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  1. peter power

    coronavirus mega thread

    "We are currently witnessing a major epidemic caused by the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019- nCoV). The evolution of 2019-nCoV remains elusive. We found 4 insertions in the spike glycoprotein (S) which are unique to the 2019-nCoV and are not present in other coronaviruses. Importantly, amino acid residues in all the 4 inserts have identity or similarity to those in the HIV-1 gp120 or HIV-1 Gag. Interestingly, despite the inserts being discontinuous on the primary amino acid sequence, 3D-modelling of the 2019-nCoV suggests that they converge to constitute the receptor binding site. The finding of 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV, all of which have identity /similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of HIV-1 is unlikely to be fortuitous in nature. This work provides yet unknown insights on 2019-nCoV and sheds light on the evolution and pathogenicity of this virus with important implications for diagnosis of this virus. " https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.01.30.927871v1.full.pdf https://www.researchgate.net/publication/338957445_Uncanny_similarity_of_unique_inserts_in_the_2019-nCoV_spike_protein_to_HIV-1_gp120_and_Gag These Indian scientists think its man made as it has HIV 'inserts' " Our analysis of the spike glycoprotein of 2019-nCoV revealed several interesting findings: First, we identified 4 unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike glycoprotein that are not present in any other coronavirus reported till date. To our surprise, all the 4 inserts in the 2019-nCoV mapped to short segments of amino acids in the HIV-1 gp120 and Gag among all annotated virus proteins in the NCBI database. This uncanny similarity of novel inserts in the 2019- nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag is unlikely to be fortuitous. Further, 3D modelling suggests that atleast 3 of the unique inserts which are non-contiguous in the primary protein sequence of the 2019-nCoV spike glycoprotein converge to constitute the key components of the receptor binding site. Of note, all the 4 inserts have pI values of around 10 that may facilitate virus-host interactions. Taken together, our findings suggest unconventional evolution of 2019-nCoV that warrants further investigation. "
  2. peter power

    coronavirus mega thread

    https://metallicman.com/laoban4site/was-the-2020-wuhan-coronavirus-an-engineered-biological-attack-on-china-by-america-for-geopolitical-advantage It does seem farfetched, doesn’t it? That the United States will risk World War III, using nuclear weapons, by launching a coronavirus inside China during the 2020 Chinese New Year celebrations? But that is exactly the scenario that I fear has occurred. Here we discuss this horror. If this is the actual case, and it is actually intentionally engineered and used against China, it means that the USA is flirting with global nuclear annihilation. This is nothing that should be treated lightly. Maybe not so far-fetched. When you get into the details… Introduction Many in the know, believe America has two options when it comes to winning a world war against China and Russia. Also, what most agree on is the fact that America cannot win a conventional war against either power, or both. - Can America Win World War III? A Critical Analysis Officially called the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), [renamed to COVID-19 for some odd reason] the contagion is a respiratory illness, a new type of viral pneumonia, in the same family of infections as SARS and MERS. It highly contagious. It’s of a factor many, many time contageous than any other known virus. High Contagiousness Indeed, if we compare how SARS spread out in 2002-2003, it is hard not to notice how much more contagious nCoV-2019 is compared to SARS. It took SARS three months to reach to the point of 300 cases between November 2002 and February 2003. In the climax of SARS, the daily number of newly registered cases in Mainland China never exceeded 200 cases. In comparison, on 28th January 2020 alone, 1459 new cases of nCoV-2019 were reported nationwide, including 315 cases in Wuhan. In just a week between 20-28 January, the number of patients with nCoV-2019 exceeded the number of all SARS patients confirmed in Mainland China between 2002-2004! Mainland China had just 5327 cases of SARS, but nCoV-2019 already had 5974 registered cases by the end of January 28th, 2020. - Coronavirus: Summary to date & insights Taken alone, it’s just “another” viral agent. Only this time it’s much stronger. However, taken in context with other events, other systems, and other considerations it points to some very serious conclusions; conclusions that are far too hard to ignore. Everything seemingly points to biowarfare being waged against China. Crazy! Right? No nation would be so crazy, so stupid, so insane, so evil… as to launch a very deadly WMD inside a nuclear-armed world power on their most important holiday. Right? Who would be interested in doing this? This Is How to Stop China from Dominating the South China What Happens After China Surpasses the U.S. Economy US law enforcers should stop China’s influence It’s too late to stop China’s rise, so the West must start … How to Stop China in the South China Sea | Foreign Affairs How To Stop China’s Rise The calls for drastic and immediate action against China are all over the major American neocon publications. Just because you (personally) are not aware of them, does not mean that they do not exist. These neocons are foaming at the mouth for a fight. Who are they? The culprits are the dominant Western Powers. Which pretty much is America and it’s allies (namely Britain). The objective is to put “stress” on China in a combined effort to contain her growing power and influence. It seems so far-fetched. No one would be that crazy, that evil, that insane to want to hurt a successful nation full of hard-working and family loving people. No one, unless… …they are ideologically motivated. Negotiation is not a policy. It's a technique. It's something you use when it's to your advantage, and something that you don't use when it's not to your advantage. -John Bolton
  3. peter power

