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  1. Skittlez


    When the numbers go up to millions of people "infected" that's when this poll will prove the point it's trying to make .
  2. Skittlez

    Any flat earthers about?

    The coreolis effect has no explanation in a FE model
  3. Skittlez

    Your thoughts on Alex Jones?

    I like Alex Jones. The only thing I don't like so much is his constant doomsday predictions. Typical Christian fundamentalism. Love his anti NWO stuff though.
  4. Skittlez

    My view on women and dating altogether

    Not all women are the same and you can't just tar them all with the same brush. Once you find the right one, you won't be stressed. Dating is a trial and error process, love is the prize.
  5. In 1997 when the Hale-bopp comet passed, and 39 people committed suicide in a mansion in California, there was a massive media circus, but the cult's initiation videos were washed over. I found the YouTube videos of the leaders initiation speech and found it pretty disturbing... Here is the link... What do you think ?...Heaven's gate initiation...
  6. Skittlez

    Greyfriars Graveyard - Edinburgh

    The Covenanter's prison at the back is haunted. I jumped over the wall with a friend, and a stone was thrown at us. There was no one there to throw it. Certainly a creepy vibe I get off of that place...
  7. Skittlez

    This forum looks like trash made by a 10 year old

    I'm sure that there must have been a good reason for the change...
  8. Skittlez

    Songs of the day you were born

    Boom shake the room. September 92
  9. Skittlez

    Is David Icke Fake?

    Even if he was fake, he's started something that cannot be quelled.
  10. Skittlez

    Requesting a meeting with Reptilians

    I tried this once, I walked along the street and thought everything I was doing was being commentated on like a TV show... Weird