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  1. Algy

    David Icke Colouring Book

    I'd be inclined to think there's a couple of posters here who own copies.
  2. Algy

    Slamming car doors

    What do you recommend outside of showing them scary memes and bible quotes?
  3. Algy

    My view on women and dating altogether

    Leftism is a disease.
  4. I don't mind her music, she's clearly bonkers to state this though.
  5. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    There's a total lack of coherence here from a couple of posters, is there some sort of filter that mutes butthurt millennials from getting butthurt? We need to embrace diversity.
  6. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    I just did, you disarmed, fatuous virtue signaller. Go hug your boyfriend if you're feeling lost.
  7. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    You know.
  8. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    There's a famous quote you might want to take on: "physician, heal thyself". You're done here. The elephant in the room here is we are all responsible for our own actions, for you, one day that will sink in. Experience is a hard master but a worthy one. You'll get there eventually. You're boring me now and thus is a deflection from the topic. Take a break and reconsider your options.
  9. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    I know you. Go away, you're lost, bewildered and desperately in need of guidance. You won't find it online, go out in the world and learn reality.
  10. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    Well done. Get back to your sim game and pretend life has never happened. Which in your case, is the case.
  11. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    Do you represent the parents? Answer this. Would you happily accept your daughter engaging in these actions? Answer this. What say you.... And unfortunately for your prognosis I'm not a misogynist, you are however, someone with little life experience. So I'm going to assume you're a leftist and a millennial . In which case I won't change my stand from treating your input with the contempt it deserves. You need to get a few more years under your belt before you can claim knowledge.
  12. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    I posted on the basis of that initial information. I am not stating rape never happened but that she'd lost her case already because of her actions. She'll never win this accusation and has hopefully learnt to have some self respect in future. Life is not a video game.
  13. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    It's what the video shows but feel free to split hairs over the veracity of a video you haven't seen.
  14. Algy

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    So you're unable to speak on behalf of the parents, as you stated previously? I'm not saying she asked for it, I'm saying she made her choices and any future prosecution will refer to her willingness to put out to multiple sexual encounters. Fact.