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  1. Grumpy Owl

    Politically-Incorrect Comedy

  2. Grumpy Owl

    Politically-Incorrect Comedy

  3. Grumpy Owl

    Spitting Image

    This was also the B-Side to "The Chicken Song" which was released as a single.
  4. Grumpy Owl

    Crazy things happening at our home

    I can explain this for you. The seller on eBay that you bought this book from uses Amazon fulfilment services ("Fulfilled By Amazon"). They will likely also be selling this product on Amazon, but Amazon will also be fulfilling their eBay orders. Nothing sinister going on here... apart from the psychic attack of course.
  5. Grumpy Owl

    Is society being sabotaged?

    I like how they use the word 'escape' - to put in peoples' minds the idea that these 'sneaky viruses' somehow plot schemes to break out of these labs, in the same way that cunning prisoners manage to escape from prisons. I'd insist that viruses do not 'escape' from these labs, but instead they are deliberately removed and 'released into the wild'.
  6. Well, I for one couldn't really care less about the amount of 'likes' I get, though it is nice to get some appreciation from other members. You mention "lots of meaningless drivel about local politics", but that all depends on context. Yes, I myself have shared stories about local politics in Birmingham, UK. It may not seem relevant to yourself, especially if you don't live in the UK. I do 'think outside the box'. I have read David Icke books. I do understand better what's really going on. If I see some kind of story in my own local media, that gets me thinking, I will share it with the rest of the forum. And I'll try and put my own spin or opinion on it wherever I can. It may not seem significant to you, but it could become significant for others.
  7. Grumpy Owl

    Danny Tetley - Prison for Paedophile Pop Pervert

    I can state with some confidence that up until today I had never even heard of this person.
  8. I agree. Carbon dioxide is 'plant food' - its what they absorb and thrive on. There is scientific evidence out there that states that carbon dioxide (CO2) makes up something like 0.4% of our atmosphere, and 'man's contribution' to any increasing CO2 levels is but a tiny percentage of this. I also agree that I would like something to be done about vehicle emissions and pollution, but I do not agree with this 'modern consensus' that sees carbon dioxide treated as a 'pollutant'. I also wonder why the 'green brigade' don't go protesting at the base of a volcano whenever it erupts...
  9. The problem with car exhausts is not CO2 but the poisonous nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. gases amongst others. Sadly, even the RAC seems to be onboard with the 'carbon dioxide bad' narrative: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/emissions/vehicle-exhaust-emissions-what-comes-out-of-your-cars-exhaust/
  10. Grumpy Owl

    will brexit happen on the 31th of jan?

    I think on January 31st we will have what will be called the "fake Brexit". "Brexit in name only". Technically we may have 'left' the EU, but I don't think that 'transition period' will come to an end in December 2020, I reckon they'll end up extending it indefinitely. I certainly won't be celebrating anything on January 31st. It would certainly be interesting to see what would happen if somehow the European Parliament failed to ratify this agreement...
  11. It's quite possible that I'm reading too much into things, and nothing will happen at this event. I'm no Slipknot fan myself so definitely won't be going. πŸ˜€ Would be interested to hear from any other members around the UK who see similar 'warnings' about forthcoming concerts in their area from their local police constabulary. There could well be something going on here....
  12. Exactly! That is why I felt this 'warning' was so odd: For your own protection from thieves looking to steal your mobile phones, we're going to search ALL of you before you enter and leave the arena. Another way of looking at this is 'false flag imminent'? If your mobile phones are selectively 'stolen', you can't possibly share any video footage we don't want others to see. Just stop and think about it for a moment...
  13. This was shared on my Facebook feed by a friend earlier; West Midlands Police have issued a warning to Slipknot fans heading to their concert at the Arena Birmingham venue tomorrow evening. 🀘 Are you heading to the Slipknot gig at Arena Birmingham tomorrow? πŸ“± Please be aware that some recent #Slipknot performances have been targeted by thieves, and more than 200 phones have been stolen from unsuspecting audience members around the UK. πŸ” We’re working closely with Arena Birmingham, who’ll be carrying out extra searches on the night. πŸ”Ž Searches will take place on the way in, and people may be searched on the way out. Please allow additional time for checks and searches, as these will take place irrespective of your arrival time. πŸ‘¨β€βœˆοΈπŸ‘©β€βœˆοΈ Officers will be stationed inside the Arena as part of the operation too. πŸ™ Please take good care of your personal items as you enjoy the music. πŸ—£ If you see any suspicious activity, please tell venue security or police immediately. The memories on your phone are worth keeping safe. 🀘 If you are enjoying the show from the standing area, please consider leaving your phone at home. Something didn't feel right with this, so I thought I'd share it here. Firstly, I wasn't aware that thieves were picky and choosy about which band's audiences they chose to target for a bit of phone nicking. Secondly, I get the feeling that the 'threat' of phone thieving is just a cover, and what is more of interest is the 'searches on the night'. Why the need to search attendees on the way in, before there's been any opportunity for them to get robbed? Thirdly, I'm not aware of WMP issuing any warnings on social media to fans of Westlife or Little Mix, or any other popular musical act who's appeared in Birmingham of late. Is there any significance to this being aimed at Slipknot fans? Finally, while I could just be overthinking all this, I do wish that some people would stop living their lives through their phones - I used to go to gigs so I could watch a band with my own eyes, and hear them play with my own ears, not stand there watching the concert through my phone's screen.
  14. Grumpy Owl

    Where has Greta gone

    Lets not beat about the bush here, she is clearly bunking off school again, this time hob-nobbing with Prince Charles the 'plant whisperer' at Davos: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51211853 VIRTUE-SIGNAL ALERT! I wonder how he travelled from the UK to St Galen in Switzerland for this show-boating experience, bet he didn't cycle or walk...