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  1. Basket Case

    David Icke Homepage news

    l was expressing my frustration and looking for other peoples perspectives. l got them...and can see things a little different now....but not from you.
  2. Basket Case

    David Icke Homepage news

    . If it's coming from the Daily Mail, or any other so called 'half respectable' news sources, then it's only information that has been 'okayed' by TPTB and therefor pushes the given narrative in what ever direction TPTB choose. If we are told anything truthful it's only to distract us from looking at something else bigger and more important. A few morsels to get us to look in the wrong direction. Given the obvious connections that the Daily Mail (and others) have with TPTB, how can anyone trust one single word of anything ? . l now get what's been mentioned , that Icke's news page is just a nudge to say "hey...look at what's being discussed now" but l'd guess no more than that..?
  3. Basket Case

    Humor Thread

  4. Basket Case

    The Car Thread

    . For example;
  5. Basket Case

    The Car Thread

    This is a superb YT channel for all things electric. Bikes, Cars and even flying vehicles. Very informative.. https://www.youtube.com/user/fullychargedshow
  6. Basket Case

    David Icke Homepage news

    FFS !!!!! Why are there articles to such entities as the 'Daily Mail' ?? Is it to highlight the bullshit of MM or not ? l'm confused. This article about Andrew and Maxwell is pure BS, as no-one but the intelligence agencies would have access to their emails. If it has been leaked, then this is only pushing some sort of distraction/agenda and why promote it ? Why do we get this on Icke news pages ? Link; https://www.davidicke.com/article/559991/got-questions-virginia-roberts-prince-andrew-sent-bombshell-550am-email-ghislaine-maxwell-just-hours-epstein-sex-slave-said-2015-shed-abused-royal
  7. Basket Case

    Craig Murray, whistle blower ... former British Ambassador

    This is the sort of thing Julian Assange exposed...!!! Crazy :O(
  8. Basket Case

    Craig Murray, whistle blower ... former British Ambassador

    "As western states face popular discontent and are losing consent of the governed, one of the state’s reactions is to free up its use of force. Conservative election promises to give members of the UK armed forces effective immunity from prosecution for war crimes orfor illegal use of force, should be seen in this light. So also, of course, should the use of agents not primarily employed by the state to impose extreme violence on behalf of the state. The enforcers of the vicious system John Pilger encountered were employed by Serco, G4S or a similar group, to remove the state one step from any control upon their actions (and of course to allow yet more private profit to the wealthy). Similar contractors regularly visit strong violence on immigrants selected for deportation. The ultimate expression of this was the disgusting employment by the British and American governments of mercenary forces, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, to deploy brutal and uncontrolled violence on the local population." https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2019/12/violence-and-the-state/
  9. . Here's what's showing on the official twitter feed now. (can anyone find out if this was tweeted earlier by mistake and changed?)
  10. Basket Case

    The Contract on Corbyn

  11. Basket Case

    Craig Murray, whistle blower ... former British Ambassador

    John Pilger was at the same meeting and also gave a speech;
  12. Basket Case

    London Bridge Incident

    +1 Exactly what l thought...
  13. Basket Case

    London Bridge Incident

    . Hmm... Okay. lt would seem the fire extinguisher is there in the right place. Well spotted. l suspect the quality of the video is down to the fact that it's shot through an office window ? The fire extinguisher was brought out of the building by someone chasing the attacker. Most extinguishers are either red or blue, but maybe someone can shed a light on silver ones ? The guys with 'white tags' are from the meeting inside the building.. l'm having second thoughts on this clip. Maybe it's real ?
  14. Basket Case

    Craig Murray, whistle blower ... former British Ambassador

    " Free the Truth – A Short Speech 8 30 Nov, 2019 in Uncategorized by craig This is the speech I came down to London to give. I have had a fascinating few days catching up on many people. It is an interesting fact that one of the suite of rooms where the great ones gather for their sparkling wine and snacks before and after the Cenotaph ceremony on Remembrance Sunday is literally my old office, from when I was Deputy Head of the Africa Department of the FCO. It has always interested me that the grand people of British society, particularly those born to it, overlook the “little people” and forget they have agency. People like Boris Johnson do not see janitors, cleaners, cooks, drivers and waiting staff as anything but cyphers. They however see him, and I can tell you with certainty that the reason he messed up the Cenotaph ceremony, starting backwards and forward at the wrong time, laying the wreath upside down and generally stumbling around looking like an unmade bed, is that he was drunk. You could smell it off him. He arrived in that condition.
  15. Basket Case

    London Bridge Incident

    Take a look, its safe to click / watch..