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  1. Tetragrammaton

    Occultism of Torture.

    Has previously stated on this thread, the point of the practices was to bring through certain types of non human entity for tactical and unknown purposes. This story sheds light on some of the personnel who were obviously possessed by said demonic entities; https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jan/25/some-folks-were-tearful-cia-waterboarding-on-trial-in-guantanamo Observations. 1: "The Preacher" will have been possessed by something demonic. That "attachment" will still be with him now. the "laying on" of hands will have been the demon feeding on the detainee's pain. 2: The narrative given is not the full truth. The office politics will have been a side effect of the being exposed to the morphic-resonance-field at the black site. They would have felt great rage & anger towards each other for no logical reason. that would have been them "acclimatising" to the presence of the demon present at the site. 3: the "smell". that would have been the smell of adrenochrome in the victim's sweat. Also it would have been the smell/presence of the non human entity feeding. The CIA will have been compromised by these entities. The agency will have been an incubator for them. they wouldnt know who they are or where they are now. For all intents and purposes the CIA have released those demonic entities into the outside would to "circulate" amongst the human population. There are some things that cannot be fixed....
  2. Well... that didnt take long did it?!..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-51223111#
  3. Tetragrammaton

    London Metropolitan Grievance

    Fascinating thread on r/London, showing the level of stress & paranoia that permeates life in London now. For whatever reason Londoners have lost the ability to function in their own city. disturbing stuff; https://old.reddit.com/r/london/comments/es9utm/who_is_the_most_unreasonable_person_youve_ever/
  4. Tetragrammaton

    Archon Psyops

    Addendum: Panama massacre aftermath. https://apnews.com/58c6e5fda1b3d1071c9487a779bced0e Observations 1: The reason they told her to close her eyes was to conceal the presence of the Archon. So it could be the case that the Archon had to physically reveal itself before it feeds on the Adrenochrome raised in the body from the torture & violence. (A speculation is that this is when the Archon is at its most vulnerable & weakest). 2: The "hate" she felt was from the ritual practices they were doing. the vibration of the morphic-resonance-field was lowered to such an extent that it would have felt repulsive & satanic to the woman. By lowering the vibration it would bring the rooms vibration in alignment with the Archon, so that it could tangibly manifest in our form of existence. 3: The Archon's sadism. Again why does "god" need to kill a child with epilepsy?! Again we see the sadism & weakness of the Archon. the Archon was too weak & pathetic, to get access to a vulnerable child so it had to manipulate the "clergy" to beat & murder the child to get access to the Adrenochrome. So this suggests this particular Archon was very weak at the time.
  5. Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Appeal for evidence about boarding school abuse https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-51192670 It should be noted that the Scottish media has ignored this inquiry. Between BBC Scotland, STV, the Daily Record & The Scotsman, all of them havent bothered to send any court reporters to cover this in any depth. One of the reasons for this could be that quite a significant percentage of their own staff will have either gone to a boarding school themselves, or they have sent their kids to a boarding school (even worse). So there is a major conflict of interest going on. (A good example is the former Glasgow based editor of The Sun newspaper David Dinsmore who shunted his young daughter Kirsty off to the horrible boarding school Strathallen in Perthshire. ; http://www.scotsman.com/business/management/monday-interview-david-dinsmore-editor-of-the-sun-1-3390628)
  6. At some point within the next 40 years London is going to be nuked. Its coming. To prepare for this they like to do predictive programming in hollywood movies to prepare the public for such an event on a subconscious level. The stuff they use in GI Joe is closer to the truth than anyone will admit.
  7. Tetragrammaton

    Archon Psyops

    The Archon feeding cycle has kicked in with a vengeance in South America. Panama: 7 killed, 14 tortured in exorcism terror rituals (17th Jan 2020) https://apnews.com/f858183515265252e49c10389444bb74 https://outline.com/McfzYL Observations. 1: The Archon purposely chose an area that would be difficult to reach. Nobody would know of its presence there due to the remote location. 2: Again the Archon purposely chose a community with little to no education, and would have been superstitious. The Archon would have weaponised that ignorance. 3: Again notice the Archon's level of sadism. The Archon manipulated & controlled the grandfather of the massacred family. the Archon would have taken immense sick pleasure in watching the grandfather witness the murder of his own grandchildren. 4: Again the need to access children. why did they target the family? the children. All the children would have been pre-puberty. So that when they were subject to fear & torture the level of adrenochrome would have been consumable to the Archon. 5: Again the Archon's use of a belief system to manipulate & control ignorant people. 6: The artificial vision of "god" implanted into the mind of the cult member. Who or what was this "god"?! Why did "god" want little children to be tortured to death?! 7: The torture again was done to raise the level of fear & adrenochrome in the victims bodies. 8: Going by previous patterns there is a high probability that there was no blood in the bodies of the dead children. The Archon would have drained the blood for consumption due to the high level of adrenochrome in them. (To the Secret Chiefs out there (Fraulein Sprengel et al). You know who i am. You know what i can do. Give me the means to go and engage these bastards. They are not part of the creative process. They hold no value in spiritual terms. You know this. I know this. Their presence here is not a compromise. It is a violation. Give me the means and i will go and spoil their dinner time. Its time for the Archons to go on a diet.)
  8. Tetragrammaton

