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  1. time4truth

    Big drill at my local hospital?Corona virus exercise?

    i know frm a good friend that a coronavirus victim from my area has been taken to a London hospital for treatment/ isolation. Apparently NO ONE IS TO KNOW.... Why are NHS / doctors trying to keep cases quiet ???? trying to avoid panic ?
  2. time4truth

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Thank you to all the incredibly clever posters on here-keeping us informed on this horrific disease. we certainly need this as media not telling anything of great purpose !!
  3. time4truth

    World military games and 5G links to Corona

    BRILLIANT RESEARCH !!! Explains a lot- Everyone should be made to read this info.... Thank You
  4. Also if people are getting worse AFTER 14 days and out of quarantine again... must mean they are still Infected surely. So 14 days is a joke , they need 29 days as recently mentioned. Uk Gov keeping us in dark. Where are Info Programs/Panorama on TV.. all we get is Boris' s flippin re shuffle. Just re arranging the chairs on The Titanic.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. time4truth

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Re Mitochondrial Eve post about Sounds and Frequencies affecting human immune systems.. Wuhan has 5G up and running and HAARP could also be interfering. Just a thought...
  6. Report of United Airlines flight from San Fransisco to Heathrow this morning. 1 passenger ill on flight moved to rear of plane by flight staff wearing no masks or protective clothing. Passengers wernt allowed to disembark till Doc arrived and all passengers had to fill out a Health form-then they disembarked ! Pilot told them 7 other flights had ill passengers landed at Heathrow today too ..!! Faith in our Country ? NO !!!!!!!!!!!1
  7. time4truth

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    WOW!! interesting interview with William Bramley. Linda Moulton -Howe is Fantastic for information her Earth Files programes on You Tube are Facinating... To think that far back in our history Beings have been controlling our Human species- maybe its correct not tosay God but GODS. our DNA (human and animals) constantly being reviewed and manipulated by unseen creatures. rihgt up to more recent animal mutilations (horses sheep cattle mostly) .Definatley "food for thought" to coin a phrase !!
  8. Detention centers worrying ! Fema camps for us next ? Our NHS cant cope with normal winters- how the hell will it cope if UK gets this bad ? Major cities on lockdown.. no transport. etc Dont Worry eh ??? cant help worrying.. !!!!!!!!
  9. time4truth

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    But a killer Virus !! if you have low immune system\ diabetes/ are old and not in good health. SOMEONE is responsible for letting this Bio Warfare WEAPON OUT
  10. Who (sorry pun not intended) on earth is behind this ?!!!
  11. BBC breaking news- a doctors practise in brighton UK has SHUT as several staff have got THE VIRUS. Will Brighton be Quarantined ? the Superspreader went to a pub in Hove aparently.
  12. 9 flights a day coming into uk airports from China !! are we MAD ? ! over 5million cases in China now. How the hell is UK going to cope.. seems like world wants it to spread until enough have died..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. time4truth

    Barrymore: The Body in the Pool

    Poor Poor Stuart innocent and "starstruck" loses his young life at a depraved so called Party. RIP