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  1. Parasite

    I'm new here HELLO!

    Welcome to the forum, you will find alot of like minded folk here!
  2. Parasite


    Might give this a go. Always feel my serotonin is a little out of wack from the use of a bit too much MDMA years ago.
  3. Parasite

    What's REALLY going on in North Korea?

    Interesting. To be honest i have never really given this much thought. Now I'm intrigued.
  4. Parasite

    Which forum to use?

    Haha i know that part. I was speaking more about this - Old Forum - https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php This Forum - https://social.davidicke.com Why are there two, and was this one created to replace the old, since the old one is bigger and seemingly more active. :) Edit - Thanks ScreamingEagle, i understand. Quite a big database lots of posts!!
  5. Parasite

    Which forum to use?

    Although i don't post too often on this forum, i am curious to know why there are two? I originally first found this one, and heard a few people talking about the old forum, i thought it was gone, however i recently discovered it and it still looks active, more active than this one, what was the reason a new one was created and the other not deleted? Are we trying to migrate over to a new software,. Just curious is all, i just signed up to the other forum, so i can read through those discussions etc.
  6. Parasite

    The cashless society #bristol city fc

    This has happened in Adelaide South Australia too at their newly renovated Adelaide Oval, however if you have cash you can trade it in for a cash card which you get from the stadium. https://www.adelaideoval.com.au/card-only-information/ I'm sure theres many places like this around.
  7. Parasite

    Taping over webcam

    I have covers on my laptops camera as well as my phone. Have also disabled alot of setting allowing apps from accessing camera or microphone permissions, not sure if this does much as i imagine if someone truely wanted to enable my microphone they could but it's something.
  8. Parasite

    Why block out the sun with chemtrails?

    I think you may have answered your own question with '' the sun gives life to the planet, plants need it, we get vitamin D from it.'' You stop the planet from thriving, you stop the people from thriving, the crops die, replaced with GMO's, make people easier to get sick, quicker to exterminate the population. However i feel there may be a deeper reason also, maybe the suns rays to activate our DNA and help us ascend.
  9. Parasite

    AI and 5G

    This may have been discussed before, or might even have a simple answer, but here goes. If we need 5G to implement the new smart grid, connecting the brain to AI and AI in general, it obviously needs high bandwidth to run this which is what 5G is for. We also have people who are worried about the dangers of AI and the possibility of it taking over the human race and planet. If it did get out of hand, couldn't 5G just be shut down by the powers that be, or maybe they wouldn't let it be shut down.
  10. Parasite

    Any gym goers here?

    I've started to get back into weight lifting again recently, i originally started a few years ago and lost around 30KG of fat and started working on gaining muscle, then i stopped and started to focus on Yoga more. I'm just trying to lean up again, only a few more KG's to go, normally sit around 70-74kg. I'd like to be around 70, thats my ideal weight i think.
  11. Parasite

    David ickes new platform Ickonic

    Its a nice idea to bring everyone together on one platform, but its a bit expensive, if it was cheaper maybe i would look at it, but for the price they are looking for is a bit much, especially as others have said you can get most of the information on YouTube or other video-sharing websites.
  12. Parasite

    Waking others up

    I just try to spread the message to the people i can. Some people will laugh at you and just completely dismiss you, others will actually listen and take it on board, i've had a few people who i have shared information with go on and share it with other people also. I've learnt to pick and choose who i disclose information too, as sometimes it is just not worth your energy when you know the perception they hold is very strong, but there is always hope i guess. Slowly slowly.
  13. Parasite

    This forum looks like trash made by a 10 year old

    What software was the old forum running? unfortunately i wasnt around for that one, but this one works. Maybe some work on categories and things like that but overall its a basic forum. Its the discussion that matters most.
  14. Parasite

    Hi to all,new members introduce your self

    Hey everyone! stumbled upon this place, been a listener of Icke for a while now, as well as many others. Hope to chat with some of you soon.
  15. Parasite

    Chemtrail aircraft bases

    You could try and look at FlightRadar24 website or app when you notice them spraying in your area, sometimes they do not show up on the radar but in the past i have found multiple chemtrail planes on the radar and you can actually see them actively spraying. Here's a screenshot i took once. Good luck!