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  1. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Pierre Sabak Interviewing Neil Hauge

  2. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Paris Hilton Bloodline Connections?

  3. Stephen Truth Seeker

    The Hidden Ones - The Djinn

  4. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Call for a ban on anonymous mobile phones

    MORE CONTROL FOR THE NWO! https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jan/10/police-call-for-ban-on-anonymous-pay-as-you-go-phones I knew they were going to do this. For people with multiple internet accounts this could cause problems.
  5. Its me or is there a new wave of young people who are at least aware of some of the Icke research?
  6. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Has anyone met there soul Mate/Friend?

    I'm just interested if people have experienced something like that. Like a deep connection with another human being even on a telepathic level. A person you were always ment to meet in your life. Another level above the normal love story.
  7. Stephen Truth Seeker

    There's been a disturbance in The Force!

    Over the past 3 weeks or so have you felt it? Things have happened and now The Illuminati are using it to there advantage by creating a third world war scenario.
  8. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Miracle Mineral Supplement?

    I don't want make my own I will mess it up. I really need need to lose wait coz I'm camping in a tent. Did you ask around? Would you be prepared to sell me you MMS you would be helping me out a lot thanks.
  9. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Why is David Icke allowed to do what he does?

    David Icke has got protection he passed all his tests as a young person.
  10. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Happy New World Order!

    You people are on doctors pills. Time to take your pill slave.
  11. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Happy New World Order!

    Apparently some ideots on this forum think " getting help" is going to the authoritys and telling them all your bisness
  12. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Happy New World Order!

    Enjoy for Doctors pills - Enjoy your police control - enjoy your Government?
  13. Stephen Truth Seeker

    Happy New World Order!

    All you cunts that enjoy the New World Order System Enjoy it until it comes up behind you and bites you on the arse! HAPPY NEW WORLD ORDER!! Enjoy!
  14. Stephen Truth Seeker

    What to do if you become HOMELESS

    I'm not posting all kinds of personal information on here just for pebs like you. FUCK OFF!!
  15. Stephen Truth Seeker

    What to do if you become HOMELESS

    I'm not going to bother with it anymore.