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    petition to stop mandatory face masks

    Interesting! They did take my temperature on entry to the cardiology department. They also taped a large tissue sheet to my back so the technician didn't contact me directly! I also had a 24hr holter/ECG and the nurse made a real faff trying to take off the plastic film off of the pads that attach to the chest because she was wearing gloves!
  2. wingwang

    petition to stop mandatory face masks

    I've just been to hospital for an echocardiogram and they made me wear a mask! I felt like a right twunt! It's the first time I have worn one, honest guv!
  3. wingwang

    Meeting women

    "Do you wanna see some puppies?" Prodigy sampled this, by the way, and used it in 'Charly'!
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    (much needed) HUMOUR THREAD

  5. wingwang

    Elton John

    Jaysus! Was Lionel Richie involved too?!
  6. wingwang

    (much needed) HUMOUR THREAD

    WTAF! Well, it is 2020 after all...
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    What To Say To Those Diving In Hedgerows...

    I remember the days of Linford Christie and it was all about the 'lunchbox'! Oh, come on, I'm seeing nothing but euphemisms now!
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    The NEW 4 Word Game

    a woo woo wah
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    The NEW 4 Word Game

    My new combine harvester