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  1. EnigmaticWorld


    I think the Antichrist/Al-Masih ad-Dajjal is supposed to come out of Syria, but I could be wrong.
  2. https://news.yahoo.com/major-fire-ongoing-southeastern-paris-171506174.html
  3. EnigmaticWorld


    We're really screwed if the war of Gog and Magog kicks off while we're in the middle of a pandemic. It has often been said that it will come out of Turkey.
  4. EnigmaticWorld

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Hard to say, but most likely a ritualistic signal for those thare are initiated. There was also reports that he was buried in Corona Del Mar, but now they're denying it. Maybe the cemetery doesn't want to break confidentiality. This one is a bit more of a stretch but the Trump covfefe thing might not be a simple spelling mistake.
  5. EnigmaticWorld

    Who will come after trump

    It has been circulating quite a while in right wing circles. I think we will soon see the end of the old world order monarchs and politicians, and we will move into a brave new world order, after a lot of chaos of course. The old world was good while it lasted, I guess. The idiots will just think we're in a greedy world ran by megacorps, but those that have eyes to see, that see a pattern that links the owners of the megacorps, they will probably be taken to the gulag.
  6. EnigmaticWorld

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    and anyone that spoke out and warned people got labelled as a bigot. fuck this world
  7. EnigmaticWorld

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

  8. EnigmaticWorld

    What's REALLY going on in North Korea?

    Just going to leave this here: 33 decameters https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryugyong_Hotel
  9. EnigmaticWorld

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Yep, like some apocalyptic circus.
  10. EnigmaticWorld

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    People seem to be going about their day like normal I see. /s I'm glad someone put that pointing hand in the picture, otherwise I'd surely never have noticed .
  11. EnigmaticWorld

    Humor Thread

    Then you wake up and they've drawn all over your face and house. Giraffe problems. Could be worse. Didn't see that coming. Bros being bros. Zombie movie vibes at Waterloo. Regular vibes in Linlithgow.
  12. EnigmaticWorld

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Anyone know why it's a triangle?
  13. EnigmaticWorld

    Phillip Schofield on coming out as gay

    Yep, holding up their end of the bargain.
  14. EnigmaticWorld

    Labour leaves the minecraft server /s

    Chat gets swarmed at 1:00
  15. EnigmaticWorld

    Breaking - Coronavirus manmade?

    Novel coronavirus is hitting the financial markets hard. Here’s what we know https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/novel-coronavirus-is-hitting-the-financial-markets-hard-heres-what-we-know With the Ides of March a couple of weeks away, hopefully we don't see a crash.