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  1. Purple Ohms or Microdots were the jargon in my day!
  2. Yeah, I done loads when I was an eighteen nineteen year old spotty gel head. We used to get ours from the Spiral Tribe collective who squatted many gaffs in London. I had many amazing experiences on the 'blotters', as they were known, some lengthy which I wish I could have come down from earlier. It's not like Es where you come up and rush then need another one. Blotters go on and on and get quite tiresome. My experience gradually got worse and worse the more I dropped. I ended up tripping out my box looking into a mirror and had visuals of my eyes popping out alternating with my reflection turning into the devil. I called an ambulance '999'. A&E freaked me out. A doc asked me questions. I got hyper-paranoid. I walked away and found a bunch of trees where I sat bringing in the dawn with the awakening birds. Fuck! Good mind opening experience, but I wouldn't do it again.
  3. wingwang

    "Smart" phones ... are you being groomed?

    The woman in the video eloquently describes how just opening the door to smartphones is essentially grooming. She talks about getting you hooked, much like a dealer would an addict. There was a segment in the video where a guy in China couldn't buy anything without scanning a QR code with a smartphone. Fuck that shit! I concur that smartphone users are being groomed, the consequences are dire.
  4. wingwang

    "Smart" phones ... are you being groomed?

    It's quite disturbing that a guy got fined for jaywalking and was identified by facial recognition and the fine taken from his bank account immediately! I've got a re-released Nokia 3310 as I refuse to be a smartphone zombie. Something quite funny happened recently, I was at a hospital appointment recently and I had to give the phone number of a doctor from another hospital to the doctor I was seeing. I got my Nokia out, found the number and passed my phone to the doctor so he could copy the number. Before he could finish writing down the number my phone went to sleep. The doctor tried to swipe the screen to wake up my phone!
  5. I've lost count of the amount of times I've been cardioverted due to abnormal heat rhythm, it's in double figures. It's all about the current. A higher current is needed, if applied externally, to stop the heart, which is what cardioversion is as the heart restarts itself, than the current needed to stop the heart if paddles are applied directly to the heart during open heart surgery. I've had 200 Joule shocks and 1 maximum Joule shock which if memory serves was 330 Joules. I know of some, from heart related support groups I'm in, who've had open heart surgery and been shocked with 10 Joules directly to the heart. How much current is in the 5G signal? Dunno! But it would need to be super powerful to go through the air, skin, fat, muscle and bone to affect the heart. From: https://www.asc.ohio-state.edu/physics/p616/safety/fatal_current.html
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    Humor Thread

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    Word association thread.

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    Humor Thread

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    Not about Donald Trump thread!

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    Humor Thread

  11. 'scuse me, but there's a distinct lack of an attack at Wimbledon. Kindly choke on your own advice!
  12. New rule for 2019, when it gets to 12-12 in the fifth set at Wimbledon a tie break is triggered; that means 13 will not appear on the scoreboards. Guffaw!
  13. wingwang

    merkel wtf

    She was using a vibrator and her cold toasted cheese sandwich of a fanny trapped the sex toy inside her while switched on. MMMmmmmmm... cheeeese...
  14. wingwang

    Humor Thread

    I've started colouring to manage my stress and anxiety...
  15. wingwang

    Hmmm, perhaps a fish section?

    I've been to that chippy lots. It's around the corner from my Nan's house on Bellenden Road, Peckham. Just along from there and on the other side of the road is the shop front they used in the comedy series 'Desmond's'. All completely useless information, I thought I'd say it anyway!