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  1. Itsjaybigjay

    Escalation with Iran

    I find it humerous to note the iranian drone tech is based on us tech after iran captured a us drone a few ywars back.
  2. Itsjaybigjay

    Escalation with Iran

    Yep our puppets are doing as they are told by there masters. interesting interview with some on the crew of one of the vessels on RT. He said that what hit them flew into them, ie a missile. sort of shits all over the Zionist states of Americas clams it was an Iranian mine doesn’t it.
  3. Itsjaybigjay

    Brexit and the BBC

    Unfortunately its not just the BBC look at all the terrestrial channels and you will see the same bias. even the likes of sky are no different.
  4. Itsjaybigjay

    Good cops vs bad cops. Which do we have more of?

    my sentiments exactly, killing that scum isn’t murder its pest control
  5. Itsjaybigjay

    WAR - what is it good for?

    Cant believe no one has put this up yet Says it all really
  6. Itsjaybigjay

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    Very interesting OZ thanks for posting. I hadn’t realized Charlie Hebdo had been accused of antisemitism. and we know where Islamic terror is controlled from. interesting the Islamic terror narrative hasn’t been played up more over theNotre Damme fire
  7. Itsjaybigjay

    Chat Room

    I got given a bread maker, its awesome throw in the ingredients and set the timer and you wake up in the morning to fresh baked bread.
  8. Itsjaybigjay

    UK EU Elections 2019

    Yep so far UKIP 0MEP's
  9. Itsjaybigjay

    UK EU Elections 2019

    early days but so far Brexit party 2MEP's Labour 1MEP every one else still on 0
  10. Itsjaybigjay

    Robin Tilbrook banned by Facebook

    It's the court case they want keeping out of the public eye. The English Democrats are a relatively insignificant party as UK parties go, why else deplatform him? it wasn’t to stop him campaigning for the EU elections as his FB wasn’t removed until the day of the vote.
  11. Itsjaybigjay

    Robin Tilbrook banned by Facebook

    True but only when its to the EU's advantage. in this case its much more to there advantage to keep him as deplatformed as possible
  12. Itsjaybigjay

    Robin Tilbrook banned by Facebook

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I listened to Robin on Ritchie Allen. very ominous turn of events not that i use Facebook but to seemingly ban an eu candidate for no apparent reason is tantamount as you say to meddling with our democratic affairs. however I believe this has got to be more to do with the court case and keeping it under wraps than it has his Euro-mp candidacy.
  13. Itsjaybigjay

    UK EU Elections 2019

    No real problem with a pencil, just press down hard and make a thick mark so it will still leave a good mark or smudge if someone tries to tamper with it.
  14. Itsjaybigjay

    UK EU Elections 2019

    Amazingly all but one of the six people I've spoken to so far today about how they voted, voted for the Brexit party the one that didn't is a DI hard Labor voter and remainer and they voted lib dem.
  15. Itsjaybigjay

    Gas Gas Gas take 3

    Wonder if they will use the magic gas canisters again, you know the ones that can fit through a hole in a roof smaller than the actual diameter of the canister?