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  1. Basket Case

    Hands and minds thread

    This is great, but l did wince a little when he took the grinder to the conrod 1) The piece still left will be flapping around, possibly destroying the inside of the crank cases, and 2) The engine cannot be put back as before, if needed, despite it looking perfectly fine and usable at the beginning .
  2. Basket Case

    Humor Thread

  3. Basket Case

    I want this t shirt

    lt's a great shirt. l was just jesting about the idea held by some that there are more than 2 genders....binary / non-binary
  4. Again David, chill.... I see no attacks and l see no abuse. You're using very strong language to describe simple robust dialogue on an open forum. There are attacks and abuse on forums, but not here, now, towards you
  5. As someone who's just popped into this thread with 'fresh eyes and ears', l'm getting a strong feeling that you're misunderstanding Jupiter12 here. l read and reread his comment. l see no anger here towards you. l see no aggression. l see a different understanding of Ickes ideas.....that is all. David......chill dude, chill
  6. Basket Case

    I want this t shirt

    Try selling them at a LGBT festival...
  7. Basket Case

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    Ever heard of a type of humour called 'sarcasm' ?
  8. Basket Case

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    Agreed. Caution in an alcohol / party / holiday environment is a minefield..
  9. Basket Case

    Cyprus gang rape incident.

    Wow. Nice progressive attitude...
  10. Basket Case

    Craig Murray, whistle blower ... former British Ambassador

    "When Blair and Bush invaded Iraq, not only without the sanction of the UN Security Council but in the certain knowledge the Security Council was against it, and in Blair’s case against the unanimous opinion of the FCO’s entire cadre of Legal Advisers who stated that the war was illegal, they not only precipitated a crisis that has resulted in millions of deaths, they dealt a killing blow to the entire fabric of international law." https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2020/01/the-troubling-decline-of-international-law/
  11. Basket Case

    I want this t shirt

    My favourite t-shirt has this on it..
  12. Basket Case

    Humor Thread

  13. Basket Case

    The "Q" Phenomena

    This is made by a very good friend of Max Igan;
  14. Basket Case

    Max Igan update - break down or threatened / controlled ?

    Benny Wills is straight up. 'The Conspiracy Guy' videos seem to be a bit of fun. lnvestigates with full facts and figure. Vaccines;
  15. Basket Case

    Terry Jones conspiracy..

    At the Pearly Gates...