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  1. Dejayou


    What is the purpose of the forum anyhow? If it is merely to inform and log events outside of their control, then I say close it down
  2. Dejayou


    Ickeonites! All these politicians are IRRELEVANT! Do you still need telling!
  3. Dejayou


    The gangstalking feature in Ickes news is very real, and happening right now in the UK. There must be many victims of this insidious program by the criminal British state. Indeed, anyone posting anything noteworthy in these forums, or actively engaged in anti government rhetoric, has more than likely, been digitally surveiled and appraised by the criminal agents of the UK state. Icke and family members and key contributors to the site will likely be under scrutiny and have a file on them. There is a solution, but even the so called 'awake' won't address it, in the physical realm, yapping about it yes - actual action No!
  4. Dejayou

    Jeremy Corbyn's brother exposes the Carbon Tax-Scam!

    The quotation alongside his image in the OP sounds somewhat bitter to me. Maybe he doesn't like being undermined by a teenage girl. He cites his academia in those quotes, to attempt to give his argument a degree of credence. Well thats okay, but I know someone with a similar if not superior academic resume. He does not concur with corbyns view. I will concede I did find the lecture something of a chore to sit through. I was also disappointed that the event attracted 55 people, when the normal turnout is half that. I personally have no forthright opinion on which side is right or wrong. Of course the Gore carbon credit scheme is a huge scam..that's been well documented, hell even Trump is on to that. Anyways I paid my £3 and got a coffee and a biccy at half time, so that was some redemption. I was annoyed that at one point, ..there was a request to supplement his appearance fee. as I recall. Wonder how much extra he got from that. Nought I suspect. The st Anne's bunch seem easily placated. I nearly always come away from the place discontent. I
  5. Dejayou

    Is Paul McCartney alive?

    Yes its a strange world which we live in Makes you give in and cry Say live and let die Live (Faul) and let die (Paul)
  6. Dejayou

    Charlie Veitch shaved ALL of his hair off

    Shaved his head to get rid of the bird shit mark that he bore in his hair. Untapped potential, squandered by egotism and religious dogma. Amen.
  7. Dejayou

    Something has escaped underground base in Antartica

    Very interesting. I don't think the article in the water is anything other than submerged ice
  8. Dejayou

    How to wake up the masses?

    How to wake up the masses? Hearings! I'm not being flippant...judicial hearings, by and for the people.
  9. Dejayou

    Word association thread.

  10. Dejayou

    Jeremy Corbyn's brother exposes the Carbon Tax-Scam!

    Listened to corbyns climate diatribe at st annes. He was duller than his brother. And less convincing, if that's possible.
  11. Dejayou

    Where was the CCTV footage?

    On a slight deviation, It should be compulsory to have CCTV imagery at all abattoirs, and have them monitored full time by external sources.
  12. Dejayou

    Buy an island & move (a group effort)

    Yes I have read lord of the flies. I remind you, that they were children, forlorned and bereft. We are adults, and Piggy has been left to cruise his totalitarian state in his blue and yellow livery panda car. You can pick up an island that would be viable, way below your quoted figure. BTW It's Germany not Belgium
  13. Dejayou

    David Icke

    Icke will probably only be acknowledged to some degree, long after his death. He will be plauded for attempting to address the key existential issues of his epoch History will view him kindly, if only for that. An abstract curiosity of his time. Some targets he will have hit with accuracy, others somewhat awry. And everything else in between. I've always wondered why he never utilised his sizeable audience\userbase, into producing something more tangible. The books and talks are all very well, but they also offered him the clout to leave a real legacy whilst still alive. Perhaps he does not have the inclination or wherewithal to pursue such matters as he enters his dotage
  14. I am putting the above suggestion up for serious consideration by positive thinking fellow forumites. This is NOT intended to be a flight of fancy, a mere pipedream. I have considered a number of alternative solutions, This is perhaps the only solution that can be effective and quick. I believe it would be easy to crowd fund such a venture. Let's do this! Be positive!
  15. Dejayou

    Charlie Veitch shaved ALL of his hair off

    CV never ever deserved the hostility & intolerance he got/gets from the icke fraternity. Since when did a difference of opinion (even if it were to be an erroneous one) command such unwarranted acrimony Poor sod got the religion cult disease I believe.