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  1. boroughonian

    Is David Icke Fake?

  2. boroughonian

    The third temple

    yep and Turkey wont like it and it's game on....or over
  3. boroughonian


    Christmas Merry to you all
  4. boroughonian

    Bottom of the mountain

    Have a bet and watch it on the box with 2 miniture red wine bottles and some cheese, stirring only to walk Vince (the dog). Not very deep.
  5. boroughonian

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    Hello all, good to be here.
  6. Is there Neanderthal DNA in black people?
  7. boroughonian


    Just be good and try and surround yourself with good people and let the powers do the rest.
  8. boroughonian

    British Culture

    Yep, he wrote it. I met him a few times, really nice bloke.
  9. boroughonian

    British Culture

    Kenny Lynch died yesterday, I thought he is a good representative of British culture. Roy Larner will do for me too.
  10. boroughonian

    Council Members

    not boots sorry ex sheep
  11. boroughonian

    Council Members

    Well it was certainly interesting reading about seanx and boots lol. boots banned me indefinitely for engaging with seanx banned seanx for a day. I thought seanx was afinancial contributor in some way!?
  12. boroughonian

    Watch before YOUTUBE delete people are waking UP

    Unfortunately, much like no deal Brexit, war has to be on the table otherwise people will just take the piss.
  13. boroughonian

    Exodus 20:25

    Not supposed to worship idols, look at any church and it's full of idols to worship. Basic.
  14. boroughonian

    Post A Poem Thread

    Little fly in summer play My thoughtless hand brushed you away from the Mr Kipling Bakewell Tart That I was just about to start
  15. The Bible is cryptic and ambiguous for a reason.