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  1. Grumpy Owl

    The next Tory leader & Prime Minister

    As for 'Zionist credentials', if 'BoJo' gets the reins, its looking likely that Priti Patel will get a Cabinet position. This is the woman who was forced to resign her previous Cabinet position due to having undeclared meetings with Israeli government officials. Whilst on holiday in Israel. Because that's what 'normal' people do right, go on 'holiday' to Israel? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-41923007
  2. Grumpy Owl

    The next Tory leader & Prime Minister

    I think that is where we are heading unfortunately, but while Labour may well win any election - and thus nullify Brexit - they will soon depose Corbyn as leader, if they havent done so before then.
  3. Certainly it would seem that the 9/11 topic has been done to death, so unless he indeed has some new ground-breaking theories, I fear this book will just be a 'rehash' or updating of his previous 'Alice In Wonderland...' book but putting into context events that have happened since then. The worst-case scenario is that with the book due to be published on 1st September, anything that he might have been trying to warn us about - namely the Iran situation - might have already happened. Pieces of a puzzle appear to be being put into place - the threat of direct US action against Iran seems to have been scaled down, but then again the seizing of UK flagged tankers could also be leading us somewhere, some kind of 'provocation'. However at the moment, the UK government is in some kind of 'limbo' as we await to see who the next British Prime Minister will be. That is looking like it will be suspected Zionist Boris Johnson, so once he is in 'power' who knows where this will all end up leading. Can we look forward to some kind of 'false flag' terror attack being staged in order to provoke the UK government into taking 'stern action' against Iran? And if so, is it not likely that the UK would need to seek assistance from its "special ally" the USA, due to its own depleted Armed Forces being unable to 'fight' the Iranian 'threat'? And of course, with the UK supposedly trying to extricate itself from the EU via 'Brexit', could a 'conflict with Iran' be perfect distraction material? A lot can happen in a short space of time, so all I'm saying is that by the time this book is published, its contents could all be a moot point.
  4. Not wanting to piss on your chips, as your chart does make for interesting reading... I decided to have a look at my own website's "Awstats" - its a website I run for bus users in the West Midlands, so you'd expect it to have a very limited and localised reach. While the vast majority of 'hits' are as you would expect from Great Britain, it was interesting to see that most page views were actually from the USA. You'd need to more closely analyse the 'hostnames' that most visit your site, surprisingly the most in my case are from an IP address from 'Microsoft Corporation': https://www.whois.com/whois/ Also check out the 'page' that is the most visited. In my case, as my website uses Wordpress, the most common page visited is the wp-login.php page, ie the Wordpress login page, which has been viewed 19000 times already this month alone. That tells me that most visits to my website are attempts to 'hack' or 'spam' it. Which sadly is still very common with Wordpress powered sites. No doubt you'll find that since you installed phpBB on your website, most of your page visits will be to whatever the default phpBB login/register page is. Luckily, my website doesn't attract as much attention from Israeli bot-nets as yours has. Either that or there are an awful lot of people in the USA (who work for Microsoft) looking for bus travel information in the West Midlands region of the UK. 🤣
  5. Grumpy Owl

    The next Tory leader & Prime Minister

    And Boris is also part of the 'bloodline': (from your link) During a 2008 episode of BBC programme Who Do You Think You Are? Boris Johnson was revealed to have royal ancestors. It was revealed Mr Johnson, born Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, had a grandmother, Yvette Eileen Williams, who was a descendant of Prince Paul Von Wurttemberg. Queen family tree shock: The Queen and Boris Johnson are also related (Image: GETTY) The German Prince Paul was, in turn, a direct descendant of King George II. This showed the former face of the Leave campaign is not only distantly related to the present Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth II, but in fact to all the royal houses in Europe, including the royals in Sweden, the Netherlands and the Romanoffs. And apparently David Cameron is also a fourth cousin of the Queen, from the same article. It just goes to show, if anything David Icke's research on the 'bloodline families' is closer to the truth than many actually realise. It is surely no coincidence that either of Hunt or Johnson will be the next UK Prime Minister. Sadly it also means that regardless of whether Hunt or Johnson becomes prime minister, nothing is going to change, as we still have an 'Elite' from the bloodline families 'in power' just doing their masters' bidding.
  6. Grumpy Owl

    Is this normal? Employers asking intrusive questions.

