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  1. The lgbt brigade and ethinic(so called) minorities can do know wrong?
  2. The Second Civil War (1997) I was mooching around on IMDB, and somehow came upon this film, never heard of it personally. But reading the comments of the film came across this one, it was wrote in 2013, https://www.imdb.com/review/rw2777918/?ref_=tt_urv Plot The film is set in a United States in which foreign immigration has skyrocketed: The mayor of Los Angeles speaks only in Spanish, Rhode Island is populated mostly by Chinese-Americans, and Alabama has a congressman from India. Politics is openly reduced to a matter of catering to various ethnic groups for their votes - the Alabama congressman will only support the U.S. President if his state receives more money for Hindu temples. When an atomic weapon is used in Pakistan, an international organization makes plans to bring orphans to Idaho. Well it is happening now, isn't it?? Came across the film too if you want to give it a view https://ok.ru/video/1787364248244
  3. lovejoy

    Politically-Incorrect Comedy

  4. lovejoy

    hillsborough trial found a target

    I have said from day one, when it was originally aired on tv, the fans outside contributed to the tragedy, they were told it was full to capacity, but did not listen and proceeded to climb over turnstiles and the walls, so YES, they were partly to blame.
  5. lovejoy

    The Contract on Corbyn

    Did RAF stop an Israeli 9-11 false flag attack in London last night????? The "rogue aircraft" scrambled by RAF last night departed from Tel Aviv. https://twitter.com/GDarkconrad/status/1201053271273725954 I wonder whether the "sonic boom" blast was actually the craft going down.
  6. You know that immigrant that drowned the other week, trying to cross the English Channel with water bottles as floats and wearing flippers, Well, what if it was all a made up story, you never know? After watching a news item on the fella on the telly, a few days later I was watching daytime tv and one of the adverts always on is for Vistaprint, well straight away, a face seemed familiar, I said to my family " that looks like the bloke that just drowned". Anyway, what do you think? Look at the nose, look at the eyes, the wrinkle creases on his brow, never mind the tattoo, that could just be a transfer. He does look an awful lot like that actor in the commercial? We have not heard any more about the case either, as though it never happened? https://www.itv.com/news/2019-11-15/mystery-identity-of-failed-asylum-seeker-who-died-trying-to-swim-in-the-channel-unveiled-by-itv-news-investigation/
  7. lovejoy

    Forgotten Languages Website??

    What an interesting site, thanks for sharing.
  8. Fact! You only have to watch those programs about benefit people and lousy landlords etc, daytime, and most are obvious illiegals all living even as much as 20-30 to a 3 bed house, just watch those programs, nothing racist about facts.
  9. lovejoy

    Labour is part of Rothschild communism

    Why are these people forever shielded, even when we know they also have done wrong? On another forum they were trying to say that the Daily Express frontpage of 1933 of "Judea declares war on Germany" was a fake or had been doctored. Well no, it was an actual headline.
  10. They were just following standard procedure. They went to a fire, a fire in a flat, like any other fire in a flat, they put out daily or weekly I suppose (as far as they were concerned), they saw no reason to order a mass evacuation. How were they to know about the inflammable cladding, they were following standard protocol, before the seriousness of the fire became known. It had nothing to do with not wanting to rescue immigrants..pathetic suggestion!!! Who knows how many were in the flats, the way they live, well what you see on various documentaries, there are 10 and Christ knows how many what live in cramped houses(illegally).