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  1. ty.shakleford

    Alternatives to Youtube?

    ugh, yes I heard marketers can just pull up your shopping data and figure out if you are happily married or not (!), if you are pregnant, if... fill in the blank. I tried to search for this marketer database, but of course the general public doesn't have access to it. I'd really like to know what's in that shopper database. It makes me paranoid though, don't want to share more of my inner thoughts...maybe the marketers will use it against me.
  2. ty.shakleford

    Alternatives to Youtube?

    Alex Jones uses something called Banned.Video but I don't think they have much besides infowars stuff at the moment.
  3. ty.shakleford

    3 Suspected Cases of coronavirus in Edinburgh

    Makes me think of spanish flu, or maybe the bubonic plague. You can't trust the news these days, so who knows how bad it is? They do reports designed to scare you: 50 people died! Agh! Panic! Well, they failed to mention those 50 people were 80+ years old, so yeah, I guess they "died of the flu" (no disrespect intended to the dead)
  4. ty.shakleford

    What alien races do you know about?

    Oh yeah http://askingangels.com/articles/starseeds/starseed.php it has these descriptions to see which starseed you are: a reptilian, avian, andomedans, vegan, etc. (I personally am an idiotian)
  5. ty.shakleford

    What alien races do you know about?

    I heard that *we* humans are the aliens, that we came from the Pleiades. That is a legend in different ethnic groups around the world. But then I heard about some african tribe from the dog star Sirius, and then the pyramids are in the Sirius pattern. I learned this from Coast2coastAM Oh wait, that video is breaking it down for me. It'd be nice if I could pay attention for 5 minutes.
  6. ty.shakleford


    Survival, plain and simple. To insure you and your genes (children) get passed on. A bit of ego is good, it's only a problem when the ego is out of balance (too much or too little). You have some interesting points, somebody will come up with a deeper answer for you.
  7. Glad people are posting. With the slow/low activity rate, just have one giant forum. Get rid of all the categories. Post your stuff here. Boom. Just one big general discussion about Icke/illuminati/aliens/lizards/weird stuff. *Maybe* ,flag stuff that's off topic (chit chat about hollywood, goofy stuff like favorite color, cooking, whatever), just slap a big O/T (off topic) in front of it. But let it stay! it's fun to have different styles of topic posters on here. (The Zarood threads were funny, although I understand why he got blocked.)
  8. Other forums I've been in... it turned out that over 90% of the "members" were bots or dead accounts. Paid for likes, and so on. (Just like on amazon where you can pay for fake 5 star reviews, or twitter where you can get fake followers) Of the small percentage of active human being members, a good chunk of those were "influencers" i.e. paid shills. It took something blatant for me figure it out. It's like getting invited to a friends house, and then they try to sell you tupperware or Avon cosmetics. Uh, no thanks, and I'm blocking your number. I should have been more suspicious, but it was such a low profit market I couldn't believe anyone would even bother. I was shocked. But I'm sure there's some stealth marketers on here, as there are on every website these days. Maybe that tshirt thread? Or the coloring book? Anyway, just something to be aware of.
  9. From my experience in other forums, and my brief experience here: 1) many people are content to be passive participants (just readers) 2) aggravating the "senior members" and "Know it alls" is exhausting 3)hey newbie, we discussed that last month, how dare you post that again? 4) trolls 5)the categories in the forums are kinda weird (where do I post this thing?) Etc. Plus this forum doesn't seem to have much activity at the moment. That's discouraging to many people. Many interesting threads have only 1 reply. When I saw the activity rate, I almost didn't register, then I thought, what the heck, lets try it.
  10. ty.shakleford

    Man made river in Libya

    Does anyone know if the river is still functional? I understand it was bombed/poisoned?
  11. ty.shakleford

    What is Satan?

    (Oh no, I'm an old codger now. ;-) "Judge a tree by its fruit" So, the devil/satan/evil can look good/positive in that particular moment. A few years down the road, there's bad fruit, and the mask comes off. Just research the scriptures for yourself. You don't need a name for the devil of that culture. You can find him by his fruits.
  12. ty.shakleford

    Man made river in Libya

    I never heard of this, a huge man made river in Libya? known as the 8th wonder of the world? It was bombed? All I ever heard was Benghazi. Pravda report, Also here in a blog format. If this is true, then the climate crisis/overpopulation crisis is fake. More than enough natural resources for everyone.
  13. ty.shakleford

    What is Satan?

    Just say evil or the destructive force. The devil has many disguises. Just follow the stench of human sacrifice to whatever local devil is in charge. I find it interesting on modern tv shows, the devil is portrayed as a handsome young man.
  14. Well there was one Sleestak called Enoch/ Enik who is supposed to be good and helpful. He's referred to as the dwarf cousin ( but I don't remember the whole show). But yeah, you'd think they'd try to market the sleestaks as gnostic heroes, not evil creatures. The show was made by David Gerrold, and produced by Sid & Marty Krofft. I need to do more research on those guys (I was hoping somebody else already did the research. Sigh.) But maybe there is no significance. There is already tons of agenda stuff in many tv shows, music videos, movies, etc. Maybe I'm just noticing it more now, since Icke and so many others pointed it out? Hollywood has nothing new. I wonder what the oldest example of agenda stuff in a tv or movie show?
  15. ty.shakleford

    Your favorite color?

    Darn it, I forgot pink on the survey. D'oh! Nobody wants to participate in my dumb survey? Oh well, back to the drawing board of goofy ideas ;-)