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  1. Basket Case

    coronavirus mega thread

    lt's difficult to put into words. Not just about agreeing or disagreeing with him. l developed a strong gut feeling something was 'off' with him.. l have learned to trust my gut
  2. Basket Case

    coronavirus mega thread

    l stopped watching this guy a few years ago..
  3. Basket Case


    l'm beginning to believe, what with this world wide lock down, that they're waving all this under our noses and laughing
  4. Basket Case

    Is QAnon legit?

    The more likely outcome by a long way, unfortunately..
  5. Basket Case

    The "Q" Phenomena

    Have you watched the 'Fall Cabal' channels videos on youtube. Put together by a woman who researched crop circles a while back..? A lot of FULL ON FACTS; (not that l'm saying Trump is gonna take them down) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCthJtvcJZQgfCHG9QOWXjqw/videos
  6. Basket Case

    You couldn't make this up :0(

    80+ annoyed clicks but no laughs lt is the 1st of April you miserable gits
  7. Basket Case

    The "Q" Phenomena

    l have 'straight friends' beginning to share Qanon / cabal stuff on 'normal' social media. lt's good that the 1% child murderers are being talked about. lt is very clever and quite compelling. Who ever is posting knows stuff. Deep stuff. And 2 / 3 years ahead. lt's quite a mind fuck. l wish it was true. l wish some clever organisation has out maneuvered the cabal. The chances and odds that it's a 1% intel-project to distract and fool is extremely high though
  8. Basket Case


    Have you looked into who is pursuing this ? Cyrus A. Parsa, The AI Organization 4275 Executive Square Suite 200 2 La Jolla, California, 92037 Phone Number (805-996-0135) 3 Email: [email protected] https://theaiorganization.com/
  9. Basket Case

    Has Tom Hanks been arrested?

    Kappy died very close to an alleged pedo-paradise camping ground that a female friend / researcher told him about. She died a few weeks later too
  10. Basket Case

    Where is everyone from

    All the Men are from Mars. All the Women are from Venus. All the other genders are from Uranus..
  11. Basket Case

    Humor Thread

  12. Basket Case

    coronavirus mega thread

    l'm guessing you haven't seen this then ?
  13. Basket Case

    coronavirus mega thread

    This the the first post on page 330.....