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  1. let me guess you are a moon landing consirothist dinier as well
  2. But dose not answer the question dose he! More like it is what ever you want it to be
  3. HIV sliced on top corona and race and gender specificity see the video at 33min
  4. name change

    I Am Coming Out!!! lol

    Yes I once upon a time though that politisons run the world but I though something was odd coz how can they do such a bad darm job of it; but I always questioned what I was told and at that time I never knew about amunarki or reptilians or greys or anything out of this world
  5. name change

    Are Zionists running Australia?

    Well as ever the proof of the pudding no one give a shit hear But anyway please tell me what you think about this photo and weather its true or not
  6. name change

    I Am Coming Out!!! lol

    sorry no time to read the whole thread, is this your awakaning?
  7. PS thanks for your input fellow prisoners of prison planet HHBTW
  8. the problem hear is no one could give a shit! no one a shit to the facist censorship that our great master talkes about no one a shit to what and how we will turn this aroud into our little us and you and me and not the great states version of thinkertive
  9. be nice to find someone who can lip read hear
  10. If you listen to the video between 9.48 min and 12.20 mins they have dubbed the sound with a repeting teck glitch, when infact what they where talking about was the ownership and orders of who runs Borris Johnson
  11. name change

    freeman solicitor wanted

    what ever! but i was not refering to roman law
  12. name change

    freeman solicitor wanted

    I was refering to common law in England and any other state goverened by the Crown
  13. name change

    freeman solicitor wanted

    AFAIK a human being is a freeman goverened only by common law and a person is someone who is governed by statutes and acts of parliment which is admiral law of the sea. if that makes sence
  14. name change

    Name of the forum

    sound more like socil media to me
  15. name change

    What if there was no forum?

    what happened to the other DI forum then?