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  1. Grumpy Owl

    is anyone watching david ickes other site

    Is there some 'secret other site' that we're all unaware of then? The 'old' DIF: https://forum.davidicke.com/ This is all I get now:
  2. Grumpy Owl

    The biggest Coronavirus LIE.

    'Coronavirus' used to refer to a whole 'family' of viruses, there are some 200 known variants, the most common and well known being the household 'common cold', as well as the different strains of influenza, and variants which were believed to have caused the MERS and SARS conditions. I recall reading a while back that the common cold was actually medically known as the 'human coronavirus'. When this current strain was discovered in China, it was originally referred to as a 'novel coronavirus', presumably as it was a 'new' unheard-of variant (at the time). I could swear that I read before that this particular virus then became known as 'Covid-19'. Now it seems that newspeak and double-think are at play, because it looks like the 'condition' or 'disease' that this virus causes is now referred to as 'Covid-19', while the particular virus is simply referred to as "the Coronavirus". How misleading is this? We have for instance this infographic used by the BBC - the bastion of all that is trustworthy and definitely not fake news 😎 - It is disingenous at best to compare 'Coronavirus' with, erm, other coronaviruses such as the common cold or flu. You could have symptoms of the flu, or even some allergies, but this chart also insinuates that you could also have symptoms of 'coronavirus'. Lets say for example that I have currently a bit of a dry cough, am a bit short of breath, but am also feeling a bit tired because I've been overworking and not getting enough sleep. I could be diagnosed with just having an allergy, or actually I could also have 'coronavirus'. This is surely all 'open to interpretation', and I wonder how many people look at this chart and actually believe they have 'coronavirus' while they might just be having an allergy or at worst a bout of flu. This is but one aspect of the 'lie' - the fact that Coronavirus has become a single 'thing', rather than a generic name for a group of viruses. Yeah, back in December I had 'Coronavirus', specifically the 'human coronavirus' or "common cold". 🀧 It knocked me about a bit for a few days, and it took a few weeks to really get over the worst of it (mainly the chesty cough bit) but I survived. Others might have been less fortunate. So I do believe that all these "coronavirus deaths" figures could well be very misleading, because there is no one single 'Coronavirus'.
  3. Grumpy Owl

    coronavirus mega thread

    How times change... just a few weeks ago our mayor Andy Street was trying to encourage MORE people to use buses in the West Midlands, and celebrating how this region was bucking the national trend of declining bus patronage... ...now he is actively CELEBRATING how much public transport has decreased? I can understand the reasons why bus usage has dropped, but is this something to celebrate and cheer? Wow, its almost like there is some kind of goal in sight...
  4. Grumpy Owl

    coronavirus mega thread

    Make of this what you will... the product that is our biggest seller at work right now is.... Hammerite Paint. πŸ˜ƒ Forget hand sanitiser, forget toilet roll, forget facemasks, people are going crazy for paint. When this is all over, there are going to be lots of houses with shiny garage doors and metal gates and fences as good as new... 🀣 And this isn't just in the UK too, they're going crazy for this shit on the Cdiscount marketplace in France.
  5. Grumpy Owl

    clap for the healthcare workers

    'V' was a very good TV mini-series back in the 80s. This whole 'clap for the healthcare workers' is just more social engineering, virtue-signalling at its finest, if you don't go along with what everyone else is doing, then there's something wrong with you. HOW DARE YOU! 😁
  6. Grumpy Owl

    April 2020 Asteriod

    Would this be the same NORAD who were unaware that four planes were being 'hijacked' on the morning of September 11th 2001? 🀣 And that was with a full complement of staff! πŸ˜„
  7. Grumpy Owl

    What is the agenda behind coronavirus?

