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  1. time4truth

    merkel wtf

    Poor Lady looks awful. Maybe low blood sugar ? or caffeine fix needed... lucky she was able to keep standing . poss Stress too !!
  2. time4truth

    massive power cuts in argentina and nearby countries..CME?

    "The Day After Tomorrow " Film comes to mind !!!!
  3. time4truth

    Escalation with Iran

    2 oil tankers blown up near Iran Today. Explosives used by frogmen . This is getting Scary....
  4. Good post Bamboozooka ! how many years have "huge black triangular craft" been sited and filmed !!!! why are public kept "in the dark" for soo long ? I guess so they can use their So-called UFOs as military weapons that public not even aware of... i have watched "cloaking" devises on You Tube-Amazing !!!
  5. OMG !!! This makes me SOO ANGRY !! I love all animals. These "excuses" for human beings need the same Torture they inflicted on poor innocent Fox Cubs- DONE TO THEM !!! What a joke Suspended Sentences.... I totaly agree with you Dinoman.
  6. time4truth

    Madeleine McCann - The Story Continues

    SOOOO Creepy !
  7. time4truth

    What is the BIG problem?

    Thank You Ink. What did Herts do to deserve all that Polution ?? !!! Your map very interesting .
  8. time4truth

    What is the BIG problem?

    I DONT KNOW WHERE TO POST THIS BUT.......... I live in Hertfordshire England. This morning i got up to walk my dog- Beautifull BLUE SKY SUNSHINE WARM-makes people feel good ! Then i notices a few Wispy long "CLOUDS" !!!!! NO THEY ARE DAMN CHEMTRAILS !! More and more apear . Its now 2.50pm NO BLUE SKY !! JUST CRAPPY MILKY WHITE -Weather forecast still says NO CLOUD AND SUNNY !! WHY CANT WE HAVE NORMAL SUNNY DAYS ANYMORE ??? Makes me SOOOOO ANGRY....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I cant receive the " History Channel" Could someone who watched May 31st edition please post some of the content . thanks
  10. I must admit the puzzle to me is- WHY NOW ???? Is it because the ice is melting fast in Antarctica- Ancient Alien civilisations are starting to show ?
  11. Size of Light you are very knowlegable. Great articles lets keep this subject A "sticky" at top of Todays News Page Sooo interesting (im reading abt Antarctica findings too)
  12. Guess we can only wait and see Motleyhoo..we never know TPTB Intentions. Too many Secret Societies- Freemasons, Bilderberg Group etc...Project Bluebeam?
  13. Very interesting ! Slowly drip feeding the public to info... Black Ops tech ? or Alien ? be good to know.