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  1. ThisIsme

    Video from Italian hospital

    We are not far behind Italy Some people think this is fake. I think those people are wrong.
  2. ThisIsme

    Video from Italian hospital

    Number of death by country. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-51235105
  3. ThisIsme

    Video from Italian hospital

    Here's the article she linked to. http://www.ansa.it/english/news/general_news/2020/03/19/army-takes-bergamo-coffins-away_a6e09e12-ba62-4dc9-834b-c227c6bd1fa3.html?fbclid=IwAR1MTf2wHZR1k6OqwQ7j9GwjTtA-hTgW3VAafvAxdIglD0NboC8OGN30Dyc
  4. ThisIsme

    Video from Italian hospital

    The above post is from an Italian residents FB page, same here...
  5. ThisIsme

    Video from Italian hospital

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is Bergamo, a city not far from me, where two of my best friends live and in the past I've spent many happy days. This is the army taking away people who have died because the crematorium is full. These people are dying alone and making their final journey alone, without family, friends and loved ones. Please lovely friends in the UK - STAY IN YOUR HOME'S. Schools are finally closing, this is not half term, this is not a holiday or time to go to the park. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AT HOME. I know it's not easy but they made the mistake here of letting kids treat it like half term and look where we are now. More than 31000 cases and yesterday 475 dead in one day. You are not there yet and you don't need to be if you act to stop the spread now. As I've mentioned before, the hardest thing about being in lockdown is being trapped thousands of miles away from my parents who have two jobs that put them in a vunerable position. Just the thought of anything happening to them while I am stuck here is unbearable, I don't know if I'd be strong enough to deal with it as a reality. So at this point I'm literally BEGGING you, read this, share it if you want, but do everything you can to stop this spreading further in the UK and persuade others to do the same. I understand people are worried about work and money, I am not working, I am not earning, I get it. But honestly now when I wake up it's at the very bottom of my list of things to worry about. Financial hardship is temporary, the loss of a loved one is forever. -Stay in your homes for all but essential tasks. - If you need to go food shopping send only one person from your household and if you safely can, leave your kids at home. - Practice social distancing if you are out, keep a metre or more from others. - Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. - Avoid touching your face. - Remember that it may be hard now but it's not forever and when this is finally all done it will be the happiest day on Earth! The more we work together, the quicker we can stop this. Edit: When I wrote this I honestly had no idea it would be so widely shared, if I had known I would have added two very important things which I have written in previous posts. 1) I am not writing this to scaremonger, or add to fear, in fact I want to encourage people not to panic. I wrote this only to try to encourage people to take more action now, so that the UK doesn't head down the same path. It is true, the majority of people who get this will be fine, but if we don't change our behaviour this will be passed onto more and more vulnerable people and that's where the problem lies. 2) Please stop panic buying. There is really absolutely no need. I have been in lockdown for almost two weeks. I go to the supermarket for food as I would normally, the only difference being we queue outside (at a safe distance from each other) and they let a certain amount of people into the shop at a time. The shelves are always stocked and full. By panic buying you are forcing elderly and immunosuppressed people to travel to multiple locations for what they need and adding to the problem.
  6. ThisIsme

    My name is Mohammed

    Good for you Mo Lad... Hope all goes well...
  7. ThisIsme

    Caroline Flack DEAD at 40

    She committed assault on her boyfriend, she wasn't allowed to see him, she was sacked from her job, in serious legal trouble, financial trouble, was vilified by the tabloid press and bullied relentlessly on social media, and already had mental health problems, that set of circumstances could definitely account for making somebody commit suicide. 'People see the celebrity lifestyle and assume everything is perfect, but we're just like everyone else. Everyone is battling something emotional behind closed doors - that's life. "Fame doesn't make you happy.' - Caroline Flack
  8. ThisIsme

    Jordan Peterson, controversial intellectual

    They all all eat only red meat and are Christians. Weird family.
  9. ThisIsme

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    He came out 22 years ago. Yeah it was obvious, all his band mates, friends and people close to the band knew, it wasn't a secret, also nobody gave a shit either, metal fans just weren't bothered.
  10. ThisIsme

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Indeed his conduct was appalling, glad someone else remembers that he blamed everyone and anyone instead of take responsiblity. The old webmaster Sean sold loads of money and disappeared to America, when people questioned where the money had gone he just flippantly said i'd like to know too.
  11. ThisIsme

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    TPV was abysmal and cost £500,000 is donations that were pissed down the bog, they removed all mention of it from the other forum and banned anyone who mentioned it, now they are releasing some of the old content from it, the adverts for it look like its the same dire quality, they have a presentation by a medium on there!! and the price is obscene.
  12. ThisIsme

    Who is a member of ICKONIC?

    Is it that popular?