but i've ran out again.
  8. Itsjaybigjay

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    No Sean you seem to be having a little trouble with your math, you see 52% is a BIGGER percentage than 48% if the country was totally split the vote would be 50% to 50%. And as we are meant to live in a democracy and 52% is BIGGER than 48% we should leave, no ifs no buts just fucking leave.
  9. Itsjaybigjay

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    Ill give you a solution to the Northern Ireland non problem. we do nothing. We don't have a problem with EU goods coming to the UK through northern Ireland, its the EU who have a problem with non EU goods coming into the EU so if they want a customs check fine build them on the EU side of Ireland, its got fuck all to do with the UK then. In fact I've got an even better solution! Give northern Ireland back to Ireland, offer anyone who lives in norther Ireland and wants it imagination to the uk. then fuck if off back to Ireland and the EU problem solved.
  10. Itsjaybigjay

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    Ok well I'm a working class small business man who has a few properties for rent on the side. Reasonably well educated with two degrees. And I'm Very pro leaving on WTO terms like we should of the day after the referendum. So where do I appear on your list of deplorables Sean?
  11. Itsjaybigjay

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    Max Egen is the second guest and has some very interesting points on Christchurch.
  12. Itsjaybigjay

    Brexit wont happen March 29th ?

    Have a listen to the last caller at about 54min onward. Think people are very angry with TPTB over not following the will of the people.
  13. Itsjaybigjay

    Soldiers shoot Jeremy Corbyn - BS story.

    Could it be that they feel utterly betrayed by JC i wonder? His flip flop on brexit has pissed off many many die hard labor supporters.
  14. Itsjaybigjay

    Banksy - Art or Racism?

    Why would i quote you when i was replying to another poster who I indeed did quote. Oh im sorry you must be one of those antifa snowflakes my mistake. Childish reply lol. I'm not the one going through the forum stirring shit up wherever I go.
  15. Itsjaybigjay

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    you can couple the low bit rate of the stream with the fact it must of been streamed using a mobile to provide the data link.