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  1. lovejoy

    Labour is part of Rothschild communism

    Please explain how 2% of the population can demand and dictate what the other 98% can and must do, say, or think, I'd love to know, please explain.If Labour adopts the "Ten Pledges to end the antisemitism crisis", no critic of Israel will be permitted to be a member. NO criticism of Israel will be allowed. The party will be taken over by a fifth column of a foreign power which is overtly hostile to free speech and democracy in Britain. It will represent a complete Coup by the Lobby - that is to say - criminal foreign interference in British Democracy. It will not be worth voting, if they do, the Liberals are in bed with the damned jews and most certainly the Conservatives, sell out, the lot of them, if they agree to the pandering of these damned people!! For Shame Point 8 is an undisguised attack on JVL. Point 6 invites the suspension and expulsion of anyone who supports the Palestinians, including with BDS. Point 5 is the most insidious McCarthyite measure of all: anyone or any CLP who tries to defend someone who has been suspended for alleged anti Semitism, no matter how unjustly, will themselves be suspended. So as soon as JLM accuse someone, no one may speak up in their defence! Point 3 gives JLM full access to confidential information about anyone accused. Point 2 hands an ‘independent body’ (whoever that may be) full control over the Party’s internal disciplinary process, over who will be expelled from the Party. We should be under no illusion about how dangerous this is for the left, and indeed for the Labour Party. This is where appeasement leads. The very organisations who declared that Jeremy Corbyn was ‘unfit to be prime minister’, who thereby undermined our election campaign and directly facilitated the Johnson victory, now get to control our disciplinary process. It doesn’t get much worse than this.
  2. lovejoy

    The propaganda of World War Two

    Please read this book, Falsehoods in Wartime, if they did it all then, I am sure as hell they did it WWII! http://www.vlib.us/wwi/resources/archives/texts/t050824i/ponsonby.html https://imgur.com/a/rnzIF
  3. DOING HIS MASTERS WAR BIDDING, HIS MASTERS BEING NETANYAHU AND ISRAEL !! Israel is nothing but a nation of filthy war mongers!! https://ibb.co/z7YV6LXhttps://www.nytimes.com/.../iran-strike-israel-america.html
  4. lovejoy


  5. lovejoy

    Alien footprints

    Can't you download the imgur app and upload to there? https://imgur.com/mobile
  6. lovejoy

    Research Help On The Holocaust

    Well nothing I have posted is..
  7. lovejoy

    Research Help On The Holocaust

    Inside Auschwitz - You've never seen THIS before! Being a kid at Auschwitz Auschwitz children - What happened to children in the concentration camps during World War II Nazi Concentration Camp Westerbork - What happened inside Nazi Concentration Camp - Slovak Jews in forced labor Inside the Dachau Death Camp Auschwitz inmates at work - Behind the barbed wire
  8. https://imgur.com/a/iyjsI
  9. lovejoy

    Research Help On The Holocaust

    Typhus? https://imgur.com/a/eYhSk
  10. lovejoy

    Research Help On The Holocaust

    Lies being Taught; Millions were killed By Germans in Camps;Now the TRUTH; Millions of Germans were killed in Camps by US General Eisenhower http://lovkap.blogspot.com/2017/01/eisenhowers-death-camps.html
  11. lovejoy

    The health timebomb

    Why Western Elites Can’t Keep Ignoring Africa’s Overpopulation Problem https://www.newenglishreview.org/blog_direct_link.cfm?blog_id=68892 Christine Lagarde: "Old people live too long and they are a threat to the world economy, something must be done." https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fsnap4face.com%2Fchristine-lagarde-alte-menschen-leben-zu-lange-und-es-ist-ein-risiko-fuer-die-weltwirtschaft-etwas-muss-getan-werden
  12. Trawler 14 times the size of UK fishing boats is plundering fish from British waters before Brexit https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/10/04/trawler-14-times-size-uk-fishing-boats-plundering-fish-british/
  13. lovejoy

    Those were the days

    Dad was a postman, mom was a cleaner, they had me and my brother. They managed to buy their own house, we had a holiday every year, fair enough, only Rhyl, Blackpool or Weston Super Mare. They were never in debt(except the mortgage), if you could not afford it, buy it when you've saved up for it. We never went without, always home cooked meals, mom and dad went out every Friday and Saturday, we always had days out when travel was cheap then, Shrugsborough Hall, Malvern Hills, always days out somewhere etc. Dad always bought the latest gadgets, computers etc(this is the 80's), all bills always paid on time. We were certainly not rich, but not struggling either, it was a nice working class life. Yet today, a couple both working, struggle just to pay the rent now, let alone any of their household bills as well. I reckon everything changed in 1997, with Blair and Labour, there was a definite change in the country since then, and for the worse?
  14. We have always had heatwaves???