    I ticked a few options, as it is very possible that this 'situation' is being used to bring a number of measures in. We need to stop focusing on pixels (5G, vaccinations etc), and step back and look at the bigger picture, so many individual strands of this 'conspiracy' are being neatly threaded together right before our eyes.
  8. Grumpy Owl

    coronavirus mega thread

    I consider the possibility that this is all part of a charade - "managers being told" that staff can carry on working and don't need to 'isolate' has to be some sort of giveaway that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. @Golden Retriever in a previous reply mentions Freemasons and medicine, I will contest this might be accurate, but let us also not forget about the influence of "Common Purpose" - an evil sinister organisation with its tentacles firmly within the civil service, police service and NHS, as well as other local authority bodies and non-governmental organisations and charities, as well as the media. This organisation masquerades as a charity, providing 'management training' to encourage the development of 'leaders beyond authority'. In reality it is training and 'programming' change agents, placed "yes-men" who will push the hidden agenda, and preparing organisations for the 'post-democracy', or the technocratic age, where "experts" make all the decisions. I keep meaning to start a thread here on this forum about this organisation, but can't seem to find the right section to post it in. Really surprised that no-one here mentions it or brings it up more often though.
  9. Grumpy Owl

    coronavirus mega thread

    It probably wouldn't take much for them to 'suspend' Parliament at the moment, what with Boris and other key Cabinet members having been 'tested positive' for Covid-19.
  10. Grumpy Owl

    coronavirus mega thread

    Still no cases in the 'Square Mile' - granted it only has a small population of 8706, but you'd expect to see perhaps one or two? Who actually lives in the 'City Of London' and why is is so immune to this, I wonder...
  11. Grumpy Owl

    What are we missing in all this?

    What's missing is how so many people have quickly adjusted to this 'new situation' and gladly rolled over and does what the government tells them to do, while chastising others who do not go along with this. Just a few weeks ago, if the Government had announced that football matches were cancelled, you had to remain in your house, and couldn't go and see your elderly relatives or friends, you could only buy certain quantities of products from supermarkets and you had to queue to get in, you couldn't go to work, etc etc... ... there would have been uproar.
  12. Grumpy Owl

    coronavirus mega thread

    Looks 'Eastern European' to me too... ... maybe all 25 of them live in the same house? πŸ˜‰ (its not unheard of) Or perhaps grossly 'misinterpreted'? BBC then shows its credentials as a 'serious news' outlet with: and a string of 'amusing' tweets.
  13. I can feel the negative energy everywhere, especially where other people are around. I can sense the 'fear' in people now. Luckily while I'm walking around elsewhere, most people I've encountered have been civil and polite. Last time I went to a 'big supermarket' was last Saturday - I don't drive and I can't get any online delivery so I'm restricted by what I can physically carry, no bulk-buying for me - it was depressing enough looking into empty freezers and shelves, and the atmosphere was horrible. I'm glad after my two trips I was able to get enough to see me through for a couple of weeks, having seen scenes at supermarkets this week, I don't think I'm going to bother for a while, I'll just get anything I need from my local independent supermarkets. I may end up paying a bit more, but at least I don't have to queue up to get in.
  14. Grumpy Owl

    Report neighbours for going out too much

    We have all these CCTV cameras, but they never seem to be working when they're needed. 😎 A few years ago in some parts of Birmingham, a number of CCTV cameras were switched off, following complaints from 'the community' (you can probably guess which one) that they were being discriminated against and 'spied-on'. About a year later, this same 'community' were begging for the CCTV cameras to be switched on again "for their safety", after 'one of their own' was brutally stabbed on the street outside a mosque late at night. Having CCTV cameras everywhere just means that the police don't need to actually go out and 'patrol the streets', they can watch and see what's going on from a comfy chair in a warm office.
  15. It was quite pleasant and mild at times last week. It's definitely been a lot colder here today, though I think 'brutal' might be over-egging things a bit. While it is quite warm in direct sunshine, the air is much cooler, and you notice the rapid temperature drop when you either go into the shade, or when clouds block out the sun. They're not predicting widespread snow across the UK though, which is a relief. Would hate to think parents would be banned from taking their kids to go sledging in the park... πŸ˜‰