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  1. Tamlinn

    What is your view on abortion ?

    Someone else's body is no one else's business. Anymore than someone should be able to tell you that you have to get a vaccination to save other people's lives.
  2. Tamlinn

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    Oh I am so sick of the Karen insults. Because my real name is guess what. It's not fair how internet culture has a ruined perfectly good name. I am forced to change my name. At first it was a little amusing but now that it is going on and on for a really extended time and it is really bordering on malicious.
  3. Tamlinn

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    The media has said that covid can mimic allergy symptoms, which of course are very common in the spring months. They are also burning or spraying something here as the sky has a haze. I think they are trying to induce symptoms here in people because we almost clear of cases and it is becoming very difficult to enforce all the rules when there is no sick people.
  4. Tamlinn

    Coronavirus Mega-Thread.

    They have already been enforcing the no-touch policy here for some time. When the children play a game that involves touching such as "tag" they use a fake hand. We have also been told to start practising "social distancing" in the home, so that the children are prepared for when school starts. On the one hand they want physical separation but then for everyone to think alike.