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  1. Dave

    Looking for a society

    How do I go about that?
  2. Dave

    Sign of the times

    What would it be a sign of?
  3. Dave

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    Please explain them laws.
  4. Dave

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    Somebody dancing wearing a flag is evidence of what? Proud to be Israeli? Yawn
  5. Every day is a blank canvas.
  6. Sorry - who here doesn't understand how 5g works. Well me for one , but from what I have read it needs very many access points to deal with the traffic. I don't think the technology is bad per say.
  7. Dave

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    Sure I remember how it was when I was a little boy. Now things seem very different. I can't go back in time. Nature is leading us but like a little boy growing up we are slow to follow. But we don't have time for silly separatism ( yes made the word up right now) Humanity needs to make a big jump now not doing to the past.
  8. Dave

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    Sorry bud. Nothin there u said I can agree with. No one country is self sufficient now. Do you get it? Your life depends on everyone else in the world.
  9. Lost in the field looking for my brother.
  10. Dave


    Nicely layed out English text. "My Opinions on the Issue are my own not the Ideology of someone else." I ask you to check that. But how can we check ourselves? If MI5 only then it's nothing. You need several points of reference. By the way, Bob was a Jew and Zionist.
  11. Dave

    Ginger Harry and Meghan Markle

    Royals in the world have a long history. It's not good to dismiss something that seems irrelevant this second. Monarchy developed the world to where we are ( say thank you) Royals don't choose to be born into a particular family. They don't choose to have their lives ruled by external national service and behavioural expectations. To live to serve their country is something most of us don't know (forces excluded) and are an example to us all.
  12. Dave

    Sign of the times

    Well that's an interesting question. I think the image and the sign of the times are external. Probably take longer than we got to live to try and fly there in a space ship and then how will infinite gravity affect our old bones. ( Well mine are aging) But it must mean something?
  13. Dave

    Extinction Rebellion symbolism

    The reason I can't agree is that I see evidence from the nature around us that we are already 1 global country. The stuff in my house comes all the way from India China Europe America. Planet pollution affects everyone from Rubbish in the sea to India burning exported plastic from countries claiming to recycle, the quick spread of disease due to international travel, threat of nuclear destruction, all affect everyone in the world and are not a country's local problem. I'm not going to get into an argument about whether global warming exists or not. So to say we don't need global governance right now - not when it's too late - does not make sense to me. We need it now - who and how I'm open to discussing but it is needed right now.
  14. Dave


    There is a film I enjoyed called No country for old men. I think the title describes the state you describe where a person's nationalism does not affect their behaviour towards others.
  15. So humans collaborated and joined together telescopes from all around the world and made an image of a black hole. It looks very much like a burning circle. To someone who is a big physics fan it's very exciting to see an image of a black hole. The image of a singularity to me washed over all the proclaimers of religion as we did not hear a peep about it, only the scientists. Mathematically a singularity is infinite. Infinite in a finite universe where we live. A place where all laws of physics we know stop. Anyway my point is we took a picture of the gates to heaven and not one religious person noticed. The other thing on my mind is surely this is major land mark in our development. Like stars in the sky and wise men stuff.