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  1. Dropship

    Watch these men spread the Gospel

    The bro's started talking about being an "oppressed race" in the first 2 minutes so I switched off and went to watch "Destroyed in Seconds" on TV.. Hey Janet, surely you'd like your very own angelic hunk to watch over you? "He shall give his angels charge over you to keep you safe" (Bible:Psalm 91:11)
  2. Dropship

    The fake right

    I voted 'Leave' in the Brexit referendum because I didn't want to be bossed around any more by the foreign EU clowns in Brussels, it's as simple as that. And when we won, Trump got it right when he said "I think it's great, they've got their country back". However PM Theresa May was a Remainer, so she traitorously dragged her feet for 3 years without getting us out, and there was such a huge public outcry against her that she was forced to resign and sent scurrying back to the kitchen. I (and most of the Brit people) voted Tory in the recent election because Boris has sworn to get us out of Europe at last. "Came the hour, came the man" Goodbye Theresa and good friggin riddance, haha..
  3. Dropship

    Poll: Are well endowed women dull & boring people?

    Thanks for the feedback mate, I just went back to edit my post and substituted "big-titted" for "well-endowed"..:)
  4. Dropship

    The fake right

    Personally I can't figger out why the jews in our countries haven't spoken out against mass muslim immigration, bearing in mind that jews will be the first to get the chop if Islam ever takes over in our countries? Below- the future midnight knock at the door by the Sharia Police- "All jews will come with us, NOW!"
  5. Dropship

    Ginger Harry and Meghan Markle

    In a TV prog some years ago it was put to Hewitt that he might have fathered Harry, but he kept skirting round the question and wouldn't give a straight yes or no answer. Personally I can sometimes see Prince Charles in Harry, so I don't think Hewitt sired him. PS- Regarding the current Harry/Megs soap opera, "royalling" is just a job, so if they don't like it they're surely free to quit just like anybody else is free to quit a job they don't like?
  6. Dropship

    Poll: Are well endowed women dull & boring people?

    I suppose being big-titted does come in handy if your hands are full..
  7. Dropship

    Watch these men spread the Gospel

    Topic: Watch these men spread the Gospel ----------------------------------------------------------------- Be careful bro's..
  8. Dropship

    Iran situation theory

    Yes good point, it's odd how the US knew exactly where and when Soleimani's car would be in order to hit it, unless somebody tipped them off.
  9. Dropship

    What good evidence is there of the Nordics?

    Speaking of firepower, ancient scriptures give eyewitness accounts of something blasting the hell out of Jerusalem, they use the words "God" and "angel" and "sword" in an attempt to put it into human terms, but we could speculate that the words Alien, Battlecruiser and Phaser Cannon might be equally applicable- "And God sent an angel to Jerusalem to destroy it...Then David lifted his eyes and saw the angel of the Lord standing between earth and heaven, having in his hand a drawn sword stretched out over Jerusalem" (Bible:1 Chronicles 21:16/16)
  10. Dropship

    Flat Earth !

  11. Dropship

    Alternative rip off.

    Hey people, I'm 71 and have eaten anything and everything all my life (including lots of "junk" stuff and meat) and I'm in good health, so there must be a moral there somewhere..:) PS- I've never smoked or drank, and my Hell's Angel brother-in-law used to say "huh you're not a man if you don't drink and smoke". He died of cancer a few years ago aged 65, but I'm still around. PS again- regarding the vegan thing, if people want to eat grass it's none of my business, but personally when my belly demands meat I devour juicy steaks, otherwise I feel empty and weak. After all, the human body was designed to eat anything and I dare not argue with my body or the Big Man.. God said- "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything" (Genesis 9:3)
  12. Dropship

    Is The Afterlife A Trap As Well?

    Good question. The bottom line is that the earth is a nasty place (quakes, tsunamis, storms, disease etc) so it's not exactly a holiday camp and the sooner we can break out, the better. But who exactly can bust us out? Maybe our boy from Nazareth can do it, unless anybody can nominate a better candidate? "God has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners...to release the oppressed" (Luke 4:18 )
  13. Dropship

    Imagine Jesus reading Marx

    Topic- Imagine Jesus reading Marx ------------------------------------------------------
  14. For the same reason the aliens didn't bump off David Vincent, they knew he had the reputation of being a harmless eccentric in the public's eyes and that nobody believed him, so they knew that if they did bump him off people would begin to wonder if what he'd been saying really was true all along..:)