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  1. Quanthematic

    Music You Like

  2. sounds like sampled fragment of piped noise used as meditational loop .... , with soft touch of some very slow phasing effect
  3. .. its the outside sounds , .... its open space , very windy with some resonance frequency , and there is winter snow , its logical in that conditions that theres are some industrial heavy machines outside cleaning roads , maybe ships in harbour , few time you can hear some heavy engine roar , all sounds carried by wind and mixed with camera microphone recording noise , for me it sounds even in moments that its recorded by sound enginneer , there could be even second or more microphone put on for recording in different places and then from time to time mixed in for soundcheck , which combines different frequency spectrum characteristics of outside noise , .......
  4. Quanthematic

    Digital flue

    digital network can be used as amplified radiation transmiiter which extraterrestrial Digital Corporation can use against humanity , .... human organism reaction symptoms to radiation is flue and respiratory problems .
  5. Quanthematic

    007 - 911

    .... there is Virgin Islands , Epsteins Solomanic Temple with genetic blue bloodlines on the wall and red rivers fields in front of temple door ,.... then there is Lolitas Express , Virgin Mary as innocent girl who got pregnant by extraterrestrial genetic priority Divine ,.... and there is Weinstein Lolywood , Monica in clintons office hood , there is Alice in Wonderland and there is Madonna Like a Prayer ,... and then there is Jesus who wanted to arrest criminals and help humans but they put him innocent on cross just like Asange .... , hope that explains environment and you can read the signs .....
  6. Quanthematic

    007 - 911

    its a Virgin Islands and Weinsteins Lollywood and the royal prince Andrew Charles Savile genetic fairytales in the every childrens book , ..... like a saudi harem in the holy hook , .... prince will come on a white horse until happy ending ,.... and there is Virgin Mary , Monica , Lady Gaga , Duffy , Madonna and so on , .... and there is Aroman Lolypope with naked nuns and naked kids in the very important cathedrals .
  7. pharaonic babylonic solomonic genetic priority ideology gangsters , international monetary printing fraudsters , fallen roman empire venetian oligarchy banksters , ....... Corona Virus is designed by roman empire jesuitic venetian banksters Nato Nazi oligarchy , .... there is reason why Nazi Croatia is president council of Europe starting from January 2020 , and there is reason why Saudi ISIS Wannabia is in Europe raping european children and why journalist Khashoggy is murdered and Asange imprisoned ..., why unelected solomanic crown prince Savile Andrew Epstein society exercises genetic priority domination sexually over working class children ,..... first they attack and kill your kids , then they attack Jesus , Khashoggy and Asange , and now they came for all of you ,.... you are not allowed this & that ,....No Free Speech , No Brexit , No Exit , ..... secret nazi agent Mark Goebbels Suckerberger is running Facebook , Google , Youtube ,.... Bill Gates is not vaccinating his children , but like a CIA organized genocide Guatemala ,Bill Gates is vaccinating other peoples children with a Microsoft Microchip , ...... every war is about rich against the poor ,.... Artificial Inteligence is the latest hip ,..... Super Star Wars by beep , beep , beep ,....
  8. Quanthematic

    007 - 911

    remember , they lied about Iraq and they lied about 911 ,....... it was Epstein - Weinstein - prince Savile Charles Andrew Party Aroman Lolypopes Virgin Islands , Saud Harem Solomanic Temple 007 , ............. they did Virgin Mary & Madonna ,........... Bill Clintoris in White House & young Monica sexretary Primadona , ,......... like a Leopold did Congo, Caesar Habsburg Nazi did Eurona Uniona , Venetian Banksters Jesuitic Hitlerona , ............. cooperative terroris sharia foundona , maximum criminus oligarchiona ,............. pizzeria Cosa Nostrona ,......... so you think they dont lie about Corona , .....
  9. Quanthematic

