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  1. Well we all know the globalist's are aiming for a cashless society to give them more control over us , so they can see every transaction we make , stop our cards any time they want so we cant buy food etc etc , and that would come in very handy for them when Facial recognition cameras are everywhere ( example is in China ,if you board a train and light up a ciggy you will be caouhgt on on of the millions of cameras they have their and before you get off the train you will have recieved a text saying you were caught ,fined and the money has been taken out of your bank account . So Bristol city fc ( owned by billionare S Lansdown ) have made Ashton Gate a cashless zone , you cannot even buy a bar of chocolate or packet of crisp unless you pay by card .
  2. alan16

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    I was only asking out of interest , i am a subscriber , i think its really good
  3. https://truepundit.com/amazons-alexa-devices-are-recording-your-life-and-people-keep-buying-them/ . Just another part of big brother as is smart tv's laptop web cams ,smart meters ,the list just goes on and on
  4. alan16

    iconic site down

    Does anyone know why ICONIC site is down ?? , hopefully its just for maintenance
  5. alan16

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Does anyone have any idea if it has many members ?
  6. alan16

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Worth every penny in my opinion .I have not read all the posts ,but this is not David Icke's site ,it's his son's site
  7. alan16


    I watched Renegade ,thought it was really good , and i must say my wife and i were in tears at the end when we saw how emotional David Icke was when he watched some kids write FREEDOM in the sand ,i have never seen him that emotional before ,he actually found it hard to speak
  8. alan16

    Flu Jab/vaccination

    From September until about April my wife and i take daily , 2vit c and 1 vid d ,we never get a cold or the flu .
  9. alan16

    Crazy things happening at our home

    This is some of her wounds / marks
  10. alan16

    David Icke goalkeeper

    Found this pic of Young Mr Icke in his Coventry City days
  11. Let's get #17million to No. 1. It can happen if enough people buy the single. Buy at Amazon http://tinyurl.com/td2b7pn iTunes https://music.apple.com/gb/album/17-million-f-k-offs-2020-update/1493509252?i=1493509255… Please share far & wide. I'll donate profits to Maggie Oliver Foundation for victims of child rape gangs ://twitter.com/i/status/1221519465155899404
  12. alan16

    Crazy things happening at our home

    Thanks , i did not know they did that ( amazon that is)
  13. I will start by saying my wife had a psychic attack ( she has scratch marks all down her right arm )night night after sending out thoughts to help the planet ( which we both do regularly ). And also we were watching a Icke video last night and seen a book in the video that my wife wanted so i ordered it from Ebay and is estimated to arrive Friday or Saturday . But we just had a parcel through the letterbox from Amazon and the doorbell rang ,i opened the door but their was no one their ,i opened the parcel and it was the book i ordered from Ebay ??? . I checked my bank and the money was taken by Paypal ( Amazon dont use paypal ) and even if i bought it from Amazon it would have been too late for it to be delivered today plus i dont use Amazon prime . Unfortunately she wont let me take a photo of her arm so cant put a pic on here
  14. alan16

    I want this t shirt

    I will get plenty of use from it
  15. alan16

    I want this t shirt

    Just arrived in the post lol