    It's all to do with 'diversity' nowadays. I'm all for 'equality' and 'equal opportunities for all', and people being recruited for positions because they are the best suited candidate, no matter their age, sex or race. Sadly in the age of 'diversity', equal opportunities have gone out the window, and it seems now that no matter your skill level, if you do not 'tick a box' in a diversity quota, then you'll be overlooked in favour of someone whose 'protected characteristic' is not 'adequately represented' amongst the workforce. So it is no surprise that many companies are becoming 'rubbish' at what they do, as these companies prefer to recruit people to fit 'diversity quotas' rather than actual skillsets and suitability for the position.
  7. I think its wrong, and it is wholly objectionable. But I take a slightly different viewpoint now, in that I don't so much 'blame' the Pakistanis (Muslims) who do this, but the bigger problem that many people are overlooking is that this is being ALLOWED to happen by the Establishment. The police aren't 'turning a blind eye', they are being instructed to ignore this, or cover up the extent to which it is happening, by OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. And of course by our government's own 'official opposition' the Labour Party, who control most of the local councils and authorities, and are facilitating in this cover-up, in a desperate attempt to 'appease' this community in order to win their votes at election time. Why is this being allowed to happen? That much I don't know. But as for the question of WHO is allowing this to happen is simple, two words: COMMON PURPOSE. This sinister organisation is the reason why our police force is so ineffective, why our NHS is a crumbling financial black-hole and why our civil service is instructing the government, rather than the other way around. Who really runs this country? Why are things in such a shambled state of chaos? Why does nothing 'work properly'? Tommy Robinson can blame Muslims all he likes. He is tackling a 'secondary problem', while overlooking the big 'primary problem'. You can't fix the 'secondary problem' until you face up to and tackle the 'primary problem'. Namely that of identifying who's really in control of our country. And its not this government or our Queen.
  8. Grumpy Owl

    Madeleine McCann - The Story Continues

    I can't answer your questions unfortunately, but they are indeed good questions. I know others here have mocked RDH for being an 'idiot', but I think his videos on Maddie are well worth a watch, just to see what his own investigations have come up with. My own opinion is that Maddie is dead. She is not meant to be dead, perhaps some kind of tragic accident did take place. And perhaps her death was not the result of anything Gerry and Kate did (directly) but perhaps others were involved. And perhaps it is this involvement of 'others' that is the reason why British police, intelligence agencies and Government have all been involved, and this tragic death has been turned into a massive media-driven distraction - the proverbial "look, a squirrel!" - designed to keep attention diverted away from the true culprits and the sinister goings-on that the Establishment are desperate to keep under-wraps. And it has also become a massive money-spinning exercise, whether through public donations to the 'Find Maddie' fund, or through huge sums of taxpayers money being used to fund nice little 'working holidays' in Portugal for Scotland Yard / Special Branch officers.
  9. Grumpy Owl

    Music You Like

    I really haven't listened to much 'new' music for sometime now. This was probably the last 'new' song that really enthralled me... where have the last six years gone? "We are magnificent machineries of joy..."
  10. Grumpy Owl

    Music You Like

    A song I haven't heard in years... it was just the other day, I remembered something David Icke had written in his books about us not just being 'droplets' but part of the 'ocean'. For some reason, I then had this song pop back into my head. And I recalled how much I used to love it - so unconventional really. Just over seven minutes of what you would call 'great driving rock', but so simply structured, the same four chord progression looped over and over, lyrics broken into verses but with no discernable choruses or bridges. Brilliant stuff. "I'm the ocean, I'm the giant undertow..." Neil Young with Pearl Jam:
  11. Grumpy Owl

    Madeleine McCann - The Story Continues

    The videos on his website are Youtube embeds, so it doesn't really matter whether you watch them on his website or on Youtube, if YT take it down, it won't be viewable on the Richplanet website, unless he uploads elsewhere also. I've watched a couple of RDH's films on the Madeleine McCann case, and in one of them he does mention that part of Portugal is notorious for having a British Paedophile gang operating there. If that is true, and well-known names are involved, that would go some way to help explain the cover-up and the involvement of the British Government.
  12. I didn't change anything, I just quoted your text from that post. For the record, I'm not ridiculing you. I was actually curious to see if anything would happen. As it stands, you were brave enough to make a prediction, and it just so happened to not come true. I've made predictions myself in the past and the same has happened to me. Keep at it, eventually you'll get one right, and maybe one day so will I! Who knows, maybe if England hadn't got to the cricket world cup final things could have played out differently?
  13. I agree, there are certain topics that Tommy Robinson does not mention. He has no opinion on the plight of peoples in both Palestine and Yemen. Nick Griffin refused to go along with the Zionist agenda. Makes sense what happened to him now, smeared out of existence.
  14. Grumpy Owl

    The Luminous Beauty of Marilyn Monroe

    Another way of looking at it is that the 'rainbow' is the embodiment of the 'visible light spectrum', ie all that we can see. Who knows what reality exists outside of the visible light spectrum, which makes up just a tiny percentage of what we can 'see' in our universe. Perhaps the rainbow is a reminder of this prison that we allow ourselves to exist in?
  15. Grumpy Owl

    Has anyone seen the sun this month?

    From my experience, most of the 'sensationalist' tabloid reporting comes from them regurgitating rubbish from the Met Office. A few weeks ago now, our local Reach Plc 'news site' the Birmingham Mail had over the course of one weekend several articles 'warning' of heavy thunderstorms and torrential rain that would - according to the Met Office - "hit Birmingham at 3pm on Sunday". As it happened, we had a bit of drizzle, then the sun came out. Certainly no thunderstorms. The Weather Channel website's forecast was a lot more accurate, they did forecast 'light rain' for a few hours, but no thunderstorms, though their website did carry 'disruption notices' as advised by the Met Office. Really, your best bet is to look out the window and make up your own mind! 😄