    Billys Window Organismzation

    Billy Gates Windows wants to get inside human organism and vaccines can do that business expansion , and then international corporations advertisers can be uninteruptedly played in every microchip in human brain , ... while artificially intelligent humanity have to always agree and cant complain.
  10. ... isnt it obvious , its a media focus moneypulation and spin ,... Jimmy Savile and prince Andrew in the genetic fairytale knightclub scene ,.... United Slaveowners and criminal virgin island Rothschild --Soros Epsteins solomanic temple elite and jesuitic Aroman Lolypope paedophilia suite ... on working class kids Weinstein Lollywood hit ,... now those bilderburgers oligarchy narco cartel Glaxo Smith ..... attacking humanity with Corona Virus in Dolby Surround , ... and as translated Corona = Crown , Liar Tony & Osamas iraq concert playing in the Everytown ,.... .... people dont you get the ancient pyramid writings and the political curse ,.... He who touches unelected Pharaos United Slaveowners Foundation will be thrown to the snakes and lions ... and into Corona Virus Windows Orwel installation, ....... welcome to saudi solomon , caesar vampire , venetian oligarchy babylon , its a Big Brother & banksters nazi terrorist organization , ..... atack on poor , working class , pensioners and children , ....... corona spices , .... now get all fruits and vitamins with higher prices ,......... Panama Paradises ,.... political cocktail party multiplication ,.... printing International Monetary Fraud , prepay combinatti & united slaveowners investment inauguration ,.
  11. ... , hei , some big fish are here in corona undercover business ,.... according to sensitive forensic research statistics , ..... Bilderbergers , Rothschilds and Rockefellers and selfdeclared genetically Royal Solomanic Babyloanic Societies are in trouble , ... remember the yellow vest protests in France against rothschilds pupet Macron , then also previously rothschild Soros puppet Clinton lost elections ,.... Merkel and Therese May are also prepaid rothschilds puppets from Tavistock Institute and they lost power ,......... while across in united slaveowners USA , .... Goldman Sachs , Bushman Rumsfeld and Tony British Liar Friends robbed 750 billions with greek crises project , and 750 billion previously with swineflue vaccines , chicken flue , mad cow and you know , whatever , .... and now they robbed 750 billions with climate project , and with all that money they finance private military and privatize oilfields in Middle East , . ..... then they represent themselves as World Bank or IMF , or United Nations of the Gasoline Stations where epsteins solomanic temple knightclub mossad agent Ghislaine Maxwell will control the oceans while she is riding in helicopters and submarines with sexual Lolitas lotion ,...... matrix twist , ... in the saudi harem is the selfdeclared royal beast ,....... british monarchy got caught at epsteins Virgin Islands raping other peoples children ,.... their private operating system got caught in multidimensional robbery of working class and multidimensional crimes against humanity ,... they started falling down , unelected like saudi crown or leopoldian congolese union brusselian town , even british monarchy is falling apart , Roman Pope is a savilian Lolypope Jesuit and got caught in paedophilia , .....and yesterday they runned climate project represented by Harvey Weinsteins Lolywood , Leonardo Ford Caprio advertising mood & neurotic swedish royal diva Hurry Spotter Neuro Greta Thunberg in the hood , ,... today their laboratories created and run Corona project ,... all to confuse public , to exercise genetic domination and control and take media focus attention away from their oil gold bankster corporation warcrimes around the world ,.... its a united slaveowners criminal babylonic venetian roman empire rich oligarchy attacking working class , sponsoring and installing their agants around countries as fake patriots and fake political national establishments and really getting rid of proper social intellectuals that they cannot buy with criminal money ,......... United Slaveowners Union have designed and financed SS nazis and ISIS terrorists , today they design and finance Corona Virus , its a business. ,........ and then just as they sold swineflue vaccines yesterday , today those banksters gangsters are selling desinfection materials to all countries , and all those desinfection materials sold is pure crap again and will produce even more disease and affect human skin and health to get worse , .... they are killing people around the world , getting rid of old people ,........ because United Slaveowners can easier moneypulate the young and have them artificially intelligent ,............... its a criminal banksters organization prepaid Nato puppets attacking working class and attacking social intellectuals like journalist Khashoggy and Asange . ....... , and what you hear today at Orwelian World News ,.... they say they give orders and instructions ,.... and they want other people to do what people are told , .... its a Pharaos Wild Animal Dreams and Pyramidal Business Old , ....... Babyloanic Extraterrestrials Reptials Extraterritorials & International Monetary Printing Fraud .......... https://www.tavinstitute.org/news/coronavirus/
  12. in digital business , planting a virus became a big business for digital security companies , they kept planting viruses to their own operating systems and then providing solutions sales to customers , business demand and profit was increasing , like a medical mafias , all politically organized , monetized and well positioned , ..... Billys Gate Windows Globalization ,..... Bilderbergs Unelected Union Party inauguration ,.......Khashoggy and Asange Elimination ,..... Virgin Islands Cruising , Corona = Crown , Naked Nuns with Caesar Lolypope in Rome T own , Golden Hats , Banksters and the Epstein Weinstein , Prince Savile & Saud Solomoneyzation ,.... its a Cosa Nostra Nato Corporation ,.....guess who designed , created and finance Hitlers SS Nazis & ISIS terrorization , ...... International Climatization , ... Medical Engineering Corona Integration .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFA-fBsPi9s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOYojnHKIP4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo-n7C6fWhU
  13. like a Saudi Harem Unelected King Salman Solomon Sharia Oligarchy Dope , in that Holy Jesuit Knightclub naked nuns and Aroman Lolypope : https://www.davidicke.com/article/550796/bill-gates-refuses-explain-flew-lolita-express-jeffrey-epstein-2013