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  1. itsnotallrightjack


    Maybe Pervstein will get Ebola then!
  2. itsnotallrightjack


    I've seen a lot of people post comments online that they fell ill in December and January with severe symptoms that matched Covid 19. These were not only people in Britain but also Americans, and they wondered if the virus had got out of China earlier than officially reported.
  3. itsnotallrightjack


    Ye gods -- enough to give me nightmares tonight! No wonder the Queen hasn't been living with him for the past couple of years. He's enough to curdle the milk in her afternoon tea.
  4. itsnotallrightjack


    I hope they get better soon!
  5. itsnotallrightjack


    There have been some celebs died of it, older people, but ones not that famous- people who used to be in tv shows years ago. Time will tell if any big name celeb will be reported to have died from it.
  6. Regarding tinned food. It does have a best before date, but I saw a programme a few years ago where they opened tinned food that was more than 10 years old and tested it and it was still safe to eat. My Dad proved that in the early 1980s when his father ( my Grandad ) passed away as Dad took all the tinned food from Grandad's larder home to us. Grandad had lived through 2 world wars so he'd stored a lot of tins in case he ever had to face another war and rationing. Many of those tins dated from 1960s. My mother refused to eat the contents of the tins or let me and my brothers eat them, but my Dad said he was not going to let the tins go to waste and he ate the lot and didn't get ill from them. I can't remember what was in the tins but Dad ate the lot and said they tasted fine.
  7. Washing the backside after doing a dump is hygienic. I have been doing that for 30 years. Beans do make one toot, but you can prevent that by taking Enzymedica Bean Assist digestive enzymes. They really do work as I eat a lot of beans and chickpeas ( in hummus) and I used to be tooting all night until I started taking the enzymes before each meal. You can find them easily online ( cheapest prices on ebay). Well, until the last 4 years or so, since I'm older. When I was younger I could eat a lot of beans without doing a lot of tooting. They help with cauliflower as well- another notorious gas causer! I love cauliflower so Ezymedica is an essential for me.
  8. Yes, I am used to economising! I have a cookbook from 1940 with recipes from housewives. I am going to make some oat "veggie sausages" from one recipe in there. Looks easy and tasty. I also have frozen veg in my freezer I can load into my slow cooker ( crockpot to Americans) with a tin of butter beans to make a casserole or curry. I've got bags of oats in as oats can be used in many recipes. For example I plan to make the aforementioned veggie sausages, and also a crumble using some frozen berries I have, and chocolatey flapjacks ( I've got caco powder and also loads of organic carob powder). Some veg is easy to grow- broad beans grow well in pots, but slugs are a problem ( they eat the leaves and the plants then struggle). Spuds are easy. Tomatoes can be easy too if the plants get plenty of warmth/sun and they love rainwater rather than tap water. I once bought a pot of chives from the Lidl and planted it in a bigger pot and put it in a sunny spot and it grew big and lived for 3 years! It must have been happy cos it grew flowers and the bees visited it. I kept trimming off the top and put the chives in salads. I hope your dogs will be ok. I've got pet rats so they eat a lot of what I eat. They cost little to feed. One of them is a fussy madam though as she always wants lots of different foods in a day and is always staring at me and sniffing for more food. She'll eat some of those veggie sausages I will make, plus the flapjack and crumble!
  9. Yes, I like nuts. Home Bargains and Arabic shops have some in. Peanut butter is hard to find though! Only the expensive brands left or teeny jars of Sunpat. I used to buy Whole Earth for £2 a jar from B and M Bargains, but they closed down in January. Really miss that store. I didn't know one could grow garlic in pots. I'll have to try that. I can still get plenty of dunny rolls from Heron Foods and Home Bargains. But I bought one of those hose backside washers you attach to the loo that Muslims use from ebay. I'll have to wait til I can get a plumber/handyman to come and fit it though. I'll be saving some tiny spuds to sprout and plant in my grow bag in the back yard.
  10. itsnotallrightjack

    Support Extinction Rebellion??

    Well they've since been posting on Twitter and sticking posters up in the streets stating that the virus is the cure and people are the virus. Just vile. Shows you how twisted they are.
  11. The first thing that comes to mind is if you have a garden see if you can get seeds to grow some food, also start composting because that will feed the plants. You can also trade compost with neighbours and swap food grown or even trade some food for other things you need. I haven't a garden, only a north facing cool Victorian back yard but I could still grow some carrots and spuds in grow bags and tubs and other root veg, so I'll look into getting some seeds. Adopt our grandparents' and great grandparents' " make do and mend" ethos : sew up/patch holes in clothing rather than throwing it in the bin, re use and re purpose things. This will save you money for bills and food. Start neighbourhood community groups- trade and swap things. Freecycle is a good thing to join. We will need to start coming together as communities again and living like they did in the 1940s and 1950s. I'm doing my laundry this afternoon ( have a mountain of it I'm working through) and was putting some outside the house on a clothes horse to dry ( sunnier than the back yard) and two of my neighbours walked by who live further up the street and we got chatting ( keeping the distance) and it really cheered me up to meet them. Such nice young people who are keeping positive and have good community spirit. I think my street will have a party when we have beat this evil virus!
  12. itsnotallrightjack

    Coping in isolation

    Doesn't bother me really as I am a solitary sort of person and I was already spending much of my time alone at home doing art, online courses, reading, general housekeeping etc anyway. I also have pets so I don't feel alone. I have tons to do at home so don't get bored. Not that I'm anti social but I'm 51 and not into "clubbing it", pubs and parties. I'm more of an art gallery coffee shop person- those things I do with my mother. But of course we are all different- some people want to be with other people every day.
  13. itsnotallrightjack

    shopping queues are a lie too

    Yesterday I went to Heron Foods ( small budget supermarket that sells frozen food, tinned, fridge section foods and some household things) and Home Bargains ( discount store that sells cleaning stuff, toiletries, toys, some dried foods, tinned foods, potatoes, drinks, snacks ) and both were well stocked. Both had loads of dunny rolls! Home Bargains had no baked beans left ( but I generally only buy organic ones anyway which they don't sell) but loads of canned butter beans which is what I wanted. They had no decaff coffee in but they often don't anyway. I get one from there now and again as it's not as nice as the main brands I like, but its cheap. Got a big bag of potatoes in Home Bargains and Tilda rice from Heron Foods. I only went in Tescos to use the cash machine. I was planning to go to both above named shops and if I found them empty then go to the Arabic stores but had no need to. My shopping list was flexible- was looking for frozen cauliflower ( which I got), potatoes/rice, some kind of pulses/beans, fruit juice and spices. Got the lot. Even 2 packs of dunny rolls! Tescos had the queue- but as noted to keep the distancing and manage any hoarders. I did go into the smaller Tesco later to get feta cheese and some bakery bread rolls- was fairly quiet in there, no huge queue. Well stocked too. People are mostly being pleasant here as far as I can see and what I've heard- not the craziness I've heard is going on in London.
  14. itsnotallrightjack

    India - Gang Rapists Hanged

    Good! Evil scum.
  15. itsnotallrightjack

    Harvey Wankstain found guilty

    Well one less pervert in the world.