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  1. I've just thought of a D & E ... d) Because maybe it is true that when you resonate with the truth to such an extent, that you really are protected somehow? e) Maybe there has been just enough disinformation fed into his work to publicly discredit him if ever required?
  2. My guesses are one of these ... a) Because being taken out brings instant notoriety, and an unspoken admission to the world, from the PTB, that the information is right? b) Because his books only contain half the story, and it's not the half that worries them? c) You only have to read all the various posts on this forum to see that no matter how influential David may be, the populace have interpreted his work in a thousand different ways, and are no more united than before?
  3. Numpsy

    The Devil Is A System

    I understand where you are coming from here Crom. My take on it all is this - once awareness reaches a certain level, it divides into two 'polarities' - often referred to as STO & STS (Service to Others / Service to Self - research them yourself for definitions). This world and everything in it is STS - therefore we are STS too, else we wouldn't exist here. We are here by choice, so at some point we have chosen to incarnate with these known conditions in place, So in a sense you are right in thinking that this world, the way its run, and the people its run by is the 'devil' - or at least on the devils path, if thats a better term. But I don't think we are innocent victims of a grand deception - I think for whatever reason we chose to come along for the ride.
  4. Numpsy

    Requesting a meeting with Reptilians

    If they were there for our benefit, the best thing they could do for us would be to never interfere with our free will, and allow our soul to grow by learning the lessons it was set out to learn, by itself. As they clearly have no intention of respecting our free will (and the ultimate growth of your soul as it were), they are therefore clearly not here for our benefit. Hence, everything that is done to humanity on their behalf, is only ever done for the benefit of themselves. If that is the type of entity you want in your life, then good luck to you.
  5. Numpsy

    What action do we take?

    I would of thought that any entity with your best interests at heart would never interfere in your life, as that would be an infringement of free will. However, an entity who has no qualms about 'helping' you, will more than likely not have your best interests at heart. Believing that any entity from outside will save you is an age old fable designed to keep you inert, and stop you growing/advancing in life.
  6. Numpsy

    My view on GOD

    Good question, who created God. If God himself was created, then that infers that there is a higher 'God' above this one, and so on ad finitum ... The alternative is that God has always existed infinitely. Perhaps this is a question that can never be answered while we are just a minute aspect of the whole. What if we're all just fragments of God's dream - and only get the answer when God 'wakes up' ?
  7. Numpsy

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    Evening people, Numpsy from the UK here. Been a member of the old forum for a long time (under a different name), but haven't posted in a good few years. So, let's see what happens this time ...