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  1. Easier to manipulate and control. Just look at how Greta is being manipulated and she is obviously on the spectrum.
  2. Itsjaybigjay

    Hands and minds thread

    Thanks Apprentice, as i say that was my first go, since then I've made a number of items in leather, mainly hair clips as gifts for people, whish id photographed some of them now as they show how yours skills develop with time and practice.
  3. Itsjaybigjay

    Hands and minds thread

    This was something I made a few years ago, it started out as a very old scraper that had a chunk broken out of it. The sheath was my first go at leather working, not up to The Apprentice's skill with leather but I was pleased with it for a 1st effort.
  4. Ok enough said, i will however have a look at it (cant understand why you couldn’t just post a link tho) Yep, although radar could be used for motion detection, why would you when IR motion sensors have been around for many years and are very cheap. I look forward to seeing any tech data your council provide.
  5. Itsjaybigjay

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    apparently all suspected cases in Edinburgh have tested negative for coronavirus.
  6. Can you provide a link to that page please, id like to see the whole page so i can read it properly, Dont get me wrong Deca im no fan of 5G or WI-FI what i want is to separate the facts from the BS.
  7. Thats brilliant thanks. I am not an electrical engineer although my background is in electronics. looking at that array in detail what i can deduct is it operates at high frequency but each element is low power. I cant see any high power devices anywhere on the PCB. It would be best if Jenet took a look too she has vastly more experience at RF than i do.
  8. Any chance of a link to that pic please, I’ve tried to enlarge it so i can study it but the resolution it too low.
  9. Itsjaybigjay

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    Manchester also has a huge Chinese population both student and full time resident. so it wont be long before its discovered down here too.
  10. The fraud Mark Steel was Ritchie allens second guest yesterday. Take a listen, the guy is a raving loony and is ether a fantasist or is a paid dis-info agent. If he really did develop the tech he claims to have done in the interview then how the hell cant he recognize what a basic switch mode PSU looks like?
  11. So what has this got to do with 5G? it even stipulates in the quote that the highest frequency it can communicate with is 2.4 GHz its just a bridge device to allow tech that communicates via RF to be interrogated into the LoRa optical network.
  12. Itsjaybigjay

    UK Tap water linked to Bladder Cancer epidemic

    Been considering fitting a water filter for some time, THIS has just made my mind up.
  13. HaHa fantastic and one of my favourite films to boot.
  14. Itsjaybigjay

    David Icke Colouring Book

    I dunno, my mother is an artist mainly doing flowers and animals, water colours oils you name it. but she likes those adult colouring books too, she says they are relaxing. was going to get her the Icke one for Christmas but ended up getting her a new set of walking boots she had her eye on.