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  1. ThisIsme

    New Album Out - Heaven's Above

    Not my style of music, but it's well done, nicely produced!
  2. ThisIsme

    Screw it... We're doing it.

    How do you plan on promoting, publicising and selling it?
  3. It's land clearing to raise cows for beef, meat eaters are destroying the rain forest.
  4. ThisIsme

    I filmed a video at an Animal Sanctuary!

    Nice one, thank you!
  5. ThisIsme

    I filmed a video at an Animal Sanctuary!

    They are called, Thelma, Louise and Angel, Mother and two daughters...
  6. ThisIsme

    What does ZERO EMISSIONS look like?

    This is about Greta Thunberg http://www.theartofannihilation.com/the-manufacturing-of-greta-thunberg-for-consent-the-political-economy-of-the-non-profit-industrial-complex/ It's 6 articles, well worth a read, it's about the so called grass roots protests of Greta Thunberg. The first school protest she did, by herself which was supposed to have been picked up organically by local media ...well the photos of her on the first day were posted on twitter by an NGO that are going to benefit from any gree revolution.
  7. ThisIsme

    What does ZERO EMISSIONS look like?

    I've watched this, and it is a spokesperson for XR and he believes there is going to be a climate catastrophe within 20 years with total colapse of society, and that there needs to be a radical change in society, including decomitioning all nuclear power plants, as he says once society collapses the power plants will be a ticking time bomb that are all going to melt down, there are other people in XR that believe the same stuff, this is what the will be wanting the peoples assembly to impose.
  8. I'm currently researching Extinction Rebellion, been watching / reading a lot of their material, there's a few things I find alarming! So they are calling for zero carbon emissions, what does that look like? it's literally the ceasing of society / industry as it is now? What do people think about XR? I'm also looking at a lot of people who dis agree with XR, anyone got any good links to scientists who disagree with the 'consensus'?
  9. ThisIsme

    Icke claims to be made directly by God while others are not

    Icke has said an awful lot of bullshit over the years, he used to talk about 2012 and pole shifts. He used to talk about the 'control system' being over by 2000, the 2012, then he moved the goal posts to 2018, he's probably moved the goal posts again. Remember when he said parking wardens were going to be given police powers and they were gonna be a fascist authority when the war started, he siad that over 10 years ago. Icke has said an uncountable number of wrong things in the last 25 years, but he just keeps ploughing on, never talking to anybody who would actually challenge him over his beliefs, and his follows just forget about the nonsense and continue to follow him. He has no credibility.
  10. ThisIsme

    I visited an Animal Sanctuary

    Animal Agriculture is the biggest cause of natural / wild land destruction.
  11. ThisIsme

    I visited an Animal Sanctuary

    We share DNA with all mammals, because we all evolved from the same thing.