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  1. Basket Case

    Who Burnt Down Notre Damme?

    A French National Treasure looking for American hand outs ??!!!???? The Pope could rebuild Notre Damme with loose change in his back pocket...
  2. Basket Case

    They're coming for Julian Assange

    Today Wiki dump.. https://nationandstate.com/2019/04/13/new-wikileaks-massive-file-dump/?fbclid=IwAR0m9AMZXFpx_bnYHxu7XuKfMoy0RW47zn0HFPqHlRZlEjCycZ_WGLa8nos
  3. Basket Case

    WikiLeaks Dump today..

  4. Basket Case

    Assange arrested

    Big Wiki dump... . https://nationandstate.com/2019/04/13/new-wikileaks-massive-file-dump/?fbclid=IwAR1OVSSrHS9DsKHk5JP3d0_UX7h8Fadd384saQOPFY0M5s7not0yx-Hp4E8
  5. Basket Case

    Soldiers shoot Jeremy Corbyn - BS story.

    . Joined the forum just to post this nonsense ? No. He did not support the IRA. Exactly the sort of rubbish repeated by people that cause soldiers to shoot at his image. He supported negotiating to stop the deaths on both sides. Negotiating with someone is not 'supporting' someone. Same goes for Hamas.......doesn't support them but wants negotiations, to bring Peace.
  6. Basket Case

    Humor Thread

    You know it makes sense... .
  7. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    And here's a video; .
  8. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    . Much that l believe this whole story was planned and managed, l believe he did shoot through the windshield. A windshield is laminated....modern laminated screens are incredibly tough to pass stringent safety laws. It is possible as seen in many youtube videos to shoot through windshields without it shattering. Side windows are made from much different 'plain' tough glass.....but not laminated. The video is poor quality making it difficult to see what actually happened . The light / dark transitions through sunlight / shade and movement make it difficult to see damage to screen. Below are 5 photos. No 1) Intact windshield before....no hole or cracks. No 2) 13.10 - one second before one of the 3 shots through the windshield No 3) 13.11 - as a shot goes through - showing blast / smoke outside the screen. No 4) Very obvious cracks No 5) Very obvious hole... .
  9. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    . Is he talking to / about me ? l can't see him...LOL l guess the ignore function only works one way. Send him my Love :O) xx
  10. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    . That's 2 on my ignore list now. What a great function to add to a forum :O)
  11. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    . l was afraid to watch it at first........l despise violence and gore. (l can't stand Hollywood action films) But after seeing similar points made by different people in different video channels and forums l decided to check for myself. Even suspecting something is wrong, it still makes unpleasant viewing.....until you get to see all the points made by others for yourself, then it is thankfully liberating. Bottom line - we are being lied to - YET AGAIN. And meanwhile the TPTB and MSM play on peoples emotions and stir up hatred and division :O( LOVE to All xx
  12. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    . That bit was a joke... (insert winking smiley face)
  13. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    . A convenient case of the 'Nelsons' l think - "l see no ships" ???
  14. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    Shell cases......not only do they constantly disappear into mid air but you don't hear them hit anything or see laying around later. Magazine - seen on the floor as he goes through the hall for the first time. Dressed in red - also 3rd person dressed in red by compound wall as he leaves last time. (and red car opposite his parking spot and red car at his entrance by foot into Mosque. Behaviour seemed to me to be of someone supremely confident that the whole area was 'safe' for him. The woman in the road - Appears to be shot as he returns to his Subaru car for the last time - she is laying on her back - he looks behind him then when he looks back she is then laying face down - he appears to then shoot her at very close range towards her head - no blood but her hair moves twice - as this is happening a 'squib' (as people are calling it) - a square bag of fake blood ' comes out and goes off at her elbow - nowhere near her head. We don't SEE him drive over her - we see him drive out where she was laying - we cannot see the ground from his camera view point. None of this adds up to me as anything like the official story / narrative. l don't play computer games but l am aware of them and have occasionally seen little bits of 'first person shoot 'em ups'....this might sound crazy but l think that 'somehow' this is some sort of computer game - shoot 'em up footage cleverly laid over footage of walking around the Mosque with the people 'playing ball' - 'acting'---------- How on Earth could he have otherwise walked casually past 2 people at the beginning with 2 huge guns and the 2 people merely watch on with no reaction at all......like an unarmed person waking by - this whole video makes no sense what so ever when watched more than once and when focused on certain points.......at first glance the reaction is one of recoil and horror, but the more you read and the more you look at the things that aren't right the more it can be seen to be a huge hoax. Call me a Basket Case if you like.......you wouldn't be the first.
  15. Basket Case

    Christchurch NZ Mosque Shooting - 49 Confirmed Dead

    That's why l've set his profile to ignore. He's still bugging me though, through everyone elses engagement with him. lf l were in a room with him and other people l'd be as far away from him as possible, at all times. l don't understand people trying to justify themselves to such a toxic nutjob :O(