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  1. Fake news reporting. Clip is only 60 seconds.There was a mild hurricane. This fake newsguy has to flail about and fake fall just to make more fake news. Observe the dudes casually strolling in the background while this "reporter" acts in front of the camera. This is esp. dumb because we have hurricanes every year, and thank goodness they are usually mild, so why you get on the news and lie about everything? If it really is a bad hurricane, nobody will believe the news when they say it's bad.
  2. ty.shakleford

    Global meditation! It's time to take action!

    To those of you who doubt the power of positive thought/prayer, check out Dr. Masaro Emoto here and here. They put some prayers into water and froze it then look for patterns in the crystal
  3. That's the biggest clue that this is fake. We are getting distracted by the con man, just like Icke said. We got some guy playing shell game, and we watching, while somebody is stealing our wallets out our pockets
  4. Instantly, CBS Dan Rather and NBC Brian Williams spring to mind. But yeah, I tuned the news out a while ago. Even if it wasn't outright lies, many times the exaggerations and obvious slants took it to a soviet era pravda level, I don't see how any thinking person can stand to listen to the newsbabes these days, it's so manipulative. One of my relatives watches the news daily and becomes visibly angry and upset every time he does. I served on jury duty recently. One of the first questions asked of the potential jurors was "Do you watch the news, if so, which programs do you watch?" almost everyone said "they didn't watch the news," A few people said they only watched or listened because a close friend or relative watched. So, I guess I'd say people don't watch the news, at all.
  5. ty.shakleford

    Coronavirus is all fake

    Huh, maybe it is fake? This article just posted German journalist finds no one at hospital supposedly teeming with coronavirus patients ok, and the youtube video has already been deleted? Very suspicious. I bet somebody mirrored it over on banned.video, so I scurried over there. Nope, but they got something even better: https://banned.video/watch?id=5e80e583478a340041aa8639 O what if it is fake? Wish I bought stock in toilet paper :-)
  6. *?* Baptist is one of the largest religious groups in the USA. Maybe unusual in Europe, but here it's just normal. Now, the claim about German names... dunno. I believe Fritz has gone by more than one name. Fritz may or may not be legit. His research is good. He reminds me of another weird conspiracy guy named John Todd, who later died in a mental hospital in SC, USA. It's been suggested that Todd's and Springmeyers MKUltra program forced them to decompensate by becoming mentally ill, or they got set up by higher ups. Don't know. btw, I'm not defending either one of these people, just sharing random bits of info I've picked up.
  7. ty.shakleford

    Do you personally know someone with COVID-19?

    This board is mostly people in the UK and the USA, maybe that's why we don't know more people with Covid-19? Because most people in the USA and UK have O positive blood. According to wikipedia, English people are 47% type O, and 42% type A. hmm, theory no good?
  8. ty.shakleford

    coronavirus mega thread

    Maybe they put her back on Epstein's pedo island. Greta was supposed to make "everyone panic", but she failed. She got sent back to the child slave dungeon in Epstein's estate. The elites rolled out coronavirus to create panic, and here we are. Maybe Greta will pop up in a few months brandishing a "cure".
  9. Basic life skills: An amazing number of people complete advanced education, yet cannot handle basic life situations. If I went back in time to school, I'd want to learn: 1)life psych skills such as dealing with all types of people, having healthy relationships. 2)How to rent or buy a home. 3)Self defense skills 4) Household skills like cooking, cleaning, minor repairs. 5)Budget, money, etc. 6)making a living: finding jobs, working, etc. 7)Most importantly, some type of spiritual foundation and moral compass If your kids know how to read, write and do basic math, they can teach themselves anything. Ask your kids what do they want to learn? What interests them? As far as jobs go, in the USA the only fields that seem to have lots of job openings are medical related. So in a bad economy, I'd steer my kids in that direction to ensure they had a job of some kind. Haven't tried either: but my state has free online school available and I heard about khan academy
  10. Just connected a couple more dots today... "[Patrick Haemers] hanged himself from a 130-centimetre-high radiator in a Belgian jail cell in 1993. " -from wikipedia. That's weird, sounds exactly the fake suicide hanging of Epstein doesn't it? I don't know much about Patrick Haemers but he was tied in with the pedo network in Belgium. Just like Epstein was tied in with some kind of pedo network in the USA. Everywhere I look there is more evidence to support what Icke and others are saying.
  11. ty.shakleford

    Credo Mutwa has passed.

    There is one interview that is 6 hours (!), wondering if it's written down in one of David's books? I want to read it quickly.
  12. Flowering Heart: It's admittedly childish, but it puts the illuminati plot in a nutshell which is: to harvest hopeless energy from humans. The way to fight back, is to produce hopeful energy and compassion. It illustrates that if I produce hopeless energy, I create a food source for demons. If I find myself despairing or slipping into depression, I remember this show and how that bad energy feeds demons. U can skip over the cheezy schoolkids anime, and check out the spooky illuminati family that moves from the spirit world to the human world to harvest energy. The creepy family is queen Canaby, and her 3 children: princes Chess & Trump, and princess Shuel. Two adopted children and one biological (seems to be common in illuminati families).
  13. ty.shakleford

    Voting members off of the Forum

    Don't know exactly how influencer industry works, but it does exist. Ocasionally I see postings on my local job board, for someone to "review a product on amazon" and get a gift certificate in return (paid for a review). Some people on youtube are paid to do shows/reviews with certain products in them. It's a modern advertising technique, but it's super sleazy, because they disguise themselves. It's also similar to the facebook and twitter censors. Zuckerberg uses the influencers to control what people think. Modern MindKontrol