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  1. Maybe he's bi. Many celebrities are bi.
  2. I can just imagine the type of recordings Alexa has made. "Did you put the bin out?" "No, not yet." "You lazy bastard- get off your fat arse and put the bin out." ------------------------------------------------------------------------ " That were a tasty pizza mate, weren't it?" "Burrrrp!" "Pffttt--" "You dirty get, urgh that stinks!" -------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey do you like my new shoes? Only £20 in the sale." "Very nice yeah." "You didn't even look at them!" "Hang on, I just gotta post that selfie." ---------------------------------------------------------------- I hope whoever is snooping and listening is bored to death LOL.
  3. Rich and famous: Not when they were dating and then got married he wasn't. So I wonder when she found out. Why would she marry a man she knew was gay when he was not very well off? I reckon she didn't know, but when she did find out/he told her it looks like she became his beard ( he probably had made enough money for the fancy lifestyle by then and made an agreement she could have a bit on the side quietly in return for her keeping silent ).
  4. itsnotallrightjack

    Why I lean towards the right wing

    Exactly the way I see it. I roll my eyes if I see or hear people spouting that the party they support/will vote for will "sort things out" or "improve the lot of the people." If they are directly talking to me I might do a wry smile and say I think I saw a flying pink pig.
  5. itsnotallrightjack

    Why I lean towards the right wing

    I got: Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -6.63 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.79 Rather complicated, can't figure it out really lol. Your comments above only go to show how complicated political labelling is. I suspect few of us are really just one thing or another as there are so many facets to life and things are not always so either or/ this or that and dependent on situations, views and experiences that keep changing. I do not vote. I don't like any of of the 3 political parties ( Labour, Conservative, Liberals) for different reasons for each of them. I consider myself "neutral."
  6. itsnotallrightjack

    Crazy things happening at our home

    Probably a wolf spider. I woke up one morning last year with marks on my thigh similar looking to yours. They itched like crazy and the marks took months to fade. I remembered being feeling a tickling on my leg a couple of times in the evening when sitting in bed on the laptop. I thought it was just the duvet cover, but there must have been a spider hiding in the bed. I just kept putting Germolene on the marks.
  7. itsnotallrightjack

    Prince Andrew is back

    Same here and some dark shades on over my specs lol.
  8. itsnotallrightjack

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    If she knew from the day she married him then she is either a mug or they made an agreement she could have a bit on the side herself.
  9. itsnotallrightjack

    What to do if you become HOMELESS

    Have you been to Citizens Advice? They can help you with a lot of issues relating to being homeless. I hope you get the help you need.
  10. itsnotallrightjack

    What to do if you become HOMELESS

    In my home town it's local charity community groups who provide meals for homeless/street guys as I mentioned. Some are church groups, the Anglican Cathedral food bank, some are community groups, and there's Food Not Bombs. It's often on a local level where the help is provided, but not the actual headquarters of big state church organisations that donate large sums of money, so I agree with your points above. It's mostly provided on donations of food, clothing and time by volunteers and local people, not the rich! Also Shelter and Citizens Advice help ( support and food vouchers) My local Tescos has a foodbank box. I'm not a fan of Russell Brand, but he was correct on that point- the world has billions hid away in bank accounts of super rich elites who couldn't possibly spend it all. Yes, poor Mr. Jones aged 88 with his 1 hour a day home care is causing "austerity", so let's cut it to 30 mins a day. Whilst Simon Farquar- Henley, MP in his big Surrey mansion , holiday home in the South of France and hotel "expenses" in London when he "attends Parliament" are not triggering "austerity measures."
  11. itsnotallrightjack

    What to do if you become HOMELESS

    @PeakGammon: Totally agree with all your points. In my home town there's various volunteers going round offering meals to the homeless/street guys in the city centre. There's also Food Not Bombs operating out of a vegan social centre, and they get given food from a local shop nearing the sell by date and make lovely nutritious vegan meals like curries to give out to these guys and anyone else passing who would like a free meal. If I was homeless and buying food from donations given to me by the public I'd buy the following that would keep for a bit in my rucksack: jars of peanut butter, oat crackers, tins of baked beans ( they can be eaten cold), bottles of mineral water ( only 17p in Tescos for a litre), bananas, apples, those nak'd type raw bars they sell in Home Bargains for 99p for 4. Then I'd accept the free meals cooked by charities like Food Not Bombs and charity community kitchens ( we have some of those too). Plenty of healthy veggie/vegan options around. Eggs and meat should never be eaten raw I agree- full of harmful bacteria! These sorts of bacteria can kill a person. Raw milk can be 50-50; it could harbour bacteria, but then it might not. However it was known as a source of Tuberculosis in the past.
  12. itsnotallrightjack

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Makes me wonder; after all China is, or rather was on its way to becoming an economic superpower. They have cities with such advanced tech there that make Britain look like the 1990s! Far ahead of us in terms or robotics, AI etc.
  13. itsnotallrightjack

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    I agree with you- these pandemics don't tend to originate in developed countries with stricter hygiene in "meat production", and infrastructures ( unlike centuries ago).
  14. Hard to know exactly what the truth of this matter is; so many "stories" out there. A few different sources of who will have a vaccine ready and when, where the virus came from etc. I'm not against vaccines per se ( had a few myself over the years) but the fact they use poor animals in their "research" is what I dislike about them. I'm veering towards that the virus has come from unhygienic "meat markets" where animals are kept in cages in terrible conditions and killed on the spot. If you look at history, most endemic/pandemic viruses started when there were masses of people crowded together with contact with kept animals ( to be slaughtered), also kept in unhygienic conditions. And, also that it has kind of allowed to happen as it's one way of halting China's economic growth and reducing their population ( if it becomes a deadly killer of anyone who gets infected), and heck if it manages to reduce the amount of "undesirables/plebs" in the western countries, then there's less of them to claim UBI. Whether it is a deadly one that kills most people or not at this moment isn't so much the desired outcome in that it will be used as an excuse to keep plebs from moving round, keep them confined and therefore reduce their "carbon footprint." It points towards starting to put in action of resolving the "problem" of what to do with millions of unemployed plebs once the AI and bots take over the jobs, and how to "ration" their usage of resources. Without actually being over there in China and seeing what's going on with one's own eyes, we can only speculate.
  15. itsnotallrightjack

    Technology: friend or foe ?

    Linux is good.