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  1. Tetragrammaton

    Tips on preserving your own forum contributions

    I just checked through this thread and no one has mentioned this; http://archive.vn/ archive.today is a means of being able to cache a lot of material & info , independent of your PC or device. Unless this has a weakness to it. Would welcome feedback on archive.today and its usefulness.
  2. Tetragrammaton


    It could be the case that David Icke is a captive audience to a third party. Keep in mind this is a template forum that was designed by this company; https://invisioncommunity.com/ Invision Community are the ones who created the template for this forum. This hack is very very bad business for them. It shows their product is weak and they dont provide support or assistance to their customer in these types of attack. Also it could be the case that the hack might be an inside job. the hacker knew exactly where to go. So an employee at Invision Community could have done this hack as a means of blackmailing their employer for more money or ransom. Like i said not good for their business. Whats troubling for me is that the old forum archives have vanished into thin air. there was incredibly important reference material on there that was important to everyone. Now its gone. There were some long term threads on there almost a decade old with amazing tactical info. Now its all gone. Also to whoever commissoned the hack; you didnt think it through. At one point this forum was a global intelligence resource that had a better understanding of whats going on in the world, than anyone else. You have opened a Pandoras box that isnt going to be closed now. Do you think a childish computer hack is going to stop whats coming?! Your going to need a mop for that mess deep state.
  3. Tetragrammaton

    Forum Attacked

    Can the admins tell us if the sub forums will be returned? From a tactical position dont tell us exactly what you will do, in case the hacker is observing the forum. But we do need to know if all of the various sub forums will be getting restored. I have a mountain of submissions waiting to be posted.
  4. Tetragrammaton


    Daft question; Has the forum lost all of its various threads & submissions? Will i need to cache all my long term threads and repost them again? some of those long term threads are important reference material.
  5. Tetragrammaton

    Forum Attacked

    Hows everyone holding up? Bulletins have been posted on reddit & voat to let everyone know whats happening now. High probability this is either 77th Brigade or 33 Unit based in Edinburgh behind this nonsense. Its not a coincidence this has happened just after all the CCDH psyops. We're on the map now boys.