    Danny Tetley - Prison for Paedophile Pop Pervert

    Simon Cowell, the guy who bailed out Jonathan King (convicted for child sex abuse) and was good friends with Max Clifford (convicted for child sex abuse), yea nothing to see here....
  4. http://dunblane.site/gh_qvs_story.htm " The ex-QVS housemaster Glenn Harrison's synopsis of events about physical and sexual abuse at Queen Victoria School as related to a journalist in 2003.LINK Personal and in confidence to Davy R about QVS. "I am convinced it was a Masonic conspiracy, LINK Ministry Of Defence (MoD), Her Majesty's Schools Inspectorate (HMI), and Her Majesty's Commissioners (HMCs), military top brass and others. The matter was a cover-up to protect people in high office in Government." "
  5. peter power

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    https://www.citybridgetrust.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Bridgemark.jpg I find this symbol very similar to ER's , telling i think. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridge_House_Estates
  6. peter power

    Ginger Harry and Meghan Markle

    Canada is still a crown colony so of course they will pay, its the same organisation.
  7. peter power

    Who killed George mickels sister then?

    Probably someone who can spell.....
  8. peter power

    Charlie Veitch shaved ALL of his hair off

    someone piss on this turd (veitch)
  9. peter power

    London Bridge Incident

    https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/learning-together-alumni-event-tickets-71773160455# Learning Together Five Year Celebration Alumni Event A day to celebrate, connect and collaborate. You are warmly invited to join us for our Learning Together Network Alumni Event on: Friday 29th November, 11.00 - 16.00 at Fishmongers’ Hall, London. Everyone who has been involved in a Learning Together Partnership across the UK is invited to join us in celebrating 5 years of Learning Together. Our Programme Celebrating our Alumni 11.00- 12.00 Brunch and chat 12.00 - 12.15 Welcomes - Learning Together Directors, Amy and Ruth; Prime Warden, Mr David Jones 12.15 - 14.15 Interactive workshops - Story telling and creative writing 14.15 - 14.30 Refreshments Celebrating 5 Years of Learning Together 14.30 - 14.45 Launch of our five year impact report 14.45 - 15.45 The power of education for social justice – a panel discussion 15.45 - 16.00 What's next? 16.00 Departures Does not read like the itinerary for a "prisoner rehabitation" event to me!
  10. peter power

    London Bridge Incident

    Clearly a state sponsored op June 2017 London Bridge incident 3 terrorists all aligned to Anjem Choudary who has always been protected by MI5 November 2019 London Bridge again, terrorist aligned with Anjem again, terrorist released from prison early and monitore by MI5 https://medium.com/insurge-intelligence/isis-recruiter-who-radicalised-london-bridge-attackers-was-protected-by-mi5-232998ab6421 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/21/mi5-stopped-scotland-yard-taking-choudary-down-sources-claim/