    Paedophile-Protectorate Cities.

    Manchester can no longer protect its children from rape gangs; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-51093159 What the report is saying is that the police & the state services in Manchester can no longer protect children from abuse, rape, & murder. If you are a parent with a young family in Manchester now is the time to be leaving the city for good. Your children can no longer be protected in that city. Protect your children & family. Leave Manchester and move to another area where you can guarantee your family security & stability. Manchester: Paedophile Protectorate City.
  9. Tetragrammaton

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    Another well observed piece from John Crace in The Guardian about yesterdays BBC interview; https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jan/14/boris-winged-it-on-air-never-knowingly-dodging-tricky-issues
  10. Tetragrammaton

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    So we had the surreal interview at Downing Street this morning on the BBC. What did we learn? 1: Boris definitely has some sort of hand/eye coordination problem. The messy hair was a disturbing sight to behold. Also his tie was askew. He wasnt able to straighten his tie before the interview. So again suggestions of problematic hand/eye coordination issues. 2: Short attention span. The amount of times he was easily distracted. He kept turning to the camera staff as if he could see something out of the corner of his eye that no one else could. 3: Every now & then, the Dybbuk residing in Johnson will make its presence felt through the mouth (just like Theresa May in 2017). For whatever reason the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain couldn't pronounce the word vegan. Maybe the Dybbuk was moving around in his mouth as he spoke. Mmmmmm https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-bbc-veganism-veganuary-a4333616.html https://outline.com/rDx3hj
  11. Tetragrammaton

    The Global Boarding School system. Ban it.

    Review reveals scale of abuse scandal at St Pauls boarding school in Barnes London. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/13/review-reveals-scale-of-abuse-scandal-at-london-private-school Even worse is that the bastards are STILL advertising for children. Why is that school not been shutdown and bulldozed to the ground?! (https://www.stpaulsschool.org.uk/admissions/boarding/)
  12. I met a woman this week for work issues, and she was physically well endowed. She thought this attribute would have been enough to manipulate me to agree to her demands. The thing that stuck in my head was how dull & boring she was. There was a lack of character & spiritual substance to her. I got the impression that no one had said the word "no" to her in a long time. We have a generation of women who are used to getting attention all the time due to social media. This has led to a sense of psychopathy & entitlement. Are large breasted women dull & boring?
  13. Tetragrammaton

    Empty Hollow Eyes.

    A photo of the journalist Ceri Radford of The Independent newspaper. This is a promo photo for an article on witchcraft. Notice the emptiness in her eyes. Nothing going on there. (source;https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/witchcraft-astrology-modern-witch-guide-happiness-book-luna-bailey-a9276886.html)
  14. Tetragrammaton

    Does Boris Johnson have ADHD/Autism?

    Boris Johnson-Dybbuk is so psychologically inadequate & paranoid, he has taken to using a deep state surveillance unit to hunt down young school children. You see some school children said a naughty word against Boris. And naughty words are bad & mean. So the British Prime Minister needs to use a sophisticated state funded social media surveillance unit to hunt down the schoolchildren and tell them to take it down. Because Boris is the World King........... https://bylinetimes.com/2020/01/10/fck-boris-are-schoolchildren-now-under-political-surveillance-by-the-government/ If our current British Prime Minister is so affected & damaged by some school children on social media, then he is a truly dangerous & disturbing creature. Such inadequacy that has corporeal power, always leads to great horror.
  15. Tetragrammaton

    Occultism of Torture.

    This is a very troubling piece from the Quillette website. Bloody Harvest gives a rough overview of whats been happening in China since the early 2000's with regard to organ harvesting and horrific torture practices against Falun Gong members. I am not going to paste anything here from the article. It is a very difficult read (if true). Again if you are easily upset or squeamish then please do not read the article. https://quillette.com/2020/01/03/bloody-harvest-how-everyone-ignored-the-crime-of-the-century/