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  1. alfredo79

    Jeremy Corbyn

    I think that Jeremy Corbin might be in good faith, and that he's sincere about his willingness to keep the promises. He has got a long past of anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist, thing wich gives him enough credibility. The problem is the party, establishment labourists are using him to win the election and when he will go out of the binary, they will do whatever it takes to ruin him, even doing common front together the tories. Other element to consider is the UK deep state, wich has the hands to rig elections. If partecipation will be high however to fix the result in favour of Boris Johnson will not be easy.
  2. US seems a nightime, similar or even worst than several third world countries. Your description made me fell bad. Also Italy is a shithole, but here the process is slower.
  3. alfredo79

    Poll: Who's going to win the general section?

  4. alfredo79

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    Pentagon mulls sending up to 7,000 additional forces to Middle East, officials say https://www.foxnews.com/politics/pentagon-middle-east-additional-forces-considered
  5. alfredo79


    Very little stuff. Their "income citizen", very limited, is similar to other things done by the previous governments of center-right and center-left, a warmed soup. You must know that Matteo Salvini in the summer had brooken the alliance, so M5S did the alliance with the Democratic Party (ultra fake left). But this new government, headed by the same Giuseppe Conte, a puppet of the Gesuits, started to push the ban of the cash; furthermore, months ago, at the time of the League-M5S government, Giuseppe Conte together the then minister of the economy, would have approved an European deal, the modification of the MES, the mechanism of safe of the European countries in finance difficulty (the reform would be an worsening for countries in violation of the financial parameters like Italy). So he is attacked by Matteo Salvini, but he and his party at that time knew but they did not anything, exploiting now the thing to get the full success at the next election. Many in the Five Star Movement want to break the actual governative alliance because it is embarassing and it costed huge defeats at local elections of october and november. Democratic Party has gotten a scission because the former prime minister Matteo Renzi exit from PD to make "Alive Italy", wich promotes more austerity and liberism than the current government. Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, boss of Brothers of Italy, other populist party, are waiting for the fall of this government and anticipated elections, they are getting the backing of many elites: Matteo Salvini is getting along with the former head of the ECB, Mario Draghi, while Giorgia Meloni is the prefered candidate of the US. Giuseppe Conte is being hit by scandals. It's a nice mess. Pheraps M5S did the deal with PD because the spiritual commander of the movement, the comic Beppe Grillo, has been blackmailed for judiciary problems of his sons, in particular, his 19 years old son is accused of group rape. The general life for the common citizen is always hard, unless has the useful social relationships
  6. alfredo79


    In Italy we have tried all of the alternatives. Always the same story.
  7. https://www.lemonde.fr/politique/article/2019/12/05/greve-du-5-decembre-contre-les-retraites-marseille-bordeaux-grenoble-combien-de-manifestants-dans-les-villes-de-france_6021809_823448.html
  8. https://www.lemonde.fr/societe/live/2019/12/05/greve-du-5-decembre-suivez-en-direct-la-journee-de-mobilisation-contre-la-reforme-des-retraites_6021736_3224.html
  9. alfredo79


    I'm not in UK, but I suppose it's not very different from Italy. And in Italy all of the parties are big fraud, composed by persons who think only at money, prestige (I'm me and you are not a dick), easy sex, often delinquents or childish guys. All of them obey to their masters located in lodges, Vatican, London City, European Central Bank, Tel Aviv, Pentagon, Wall Street, and now Benjing too. Elections, parties, serve the only purpose to divide and decieve.
  10. alfredo79

    How poor people survive in the USA

    A cold bath is arriving Perfect Storm: Trump Admin To Cut 750,000 From Food Stamps Ahead Of Recession https://www.davidicke.com/article/560125/perfect-storm-trump-admin-cut-750000-food-stamps-ahead-recession
  11. alfredo79

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    Perfect Storm: Trump Admin To Cut 750,000 From Food Stamps Ahead Of Recession https://www.activistpost.com/2019/12/perfect-storm-trump-admin-to-cut-750000-from-food-stamps-ahead-of-recession.html
  12. alfredo79

    Another attack in London

    Yes ... but this is amongst the many facts wich happen every day and have always happened. Only that this time it has been the son of an important politician at the Foreign Ministery. In Italy often we see brawls in Parliament, like a pair of days ago!
  13. alfredo79

    David Icke Homepage news

    Also the "alternative news" sources are controlled more or less. And often alternative news sources elaborate the news taken from mainstream media, if they reveal some notice that is not being reported in MSM, however it is given by some unonimous mason, army officer, banker etc.
  14. alfredo79

    How poor people survive in the USA

    US is a shit-hole so. My Italy is not put better however (except for the healthcare system).
  15. alfredo79

    Trump is part of the New World Order

    US to help ‘legitimate Latin American govts’ to PREVENT protests from ‘morphing into riots’ – Pompeo https://www.rt.com/news/474852-us-help-prevent-protests-america/